A Good Egg.

There is something unusual lurking in my kitchen this week.  Something that hasn’t been there for months and months.

IMG_3624 (640x427)

Casey and I have been toying with the idea of reintroducing eggs into our diet for a while now.  I have never made a strict switch to being vegan – instead it has just been sort of a natural transition that I eat that way 95% of the time. 

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Eating meat is something I feel pretty strongly about (not gonna do it), but dairy has always been kind of a squiggly grey area.  I have no intention of opening up a debate about why we should or shouldn’t be vegan (or vegetarian), since I believe that everyone has the right to choose what they eat. 

My personal opinion is that animals like cows and chickens are supposed to produce milk and eggs – that is the job that nature has given them.  But as has happened with so many things, factory farms and big business have exploited these poor animals, and transformed them from peaceful workers to tortured machines.

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I went through a long learning phase, reading books and articles, and trying to understand our food industry as best as possible.  During that phase I avoided all dairy and eggs, just to be safe.  But ultimately I decided that if I felt I could find a good source for eggs and dairy, I would consider bringing them back into our kitchen

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In talking to the local farmer at our market, and learning all about his chickens and their environment, I felt good knowing that my eggs came from happy birds that are simply doing their jobs.

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Back in earlier days, cheese and eggs were something to be celebrated.  A rare treat that brought families together to the table.  And so in my kitchen, I will treat them as something special, because they are.  Something someone worked hard to create, and to be savored in small portions and for special meals.

IMG_3623 (640x427)

And if this wasn’t a special meal to celebrate finding a wonderful local egg farm, then I don’t know what is…

IMG_3640 (640x418)

Two fried eggs on top of sliced wheat bread, smeared with creamy caramelized onion hummus and resting on a bed of spinach.

IMG_3641 (640x427)

Sprinkled with a little sea salt and some freshly ground pepper – makes all the difference in the world.

IMG_3643 (427x640)

Just when I thought this sandwich couldn’t get any better, I put the other slice of bread on top and watched the dippy yolk run out the sides…

IMG_3647 (640x418)

Pure eggalicious heaven.

IMG_3646 (427x640)

I’m still not going
to eat eggs out in restaurants or outside of my house, since I want to be sure I feel comfortable with the source.  Maybe someday our food industry will be regulated and accountable enough to provide food that makes me feel safe and good about what I’m eating.  For now, I’ll settle for simply having a carton or two in my kitchen.