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    A Look Back.

Bon Voyage.

My final afternoon in San Francisco was definitely my favorite.  I used to be a frantic vacationer, always feeling like I needed to race around and do as much as possible.  Nowadays, I’ve been trying to concentrate on slowing down a bit – appreciating the experiences for what they are, instead of rushing through them. 

Initially, I had planned to spend my afternoon at Alcatraz.  But in looking at the ticket times, knowing what time I needed to depart for the airport, and considering transportation – I realized that I was going to spend the whole time feeling rushed and worried about getting back in time.  So I ignored the little voice that wanted to race all day, and chose to just appreciate one last beautiful afternoon in the Bay Area.

It started with a waterside breakfast, followed by a goodbye hug with Teri, and a day of exploring with Ashley.  And then there were vegan donuts…

IMG_3494 (640x428)

Oh my donut – these were off the charts.  At the Taste Pavilion on Saturday, I had tried a soup that rocked my world – apparently made from a variety of mushrooms called Candy Cap, that taste like maple syrup when cooked.  The minute I saw the Candy Cap donut, I knew it had to be mine.

IMG_3498 (640x427)

Apparently I was channeling my inner country music singer?  Not sure why my hair was so big…

IMG_3505 (640x426)

The mushroom donut was everything I hoped it would be.  All the earthiness of mushrooms, with maple syrup sweetness.  Mmmmmm.

IMG_3507 (426x640)

After killing a little time around the Ferry Building, it was finally time to board ours!

IMG_3511 (640x427)

We said goodbye to the Port of San Francisco…

IMG_3518 (640x426)

And headed across the water, to the little town of Sausalito.

IMG_3521 (640x415)

IMG_3524 (640x414)

There could not have been a more perfect day, or a more beautiful sky to sail under.

IMG_3529 (640x425)

IMG_3532 (640x427)

Proof that the pictures and skies are real, and not just an exaggerated memory.  I was really there!

IMG_3536 (640x416)

IMG_3538 (640x426)

After 30 minutes at sea, we approached our destination across the Bay.

IMG_3542 (640x427)

Sausalito was everything I heard it would be – quaint, quiet, beautiful, and charming.  The houses made me want to call Casey, tell him to pack the rice cooker and the dogs, and start heading west.

IMG_3545 (640x427)

IMG_3546 (640x422)

IMG_3548 (640x426)

IMG_3550 (640x424)

We walked past a few restaurants and checked out menus that didn’t feel very exciting or special.  We actually found our delicious lunch in the hands of a few strangers sitting on the rock wall by the water.  As we passed, we both gushed, “Did you see those sandwiches?”  So we awkwardly approached and asked the nice group if they could point us in the direction of a few sandwiches of our own.  And boy did we find them.

IMG_3554 (427x640)

Crusty sourdough (the best yet!), loaded with sauteed spinach, onions, peppers, and squash, and stringy Swiss cheese melting through every bite.

IMG_3556 (640x426)

Enjoyed on a stone bench about 5 feet from the water’s edge.

IMG_3557 (640x426)

Absolute perfection.

IMG_3562 (426x640)

And before our ferry headed back, a short walk around the marina to discover a little more about Sausalito.

IMG_3565 (640x427)

IMG_3567 (640x414)

In just one short weekend, I learned so much from Ashley about taking better photos.  I felt lucky to see the master at work.

IMG_3569 (640x417)

And even though we kept it slow and I never felt rushed, our time to return came way too soon.

IMG_3571 (640x418)

Back across the Bay…

IMG_3585 (640x423)

IMG_3587 (640x426)

IMG_3590 (640x425)

And back towards San Francisco!

IMG_3595 (640x416)

But not without a quick trip past Alcatraz.

IMG_3599 (640x424)

I have a major fascination with prisons, but that is a story for another day. 

IMG_3602 (640x427)

I was amazed at the sheer size of this facility, and am definitely adding it to my list of things to do when I return.

IMG_3604 (640x423)

IMG_3605 (640x425)

Back at the Ferry Building, our adventures ended.  We grabbed our luggage, commuted to the airport, gave teary goodbyes, and then took hellish red-eye flights back East.

IMG_3607 (640x423)

But the overnight flight was worth it for a fabulous and relaxing day spent enjoying the sunshine in Sausalito.

IMG_3597 (420x640)

Bon voyage, San Francisco! 

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Teri [a foodie stays fit]     at 9:31 pm

Wow…I REALLY wish I could have stayed the day!
Those donuts look so good…but a mushroom one?? I never would have believed it if you hadn’t pointed me in the direction of the crazy delicious mushroom soup at the tasting pavillion! :)

The trip to Sausalito looks like it was soooo much fun! Gorgeous pictures too!


Charlie     at 9:33 pm

I want that donut! It sounds delicious :).


Amy K @ Onehealthypeanut     at 9:59 pm

San Francisco sourdough is the BEST! That is the most delicious looking sandwich! Yummmm :)


Lauren     at 10:09 pm

Isn’t Sausalito cute? I was there over the summer when we biked over the bridge and had lunch there. I wish I had known about that sandwiches, though!! Biking really makes a girl hungry!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I would have loved to have rented bikes if my leg was a bit more cooperative. Sounds like so much fun!


Dee     at 10:10 pm

WOW. That donut and sandwich looks amazing!

Umm, b/w yours and Kath’s posts I’m dying to go to the west coast and visit all of these places! ;)


Kristen @ Kristen, Sweetly     at 10:11 pm

Relaxing and beautiful views are my favorite parts of traveling!! I think I know of Sausalito from the movie Life as a House. Jealous that you got to soak it all up today!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Oh fun – now I want to see that movie.


Amy     at 10:40 pm

I love this post! My husband and I honeymooned in San Francisco but we didn’t make it to Sausalito. Now I wish we had!

We did go to Alcatraz, however – that is definitely worth a visit. Make sure you go the next time you’re out there, it is so cool.


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 11:14 pm

That picture of the sandwich with the bay in the background is gorgeous! All of your pictures are gorgeous!

I want to go to San Fran so badly after seeing all of these pictures on blogs.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Thank you so much!


Anne     at 11:29 pm

I second (third?) the request for where you found the donuts and the sandwiches.


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

The donuts were from Pepples Donuts in the Ferry Building, and the sandwiches were from Sausalito Bakery & Cafe (on Bridgeway by the water)


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 11:40 pm

I would so love to try that donut! And the caramel one in front of it and definitely the blueberry behind it! :)


Amber     at 12:04 am

I have really enjoyed your posts from San Fransisco – particularly your photographs! You have quite an eye for pictures and you create such beautiful compositions. Where did you learn to photograph? I’m a budding (wannabe) amateur photographer and would love tips!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Thanks Amber! Honestly, I’ve just learned a lot through practice and by talking to friends. Check out Ashley’s blog – http://edibleperspective.com for more great photo info – she has taught me a lot!


Mama Pea     at 1:44 am

I already heard Ashley’s recap via phone, but I still enjoyed reading every little bit of this…even with yo’ big hair! :) If only I had gotten in on that vegan donut action…


Maryea (Happy Healthy Mama)     at 8:05 am

Beautiful pictures! It’s a shame that I’ve never been to San Fran. It is now on my list after all of these gorgeous pictures and stories on blogs I’ve been reading.


Cailin @ Stir Crazy     at 8:26 am

I did a tour of Alcatraz at night… it was rainy, cold and windy. Just as creepy as you might imagine with that weather!

Sausalito was one of my favorite little spots on my trip there years ago. These photos (and that sandwich!) make me want to return!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

That sounds awesome. :)


Kristy     at 8:47 am

Those donuts looks redick! And I’ve enjoyed the photos sooooo much! It is beautiful in Cali!


Hope     at 9:13 am

Beautiful pictures! It looks like a great place to visit! Those donuts look amazing!


Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine     at 9:15 am

I stopped at that booth when I was at the market on Saturday and almost bought a donut, but decided to save my money. I’ve heard several people rave about them though, so apparently I should have gone for it. At least I have an excuse to go back :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

You MUST go back! The donuts alone are worth it.


Emily @ For Sweets Sake     at 9:28 am

mmmm donuts! Hope you have a safe trip back! :)


Natalia - a side of simple     at 11:25 am

Those donuts, that sandwich… I think I need to go to SF just for them!


Amber K     at 11:41 am

The donuts look amazing! But mushrooms? ewww ;)


Lindsey @ Eat, Read, Run     at 12:26 pm

Frantic vacationer – that is me precisely. I need to take a lesson from you and relax and go with the flow a bit more on my vacations. I’m a super planner.


Maryann     at 12:58 pm

What an experience you’ve had.
And San Fran is soooo beautiful. My nephew lives in CA and we’ll get there sometime.
Glad you coming home we missed you in the East.
Hugs to you and Casey.
Lancaster Co PA Gal


Gina     at 1:29 pm

I agree on trying to be present and enjoy the moment instead of trying to pack everything in…it’s something I am working on as well. Especially when in SF…there is so much to do and see that it can be overwhelming!

So glad you had time to visit Sausalito, especially with such nice weather! My boyfriend’s dad lives there…in the hills overlooking the marina and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE visiting…they used to let us house-sit when we lived in the East Bay:) We are going there for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait. I hope to take the ferry one day and just wander around and play with my photography skills:) We like this place down on the marina called “Fish”…they only serve sustainable sources of seafood and it’s always cooked to perfection. However, I may have to try the bakery one afternoon, those sandwiches look delish!


Becca     at 2:28 pm

ummmm I TOTALLY have a fascination with prisons too! (I’ve never heard anyone else say that before!)

and it seems that your leg was doing a lot better, that’s great!!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Oh man, we need to TALK! :) My poor husband has to sit through all the Lockdown episodes on National Geographic, and all the other random prison shows.


Becca Reply:

okay, I have to tell you, in college, there was a prison that I’d pass every time I’d make the drive home to Dallas. I would literally slow down so I could see if they (meaning the prisoners) were outside in the yard! I know, I’m making myself out to be a crazy person!

Oh, and the prison shows? yeah…been there, watched them!

Your pics of San Fran were awesome, it made me want to go so bad! Plus, seeing Alcatrez? How cool!!

I’m glad to know there is someone else out there like me! haha


Matthew     at 10:25 pm

Those vegan donuts look amazing. I could almost cry…


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