Construction Zone.

Welcome to Atlanta! (where the players play…)

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We are staying at my brother and sister-in-law’s house for the week (remember their gorgeous wedding?), and they are currently undergoing a major spontaneous kitchen renovation!

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Kirt and Casey’s dad is insanely talented at home repairs and renovations, and he showed up here this week planning to take a vacation, and ended up deciding to rip apart the kitchen!  Most of which is currently hanging out in the dining room…

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The great thing about being with family is that no one cares when your refrigerator is in the living room.  :)

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The stove is in the backyard…

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And new floors have been laid.  Looks like we will be having Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Toby’s house this year!  Hope she has room for us.

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The renovations go beyond the kitchen too – that right there is a bathroom with no TOILET!  Good thing there is another one…

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I know Kirt and Katie are stressed about the mess with all the company in the house, but none of us care.  I’m just happy to be here and have a little bit of a vacation.  Now that we live so much of a city life, it’s kind of nice to kick back in and enjoy some Georgia country for a few days…

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Lots of color on the trees down here too!

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Looking forward to eating lots of good FOOD in the next few days.

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And spending some snuggle time with this little lady.

IMG_4336 (414x640)

She is the most adorably-ugly, sweetest dog in the world.  :)

IMG_4342 (640x427)

Don’t believe the snarl – she is afraid of her own shadow. 


Hoping my two pups are surviving the kennel and missing them like crazy.  I’m off to grab a paintbrush and help get this place back in order! 

Since most people are probably travelling or getting ready for the holiday today, tell me – where are YOU spending your Thanksgiving this year?  This is my second Thanksgiving in Atlanta!  Safe travels everyone (and if my experience yesterday was any indication, get to the airport EARLY!)  :)