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    A Look Back.

Construction Zone.

Welcome to Atlanta! (where the players play…)

IMG_4319 (640x427)

We are staying at my brother and sister-in-law’s house for the week (remember their gorgeous wedding?), and they are currently undergoing a major spontaneous kitchen renovation!

IMG_4318 (427x640)

Kirt and Casey’s dad is insanely talented at home repairs and renovations, and he showed up here this week planning to take a vacation, and ended up deciding to rip apart the kitchen!  Most of which is currently hanging out in the dining room…

IMG_4322 (640x427)

IMG_4320 (427x640)

The great thing about being with family is that no one cares when your refrigerator is in the living room.  :)

IMG_4321 (427x640)

IMG_4324 (640x427)

The stove is in the backyard…

IMG_4326 (640x427)

IMG_4323 (414x640)

And new floors have been laid.  Looks like we will be having Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Toby’s house this year!  Hope she has room for us.

IMG_4325 (427x640)

The renovations go beyond the kitchen too – that right there is a bathroom with no TOILET!  Good thing there is another one…

IMG_4332 (419x640)

I know Kirt and Katie are stressed about the mess with all the company in the house, but none of us care.  I’m just happy to be here and have a little bit of a vacation.  Now that we live so much of a city life, it’s kind of nice to kick back in and enjoy some Georgia country for a few days…

IMG_4327 (640x427)

IMG_4328 (427x640)

Lots of color on the trees down here too!

IMG_4329 (640x427)

Looking forward to eating lots of good FOOD in the next few days.

IMG_4335 (427x640)

And spending some snuggle time with this little lady.

IMG_4336 (414x640)

She is the most adorably-ugly, sweetest dog in the world.  :)

IMG_4342 (640x427)

Don’t believe the snarl – she is afraid of her own shadow. 


Hoping my two pups are surviving the kennel and missing them like crazy.  I’m off to grab a paintbrush and help get this place back in order! 

Since most people are probably travelling or getting ready for the holiday today, tell me – where are YOU spending your Thanksgiving this year?  This is my second Thanksgiving in Atlanta!  Safe travels everyone (and if my experience yesterday was any indication, get to the airport EARLY!)  :)

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Abby     at 10:00 am

Oh my gosh.. that frown breaks my heart!!! What a cute dog!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 10:03 am

I’m going to my in-laws’ too, but it’s only about a 50 minute drive away. So glad I don’t have to fly! Have a great week :-)


Jayna @ Healthy Living Bites     at 10:04 am

This year is my family’s side to do a big thanksgiving (they only do it every other year) so we’re going to columbus for actual Thanksgiving. Then my GENIUS husband offered to host Thanksgiving for his side of the family at our house. . . knowing I was having back surgery between when he offered and T-day- so Saturday we’ll welcome his side of the family plus my parents. I have to admit, I’m kind of excited about the chance to play hostess. . . I just wish I wasn’t still recovering from the surgery!


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 10:12 am

oh my gosh, I don’t think she is ugly at all- I want to snuggle that precious little pup!!

I’ll be bouncing around the greater ATL area for Thanksgiving, too. From Farmington GA, to ATL by perimeter mall, then to Athens :)

Happy Turkey Day!


Kelly     at 10:13 am

I’m in the Charlotte area for Thanksgiving b/c my family lives one county over. I feel for your brother and sister in-law. This is exactly why we’re waiting to move into our new house until the kitchen is finished. I can’t imagine not having a kitchen!


Jenny     at 10:14 am

That dog is so adorable! She actually looks a lot like my own dog, Johnny.

This year, my roommate decided to host her family Thanksgiving at our house, so I’m moving in with my boyfriend for the long weekend! We’re going our separate ways on Thursday though. He’s hanging out with his family in the city, and I’m hanging out with mine in the suburbs, and we’ll meet up for dessert somewhere in the middle!


Erin @ Bishella     at 10:14 am

I will be driving to Northern Va for a big lunch with my family and then back to Richmond for dinner with the boyfriends family. It’ll be annoying driveing all over VA, but it’s worth it to me. :) I just hope my little brother can switch his schedule so he can make it. He works at Wawa and the holidays are money making times for him :/


Erica     at 10:17 am

That dog is so cute, she looks a lot like my puppy! Do you know what mix she is? Mine’s a lab/pit bull mix and she has quite an array of ugly faces due to an uneven jaw and an underbite!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

She is some sort of pit mix too – not sure what. She WIGGLES constantly! :)


Colleen     at 10:18 am

Glad to see we aren’t the only ones that do home improvements over the long holiday weekends. For the first time in 8 years we are not doing an improvement for Thansgiving. Instead we are spending a couple of days with family and the rest putting up Christmas stuff. Happy Thanksgiving.


Brittney     at 10:21 am

Haha! That doggie’s frown totally made me laugh! I am headed to my parents’ house in Hilton Head. It’s just the three of us (well, 4 if you count Clyde!) though because my hubby is working til Saturday. I’ll make him his own little post Thanksgiving meal when he gets back!


Erin@ Enjoying The Chaos     at 10:23 am

We are heading to my parents house for Thanksgiving. I am blessed to live only 2 minutes from their house. We truly have something to be thankful for this year…as my father will receive his last radiation treatment today. He will not be able to enjoy dinner this year due to his mouth being so sore and being sick from the chemo…it is base of the tongue cancer. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy every second with your family!!


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 10:30 am

Bless that doggie’s sweet face! I am staying in town for Thanksgiving, spending it with of my many “chosen families.” :)


Christin@purplebirdblog Reply:

with ONE of :)


tina     at 10:31 am

i’m so happy to be staying in chicago with my family this year!!!!

i love that you guys are so helpful and bond over helping around the house!! have fun!


A Better Me     at 10:33 am

What a sweet puppy face! I could just kiss all over her. Just precious!

I will be staying home this year (like every year) :) I’m going to try making one of your recipes too! Enjoy your family!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 10:35 am

We’ll be staying put here in St. Louis and spending Thanksgiving with my in-laws, splitting time between MIL and FIL. There’s freezing rain in the forecast, which could make our running around between locations a bit interesting.


Cole     at 10:37 am

What a wonderful memory your family with have with all the changes going on this thanksful season! In a few years your hosts will look back and say, “Remember when we were so crazy and remodeled the kitchen the same week that family was coming for Thanksgiving?” And you’ll all have a laugh about the fridge in the livingroom. :)

We’re spending TG with my aunt and cousins in SC this year and I’m really looking forward to it. My cousins and I are of a similar age and we grew up more like sisters than any else.

Love, Light, and Energy to you this holiday season, Miss Emily. From my family to yours!


Katie (The Boston Marathoner)     at 10:38 am

The face on that dog is priceless! Melts your heart.


Katie     at 10:52 am

HAHAHA! Hey, my baby isn’t ugly! Pics just don’t do her any justice…she really is so cute. You can tell she is SOO sick of the renovation. Have fun painting and THANK you. I wish I could be there to help!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Haha didnt meant to be mean. I think she is the cutest snaggle toothed dog in the world. Her underbite kills me. Snapping pics of her all morning!


Sarah     at 11:05 am

I’m running the Atlanta Half Marathon, so I’m staying in town! My parents reaction to my news that I wasn’t traveling to their house in Connecticut was funny: “You’re not coming home so you can run 13 miles?!”


Lindsay     at 11:07 am

We are having Thanksgiving at our house, which we have had since we got married! I love not having the hassle of going anywhere, and love welcoming our family into our home! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tiffany     at 10:17 am

Oh that dog’s face…. :D

I’ll be visiting my in-laws who live less than an hour away. But next year they’ll be in TX (I’m in FL), so maybe we can go there! I’ve never been to TX before.


Whitney     at 11:17 am

That dog is adorable, NOT ugly at all!! I would be heartbroken if someone called my dogs ugly! Enjoy the ATL! :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I absolutely love Emma. I think she is precious and adorable, in an ugly dog kind of way. Not meant to be mean!


carolyn     at 11:17 am

I just had to comment because my baby is going to the kennel today too. My family spends the long weekend in Lake Tahoe and well Rocco wasn’t invited. Luckily my husband has to drop him off while I am at work, but we had a long chat this morning with a lot of hugs and kisses. We have had our little rescue puppy almost a year now and I would have never believed how attached and in love BOTH my husband and I have become. We are looking forward to spending time with my family at a gorgeous location with plenty of fresh snow and fabulous food…but will be looking forward to Monday when I can get my baby!! Happy Thanksgiving!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I have already called the kennel to check on our dogs – so sad!


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 11:17 am

going to my in-laws… 5 hrs in the car. oh well, better than the airport!


Lee     at 11:19 am

If you have any free time, you should check out the Dekalb Farmers Market. Not sure if it’s close to where you are staying but you would love it. It’s not a traditional farmer’s market – more like a big grocery store, but it’s really cool.

I’m going to DC for Thanksgiving, where my family is. We’re not leaving until tomorrow, so I’m hoping the airport is not that crowded.


Katherine     at 11:21 am

Oh man hahah those puppy pictures made me laugh at loud. The poor girl has a permanent frown. Something tells me she is not very tough to love though <3


MSWR     at 11:26 am

My family and my in-laws are all at least 1000 miles away, so we’re staying in TX for Thanksgiving and hosting the annual Thanksgiving Orphan potluck for our group of friends. I had a minor meltdown last week when my husband announced that our oven had died. Fortunately, it was a switch on the front that neither of us knew existed that kept it from turning on, so all is well!


Natalia - a side of simple     at 11:33 am

I want your husband’s shirt. I think it would be the perfect “uniform” for Thanksgiving dinner lol.
I’m home from college in RI for Thanksgiving break with the family in NY. Have a great time with your family!


Sara     at 11:35 am

My family is 6 miles away from my house so I’ll be staying in Baltimore while my boyfriend has already flown out to GA for the rest of the week. Sadly I only get tomorrow off, too. :/ Not exactly the holiday I’m most looking forward to since I don’t get many days off…but I’m taking the last week of the year off so I’m trying to stay positive and remember I will get a holiday vacation in about a month :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Lu     at 11:44 am

In all fairness, my kitchen looks a little like that after I’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy the holidays!


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 11:47 am

Have fun in “Hot-lanta!”

I am spending Thanksgiving with my parents at home. Last year my parents and I went to Miami to spend Thanksgiving with my dad’s side of the family. Let’s just say it was interesting. ;)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)


Anna @ Doing Good & Living Well     at 11:49 am

I’m spending Thanksgiving in Atlanta too! My family lives here so I spend the holidays here all the time. It is really pretty down here right now, but I wish it were a little cooler! 70 degrees doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving…


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Totally agree. We have the windows open!


Kristi     at 11:59 am

I don’t really travel much around the holidays. My parents live about 10 minutes away from me, and since their house is where we go for the holidays it makes it pretty easy on me!


Stacy @ Every Little Thing     at 12:02 pm

We’re staying here in Southern Illinois and doing both lunch and dinner with Matt’s family (two separate houses though). It’s so rainy and blah today though! Not Thanksgiving weather :(

Hope yours is a good one!


Riss     at 12:14 pm

Welcome to Atlanta! You’re in my neck of the woods! Sorry it’s kind of dreary and yucky for you today…


Becca     at 12:18 pm

my holiday will be at home, since i’m travelling at Christmas….I’ll be running the 8 mile turkey trot, shopping, and eating!! a trifecta of goodness!!

happy holidays!!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 12:21 pm

Oh I have been there with the house renovations! And I live in the Atlanta area, so let me know if over the next week you want to get out and have lunch or something. :)


Cristen     at 12:27 pm

The reason the adorable puppy dog is snarling is because you called her ugly. I think the whole wiggling thing must be a Pit thing because mine is also a Pit mix and wiggles like crazy!


Emily     at 12:33 pm

This might make you jealous…but I’m going back to my hometown of Cincinnati…a rare treat since I’m living in the South now. I’ll be sure to grab a Yagoot in your honor :) Happy Thanksgiving!!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Soooooooooooooo jealous!!! Let me know what the seasonal flavor is. Peppermint is to DIE for!


Chase     at 12:42 pm

Happy Thanksgiving, Emily! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family. I’m headed to my parent’s house in Baltimore – same place I’ve had Thanksgiving for the last 29 years. But this time, I’m bringing your roasted vegetable kale soup as the opening course! My 12yo niece is a vegetarian and both of my sisters are vegans (and my nephew is allergic to eggs and peanuts) so it’s a perfectly delicious soup that we can all share!


angie     at 12:46 pm

Luckily we are not going anywhere this year, everyone is coming to visit us! Now we just have to clean the house and the dogs ( they get baths right before the company comes)…. Happy Thanksgiving!


suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]     at 1:06 pm

Staying in the SF area for Thanksgiving, but then we’re driving up to Chico area for the rest of the weekend to hang out with Ryan’s dad.


Monique     at 1:08 pm

hahaha adorably-ugly :) cute!! Also, I would freak if my kitchen went under renos. I am so ocd about messes, but I imagine it’s worth it in the long run! :)


Megan (Braise The Roof)     at 1:16 pm

Wow, an impromptu kitchen renovation? That’s motivation!! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family- can’t wait to hear about the menu!


Megan     at 1:38 pm

We are staying in town for the holidays. We are lucky that both myself and husband are from the same town and that both of our families still live here. It makes the “who do we spend holidays with” predicament very easy!

I can totally relate to missing your dogs while traveling. We are very lucky that the doggie daycare that we use is AWESOME (and more importantly, our pooch loves it there). If we did not have such a great place to board her we would probably never leave town!


Michele     at 1:40 pm

Oklahoma – one day, there and back! My mom had an accident about 2 mos. ago – shattered one ankle and a piece of her tibula was actually “loose” inside her leg, major surgery, still lots of pain – oh my!

SO, we’ll be preparing the meal, putting up her Christmas tree and anything else she needs from us!


Have fun!


Amber K     at 2:02 pm

The farthest we have to travel for Thanksgiving is a 15-minute drive to my husband’s grandma’s house. I love that almost all of both of our families is in the same state as us.


Sandy     at 2:03 pm

Kids coming home to Indiana from DC and Texas. It is cold and rainy here today and forecast is the same for tomorrow. Hope we get some sunshine to get outside over the weekend.


Ang     at 2:48 pm

That dogs little frown is the cutest thing! That face probably ispires lots of treat giving! lol


karla     at 3:03 pm

My boyfriend and I are hosting Thanksgiving in dreary St. Louis, MO for the 2nd year in a row. We invite all of our friends that do not travel home for the holidays. Home for us is in Northern Virginia and Blacksburg, VA.


Alexa @ The Girl In Chucks     at 3:23 pm

I am spending Thanksgiving at the race track. I kid you not. The SO wants to go and it’s the only day we’ve come across so far where we both have a racing day off (I work weekends). I’m sure it’ll be fun, but I’m a little sad I’m missing out on Thanksgiving festivities.


Neena     at 3:34 pm

I will be in Atlanta, too, with my wonderful family! Hopefully this yucky rainy weather will clear up by tomorrow.


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 3:37 pm

A fridge in the livingroom? That is awesome


Lauren     at 4:52 pm

Glad you arrived safely. I know how they must feel, I would be SUPER stressed to have a full house with a house that was not in order. But you will all make the best of it.

Enjoy your time with your family!


Lauren     at 4:58 pm

I’m running all over this Thanksgiving, literally. 10K Turkey Trot in the morning then my boyfriend’s mom’s then my parent’s. Hectic but I’m sure it will be worth it to get to see everyone :) Happy Thanksgiving Emily!


Wendy     at 4:59 pm

Just north of Atl. (lake lanier area). I have been cooking all day. Can’t wait for my family to try my broccoli quinoa dish!


Tracy     at 6:51 pm

Welcome to ATL! I read your blog a lot but rarely comment – had to pop in and say hi since you’re in my hometown! Hope you love it here. Sorry the weather’s not the best!


Claire (Low Impact Fashionista)     at 6:54 pm

I want the “food person” shirt that Casey is wearing! So cute!


Emily     at 7:58 pm

Looks like it’s going to be a good one!! We have our Thanksgiving in our garage because we’ve outgrown the dining room. It’s a fun way to celebrate because it makes everything so much less serious :) Can’t wait to have pictures to describe it to people tomorrow!


Jillian@ Reshape Your Life     at 8:50 pm

I’m glad I’m not the only one who decided to re-do the kitchen right before the holidays. Although no one is coming to our house, I’m still elbow deep in paint ;)


Sarah @ goingongoals     at 9:17 pm

That looks just like my parents kitchen! Renovations add a whole new dynamic to the Holidays!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 10:14 pm

Woohoo! I would love to walk into a home reno! Time to get your hands dirty!!


Meghan     at 10:17 pm

I’m staying in my apt alone. I got pneumonia and I was sick for 8 days and now I’m too behind in my school work to go home. :( but school will be over in a couple of weeks and Ill have plenty of time with my family. Have a great time! I like Casey’s shirt! :)


jen     at 8:25 am

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dinner is at my mom’s house, but i’m doing all of the cooking, love it!



Nelle @ Living Cliche     at 8:39 am

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles! I’m originally from Iowa, but my two older brothers live out here, too! Thanksgiving at my oldest brother’s place has been a tradition now for FIVE years! Love my siblings and love an L.A. Thanksgiving! :-)


Shannon     at 11:33 am

I love Atlanta! I also love that adorable dog! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re headed to the largest vegan Thanksgiving in Durham. Hundreds of people gather for a gourmet vegan buffet. Oh, I can’t wait!


Sara @ Baking and Wine     at 11:29 pm

Aww! Fun!

I also spent my Thanksgiving in Georgia! My husband and I hosted it at our home in Dahlonega, about an hour and a half north of Atlanta and had my parents and brother and my husband’s parents and sister with us! It was great. My first time cooking a turkey! Woot!


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