Officially Foodbuzz.

Another long day of exploring under my belt!  It started at Bread and Cocoa, a cute little coffee shop just a few blocks from our hotel.  Rumors of an oatmeal topping bar lured us in.  Luckily they proved to be TRUE!

IMG_3046 (640x414)

I got a giant bowl of steel cut oats and topped it with almost every topping available.  Coconut flakes, golden raisins, chai granola, chopped nuts, and agave syrup.  Yuuuuuuuuuum.

IMG_3048 (421x640)

After breakfast, I joined up with a group of bloggers for a fabulous photography session led by Ashley, the resident photo expert.

IMG_3051 (640x426)

IMG_3052 (640x427)

As she explained the camera functions and tricks, I took practice shots of her Vibrams.  :)

IMG_3057 (640x427)

And my feet too!  (Those shoes came back to haunt me later)

IMG_3058 (640x397)

Our photo session was over around 11am, but it felt more like 2pm Eastern time to me, and I was ravenous.  Our group immediately headed out on foot to Café Gratitude which was a bit of a hike from out hotel.  Eventually, we made it there – I was SO glad to finally see some food!

IMG_3065 (640x389)

The adorable little pup outside stole my heart.  She made me miss my two monsters back home.  (Casey has reported that in the 24 hours I have been gone, Indy has already eaten a doormat and an umbrella.)

IMG_3066 (640x426)

I made a vow when I came to San Francisco that I would not eat any lame, throw-away meals.  In a foodie city like this, every meal must count!  So far I’m two for two.

IMG_3069 (640x397)

For an appetizer, Allie and I split the I am Insightful Spring Rolls – avocado, seasonal fruit, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, sprouts, and fresh herbs wrapped in blanched collar greens, and served with Thai coconut-almond butter dipping sauce.  Ummm yes, please!

IMG_3075 (640x427)

I love the “Gratitude” aspect of this restaurant.  It gave off a really great vibe.  What are YOU grateful for?

IMG_3077 (640x427)

I am grateful for delicious spring rolls.  :)

IMG_3078 (640x416)

And fun people to share them with.  It is hard to explain what it’s like to hang with other groups of food bloggers.  I can honestly say it’s the only time where I never feel like I need to explain myself – these people get me.

IMG_3079 (640x427)

Next up, lunch arrived.  I got the I Am Insightful Taco Plate and it did not disappoint. 

IMG_3081 (640x419)

Three words for you: cashew nacho cheese.

IMG_3082 (640x426)

The micro greens on top were SO fresh and crispy – so refreshing and exactly what I wanted.

IMG_3083 (640x403)

There was some very bizarre and random restaurant entertainment…

IMG_3087 (640x415)

And then we make the long trek back to our hotel.  Much of our day was spent simply walking to and from lunch, exploring a different end of the city.  Sunday my plan is to get back to the water and see more of the piers and the wharf.  Before I headed up to my room to get ready for the night, I checked in to the official Foodbuzz registration!

IMG_3089 (640x427)

When we got back to the room I was finally able to yank of the shoes that had been pinching my feet for hours and hours.  All day people kept asking me how my knee was feeling, and my response was always, “Honestly, my shoes are really hurting so its kind of distracting me.”  Even so, I was NOT prepared for what I saw when I slipped them off…

IMG_3091 (640x415)

Sorry, that was gross.  Even grosser, there is a matching one on my right foot.  What the HECK am I going to wear on my feet now??  My poor lower half just can’t catch a break.  Thank you Target for the blisters!  At least I have some fun Foodbuzz swag to distract me from my horrifying toes.

IMG_3095 (640x427)

Including interesting things like packaged meats (whoops).

IMG_3097 (640x420)

After relaxing in the room and getting ready, it was finally time to head to the first official Foodbuzz event – the Street Food Fare!

IMG_3101 (640x405)

Just in time to see a gorgeous sunset…

IMG_3102 (640x427)

The main focus of the night was on a massive mini cupcake display!  The cupcakes actually spelled FOODBUZZ in three different flavors.  :)

IMG_3103 (640x426)

As the buses rolled in, we all started to mingle and meet.  So fun to finally meet Marci, and to reconnect with Meghann again! 

IMG_3105 (640x422)

I was so overwhelmed by the cro
wd and event that I realized about about 30 minutes that I hadn’t actually had anything to EAT!  I started by doing a nosedive into a cheese plate…

IMG_3107 (640x362)

And once our activities at our tables were over, I started to wander around to find something more substantial.  I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t slightly disappointed at the lack of vegetarian options available.  Of the ten vendors there, only three had veggie options.  But there was a LOT of meat!

IMG_3111 (640x427)

In the “real world” I am used to a lack of options, but I thought that being in San Francisco it would be more vegetarian friendly.  Even so, I made the best of it and managed to eat just plenty.  :)

IMG_3113 (640x427)

After heading to three different vendors to be greeted with pork belly, Korean beef, and pepperoni, I was thrilled to finally see THIS!

IMG_3114 (640x407)

And it was the best thing I ate all night.  An Indian flat wrap with homemade paneer cheese and spicy sauce.  Totally amazing.  I would say that I shared it with Kath, but I think she took two bites and I ate the other 90 percent. 

IMG_3116 (640x427)

On the other side of the room, I found vegan paella.  Nice and creamy, with yummy veggies.

IMG_3123 (640x397)

And I was really happy to see that someone had included a vegan option.

IMG_3124 (640x395)

While the food was good, the company was better.  I was so wrapped up in conversations with new and old friends, that I didn’t really focus on the food too much.

IMG_3125 (640x425)

Totally fun and random highlight of the night – an old OLD friend!  Believe it or not, Bill and I went to high school together.  We haven’t seen each other in close to 12 years, since were both 18 (don’t do the math).  It’s so cool that in the new age of blogs and Facebook, it really didn’t feel like any time had passed.

IMG_3127 (640x420)

Whenever there are groups of bloggers around, the tend to gravitate towards cameras.  That was intensified times 100 when the Food Network crew arrived to film a pilot for a new series about the Cupcake Bakery.  I am rather shy and kept my distance, but I thought it was fun that there was a TV crew catching all the action.

IMG_3128 (640x410)

Once the cameras turned off, I made my move towards the cupcakes.  One hundred percent amazing – pumpkin spice was hands down my favorite.  I ate three.  :)

IMG_3131 (640x425)

Tonight was just one of those night where I felt warm and fuzzy and full of happy foodie love.  Today’s lunch posed the question – what are you grateful for?

I am grateful for this wonderful food community, and the opportunity to explore such a fun city and attend this great event.  I am grateful for Foodbuzz, and how openly they love and support us as food bloggers.  And most of all, I am grateful that what started as a whacky hobby has blossomed into s
omething that has changed my life, and brought me great friendships from coast to coast.

IMG_3134 (640x427)

I am grateful.

…And really really sleepy.