Old Town Pizza Paradise.

Sorry for the late post tonight – I have been busy filming my video for the next Project Foog Blog post all afternoon!  Hopefully you guys will still want to read my blog after you see what a giant dork I am on camera.

Ever since we moved here, for the last 7 weeks I have been stalking a vacant spot on King Street that has been under construction with the promise of a new pizza place to come.  I literally squeal with glee and peek in the windows every time we stroll past.

Finally, last week I saw online that they were officially OPEN!  And even more exciting, I saw that their menu offered delicious vegan pizza options.  Pizza is one of those things that I love to go out to dinner for, rather than make at home, and finding places that offer soy cheese is always incredibly exciting.

We actually stopped into the restaurant on Saturday night, but there was a 45 minute wait, so we decided to wait until the week when the crowds would have died down.  Tonight we headed up to King Street, and because it was so COLD outside, there weren’t nearly as many people wandering around.

IMG_2665 (640x479)

So we figured it was finally the perfect night for Pizza Paradiso!

IMG_2664 (640x480)

Barely recognizable from the crowds of Saturday night!

IMG_2661 (480x640)

There was really cute pizza décor all around…

IMG_2660 (640x479)

Fluffy clouds on the ceiling…

IMG_2663 (640x411)

And fun painted flames on the giant brick oven in the middle of the open kitchen.  Ever since culinary school, I have loved going to restaurants with open kitchens – I think it is so fun to watch all the action!

IMG_2653 (479x640)

My high expectations of Pizza Paradiso did not disappoint.  A restaurant first for me – when we sat down they gave us a little bowl of delicious OLIVES!  Olives are a close second to my all time favorite food (avocado). 

IMG_2649 (640x473)

I was thrilled that we were able to add the soy mozzarella to any of the pizza selections – yum!

IMG_2652 (640x472)

I never want Tina and Eddie to leave.  I love having them here visiting, and I hope we are successfully showing them how much fun it is to live here.  I am so lucky to have such wonderful in-laws.

IMG_2654 (640x480)

Pizza makes me happy.  Casey makes me happy too.  :)

IMG_2655 (640x480)

After just a few minutes, the pizza I have waited 7 weeks for FINALLY arrived!  Casey and I each got two different veggie pizzas so that we could trade pieces and try both.  Mine was the Sicilian, which had capers, red peppers, eggplant, zucchini, garlic, and soy mozzarella.  YUM!

IMG_2656 (640x480)

Tina and Eddie got a big buffalo mozzarella pizza to split, which looked
delicious too.

IMG_2657 (640x480)

And Casey got the margherita, which turned out to be my favorite.  Unlike the weird non-melty soy cheese from Brixx that made us so ill in Charlotte, this was like nothing I have had before.  It was super melty and creamy, and tasted just as good as the real thing!

IMG_2658 (640x468)

All my expectations were met, and I am so glad we have a delicious new pizza place in town for when the craving strikes.

IMG_2659 (640x480)

Now I just need to find out if they deliver…