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    A Look Back.

Sourdough & Slumber Parties.

The final morning of Foodbuzz started with lots of hugs and goodbyes.  I made so many great new friends this weekend.

IMG_3358 (427x640)

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating, and we were faced with gloomy skies and fat rain droplets pouring down.  So as expected, a box of saltines was purchased and a challenge was issued.

IMG_3365 (640x427)

Just when we thought our whole day might (literally) be a WASH, the sun came out to play.  As much as I loved all the Foodbuzz events, I was feeling antsy that I hadn’t seen much of the city yet.  We sure changed that on Sunday afternoon!  First stop – Chinatown.

IMG_3367 (640x412)

IMG_3369 (440x640)

IMG_3371 (640x426)

RICE COOKERS!  (Totally a Zojirushi all the way on the right!)

IMG_3372 (640x427)

As we crested the huge hill, we all suddenly gasped at the first glimpses of San Francisco views.  Budding photographers snapped into action…

IMG_3374 (640x416)

IMG_3376 (421x640)

While the amazingly talented photographer worked her magic.

IMG_3379 (640x424)

IMG_3382 (640x426)

Our journey into the rain was made possible by five very large red umbrellas, courtesy of the Drake hotel.  Their purpose extended far beyond ran cover though – they quickly became PHOTO props!

IMG_3384 (640x417)


San Francisco is truly like no other city I have ever seen.

IMG_3387 (640x427)


IMG_3388 (640x427)

And UP!

IMG_3390 (640x425)

And finally – the wharf.

IMG_3391 (640x427)

IMG_3394 (640x425)

IMG_3397 (640x425)

All the way around the water basin…

IMG_3399 (640x427)

The walk left me hungry, and I was in desperate need of San Francisco sourdough.

IMG_3405 (640x392)

I found it in heavenly bread bowl form.

IMG_3411 (427x640)

Loaded with creamy tomato bisque, shredded parmesan, and sourdough crunchy croutons.

IMG_3412 (640x427)

LEFTY’S represent.

IMG_3414 (426x640)

The famous sea lions – these things were a hoot!

IMG_3415 (640x412)

Check out the little guy hanging his head off the bottom right corner.  Is it just me or is he totally smiling?

IMG_3418 (640x406)

San Francisco made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

IMG_3422 (424x640)

Alcatraz in the distance…

IMG_3424 (640x427)

Being near water always makes me think a lot.

IMG_3432 (420x640)

And brings out my inner sparkle.

IMG_3437 (640x426)

San Francisco took a little piece of my heart, but the rest of it still belongs to Old Town, Alexandria.

IMG_3443 (640x414)

IMG_3448 (417x640)

IMG_3454 (640x425)

With bellies full of soup, and hearts full of San Fran love, we ascended Hyde Street to head back home…

IMG_3462 (415x640)

The hills here are NO joke.

IMG_3464 (417x640)

With two good legs I probably would have been okay, but this one almost killed me.

IMG_3465 (427x640)

At the top, we found Lombard Street.  Totally worth the climb.

IMG_3466 (418x640)

IMG_3468 (640x426)

We finished our evening with a meal so magical that pictures just weren’t appropriate.  Teri found an amazing hole-in-the-wall spot in Little Italy that made me feel like I had been transported into the heart of the Italian countryside.

There was homemade gnocchi.  There was pesto cream sauce.  There was crusty bread with balsamic vinegar that I am still thinking about.  There was a table of girls that four days ago I had never met, that felt like old friends I have had forever.

I ended my night tucked into a king bed with Teri and Ashley on either side of me.  Despite all being in our late 20’s, we stayed up laughing and talking until 3am – eventually having to force ourselves to go to sleep.  The Taste Pavilion was great, and the fancy gala dinner was wonderful, but in ranking my favorite events of the Foodbuzz 2010 weekend, I think the slumber party in room 1109 takes the cake.

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faith     at 8:37 pm

You make me want to go places, do things and take lots of pics! Thanks for being such an inspiration!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Life is too short to stay in one spot! :)


Teri [a foodie stays fit]     at 9:40 pm


I’m so glad that you loved our slumber party as much as I did. SUCH a fun (and funny!) night! Totally worth the lack of sleep hangover that I’m still suffering from right now.


KimLivesHealthy     at 8:07 am

SF is a gorgeous city and the food is unreal – glad you got to experience it! Is Foodbuzz in SF every year or do they switch locations?


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

I believe it is in San Fran every year, since that is where Foodbuzz headquarters are located.


Amber (Samblanet) Potter     at 2:24 pm

This post really made me want a bread bowl with some delicious hot soup! Glad you had a good time in San Fran. It looked wonderful!


Lindsey @ Eat, Read, Run     at 2:59 pm

Looks like an amazing trip with some major hillage. Yay for leftys representing! We are the best and most creative. :-) Great post.


heather     at 9:00 am

i’ve been soooo super curious about the italian place too that i couldn’t help but do some cyber cross referencing and checking out the other bloggers that were out and about-ing with ms. em that day.

and ta daaaaaa:

347 Columbus Ave
(between Grant Ave & Vallejo St)

i know she would have passed it along once home and rested but i’m just a tad impatient to know the place since i’ll be there in a few weeks and am dying to try it out!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Haha thank you Heather! I was planning to get to all of these this morning. And YES, you are right – Franchino’s! :)


Lizzy     at 11:38 am

The donuts are amazing to look at…Mouthwatering..I love the crunchy texture


brandi     at 12:27 pm

Yay for Leftys! I’m one, too :)


Kimberly     at 2:32 am

I’m having a lot of fun browsing through your blogs. I’ve lived in Nor Cal my whole life and I’ve lived in San Fran and the surrounding Bay Area for a large portion of it. It’s neat to see it via your first time there. I had never been to the East Coast until last September and got to see Newport, RI and Boston. I felt just like you did in SF! Oh, and by the way, Little Italy is actually called “North Beach.” :-) I loooooove your blogs by the way! I’m subscribing to them like right now!


Emily Malone Reply:

Hi Kimberly – welcome! Glad you found the blog! :)


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