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    A Look Back.

The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

This morning started out stresssssssssful!  Let me preface by saying that I am the most relaxed traveler in existence.  Some would probably say too relaxed.  I love flying, I am never stressed out about travelling, and I could hang out in airports all day.  Feeling relaxed as always, I was thrown a curve ball this morning when we pulled out of our driveway (10 minutes late) to find ourselves sitting in rush hour DC traffic – WHOOPS.

Throw in a bit of pouring rain and two huge suitcases, and we had a bit of a situation.  After ten minutes of barely moving in traffic, we realized we needed a new plan.  Casey whipped the car around and raced us (safely) to the Metro.  Why didn’t we just do that in the first place?


Ten minutes later we were safely to Reagan airport.  Then we entered our next set of obstacles – different terminal, missing gate, slow pokes at security – eventually we made our way to the gate as they were calling our row to board.  I think Kath’s expression summed up our airport commute…

IMG_2955 (640x415)

Once we were safely on board our plan and en route to Denver, it was breakfast time.  English muffins with banana and almond butter (the real deal – purchased by my visiting mother-in-law!)

IMG_2958 (640x426)

Kath and I were seated across the aisle from each other, which was fun.

IMG_2962 (640x425)

NOT fun was that we had these teases of TV screens that you had to PAY to watch – no way!

IMG_2963 (640x417)

Also not fun, I discovered, is a 4 hour flight with your busted leg jammed in next to a large man with a 2 year old on his lap.  I was soooo happy to get off the plane in Denver!

IMG_2966 (414x640)

In Denver we were greeted by the wonderful Ashley, who came bearing JAMBA JUICE smoothies!

IMG_2970 (640x418)

It is so fun to finally meet Ashley in real life, and strange to think that we hadn’t officially met until now, since we talk almost every day!  We were lucky and had seats next to each other on the plane from Denver to San Fran, so we got to make up for lost time.

IMG_2974 (414x640)

Fun Fact:  Casey’s grandpa used to design special types of ceilings and roofs, including the old RCA Dome in Indianapolis, and the Denver peaks of Denver International Airport!

IMG_2975 (640x425)

Denver quickly turned into an all-out blogging party – Ashley, Gina, Laura, and Kath!

IMG_2977 (640x426)

And three hours later, we arrived!

IMG_2979 (640x396)

I keep forgetting that I am finally on the West Coast, and am doing double-takes at all the California license plates.  (I am also a huge dork.)

IMG_2980 (640x427)

On our way to the hotel, we passed the Giants Stadium!  How cool to be here right after they won the World Series.

IMG_2982 (640x427)

Finally, Kath and I made our way to our hotel and discovered that we lucked out by getting a corner room with an amazing VIEW!

IMG_2986 (640x425)

We dumped our stuff, met back up with some friends, and hit the streets for our first day of exploring.  I can’t believe I’m actually here!

IMG_2990 (640x407)

I am learning quickly though that I can only do so much.  As much as I want to cover every inch of this city on foot, that’s just not simply possible (or responsible).  I’m going to limit myself to a few hours each day, and do my best to rest my leg in between.

IMG_2992 (640x426)

When asked where we wanted to go first, I immediately exclaimed “to the water!”  So we headed towards the Ferry Building just about a mile away.

IMG_2994 (640x427)

Inside we found fun things like a mushroom shop…

IMG_2995 (640x425)

And mountain of CHEESE!

IMG_2996 (640x425)

More importantly, outside we found WATER and a gorgeous view!

IMG_3000 (640x427)

It is so fun to be here, but there is a small piece that feels a little sad that I’m not here with Casey.  I can tell we would love exploring this city together.  Guess we’ll just have to come back…

IMG_3002 (640x422)

IMG_3004 (640x427)

IMG_3006 (640x426)

IMG_3010 (640x424)

After a snack break, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner (even though my body thought it was 9pm).

IMG_3013 (427x640)

FRONT Street – awesome!

IMG_3014 (640x427)

For dinner, we made our way to Millennium – one of the top-rated vegetarian restaurants in the world.

IMG_3017 (640x426)

Many thanks to Diana, who organized this wonderful dinner in a private room – with all sorts of food blogger perks!

IMG_3020 (640x422)

To our surprise, we placed our orders and then suddenly all sorts of complimentary food started hitting the table.  Starting with OLIVES (my favorite).  These were seasoned with fennel seed, and rocked my world.

IMG_3027 (640x427)

There was a lot of this type of action all night long…

IMG_3028 (640x426)

Friends from Charlotte together again!  So fun.

IMG_3030 (640x418)

Next came delicious fluffy bread with some sort of chunky lentil spread…

IMG_3031 (640x427)

Followed by my personal favorite, fried oyster mushrooms with spicy fruit chutney.  To.die.for.

IMG_3034 (640x427)

But there is more!  Roasted carrots that were soft and perfectly cooked.

IMG_3037 (640x427)

Smokey brassicas – a mixture of cauliflower and broccoli…

IMG_3044 (640x407)

And finally the main course!  I had actually ordered a small plate starter that never arrived, but after all the complimentary food, I was kind of glad to pass on it.  Instead my main course arrived and left me drooling – maple glazed banana squash with roasted tofu and farro risotto.

IMG_3039 (640x427)

I have no idea what that brown sauce was, but it was quite possibly the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.  To be honest, I think this was the best meal of my life.  I have never had the opportunity to eat such upscale vegetarian food, and it was absolutely incredible.  I can’t wait to come back and head there with Casey, and order one of everything all over again.  :)

Tomorrow is bound to be another long day of exploring and fun.  The Foodbuzz Festival officially starts tomorrow night – wheeeeee!  It’s 2am Eastern time, which is about…5 hours past my bedtime.  Time to SLEEP…

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Ashley     at 2:17 am

love love love!! when did you have time to post this awesome + long post?? ahhh :)


Catherine     at 2:19 am

I’m glad you guys made it safely to San Francisco! If you have time during the day to sight see over the weekend, check out the De Younge museum in Golden Gate Park. It’s beautiful, also, there’s a restaurant just outside of the park called Park Chow on 9th avenue between Lincoln and Irving. Enjoy your time in the city!!


Trish     at 2:25 am

Looks like a lot of fun already and the weekend hasn’t even arrived yet! I hope to meet all you fab bloggers on Saturday!


Chelsea     at 2:27 am

this is so exciting! I’ve never been to California either, and it’s nice to see all the little details!


Casey     at 2:29 am

Welcome to my city! It’s such a great time to be here after the world series. The city is abuzz and filled with joy. Maybe see you all tomorrow for yoga!


maya @ finding balance in tokyo     at 2:32 am

Oh my god you’re making me so homesick! ;_;

I never managed to make it to Millennium while I was back home, but I heard so many good things about it and have always wanted to go. My boss in college 6 years ago (a meat-lover married to a vegetarian) came back RAVING about it after visiting for his anniversary one year. I wish it had been in my budget at the time!

I can see another old workplace of mine from your hotel window, and miss all those shops in the Ferry Building. If your schedule allows it, you MUST try to hit the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on Saturday. So many amazing things there!


Meghan     at 2:50 am

Ooh, Millennium is delicious. You should definitely go back and order the PB chocolate brownie for dessert ;)


Rebecca     at 3:53 am

All that food looks amazing. I can’t wait to see what else you get up to


veganlisa     at 5:42 am

Millennium is on my bucket list! I’m really glad you all got to enjoy it.


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 7:08 am

hahaha I cracked up at the picture of Allie – someone is totally giving her the death stare hardcore.

I am so glad you are feeling well enough to be exploring this city! Have a blast Emily – you deserve it!


Joslyn @ missfitbliss     at 7:16 am

That looks like so much fun! And it’s cool to see pictures of so many food bloggers all together in one frame:)


Krystina     at 7:17 am

Banana squash!? I’m intrigued. I’ve always wanted to try farro but it’s so expensive. Glad you’re having a good time despite the stressful start!


Jenny     at 7:46 am

No TV on the plane?! Gotta fly JetBlue, they’re the best.


Sarena (The Non Dairy Queen)     at 7:56 am

Traveling hurt like that is so difficult especially when you are with others and want to do what they are doing. That happened to me when we went to the Bahamas on a school trip my senior year. Just make sure you take care of yourself! At least you are with great friends that will watch out for you too. Have fun today!


Ida     at 7:59 am

Welcome to CA! SF is the best for veggie fans. You’ll love the farmer’s market on Saturday. I hope your knee holds up.


Hope     at 8:21 am

That restaurant looks great! Have fun in San Fran! It looks like a beautiful place!


Anne     at 8:21 am

Looks like your trip is already off to a great start! That food looks to die for! Have a wonderful time in CA!!!!


tina     at 8:22 am

i’m SO jealous of you guys being in my old city!!!! i used to work right across from the ferry building and used to run along to embarcadero… it was also my daily drive- LOVE that view!

have so much fun!!! :)


Alicia     at 8:27 am

Glad you made it there okay! It looks like your going to have a blast!!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 8:48 am

I had a work related trip to Chattanooga in September. Chattanooga turned out to be awesome but I was seriously bummed my hubby wasn’t there to explore the sights and tastes of the city with me. Going out to eat is not nearly as fun when you don’t get to each order a couple of things and then split them.

But you’re surrounded by great people, so I’m sure you’ll have an amazing trip, and be ready to act as tour guide when you and Casey return :)


Sarah @ EatRunGarden     at 9:02 am

You made me want to add San Fran to my places I want to travel list (its a long list). It sounds like you are having a good time and being hurt can be annoying while traveling but you will have lots of funny anyway!
I can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip.


alana (at) the food     at 9:06 am

san fran is the best food city on the planet!
they have so many amazing restaurants!


Larissa     at 9:09 am

i loveee san fran, its one of my most favorite places to visit. i hope you enjoy it to. fishermans warf is fun :)


lindsay     at 9:11 am

I am so excited to read all about the weekend in San Fran through your blog! Have so much fun!

Ugh – and I can only imagine the traffic yesterday morning with the gross weather we were having. Its cleared up today thankfully :)


Kelly     at 9:22 am

So jealous of everyone in San Fran, I wish I was there! Have so much fun, but take it easy on that leg!


Maddie (Healthy Maddie)     at 9:23 am

Your dinner and sides look delicious! Have fun in Cali :)


Amanda     at 9:23 am

Wow! So I was just in San Francisco in September and stayed at the Hotel California where Millennium Restaurant is located! We never ate dinner there because I don’t think we realized what an amazing restaurant it is and didn’t want to settle for the “hotel restaurant” – darn!! They sell a vegetarian cookbook that looks amazing, too! Have fun :)


Beth @ bethcooks     at 9:31 am

That meal looks amazing! I’m obsessed with squash these days!


Kate     at 10:05 am

Looks delish! I’m in the midst of planning a trip to San Fran right now…this restaurant will definitely be going on my list!


Nic     at 10:32 am

I’m so excited that San Fran is your first experience in Cali :) I love San Fran, it’s so beautiful and really fun! No wonder I’ve been there three times in my adult life! Have a blast!


Leanne @ Simplicitlee     at 10:44 am

That food looks so good! I can’t wait to see all the pictures you put up of San Fran :)


Christin L.     at 10:49 am

Looks like sooooo much fun!! That meals looks absolutely droolworthy!


Jessica M     at 11:09 am

I’m so jealous! I love SF! I went there once with my mom when I was 15 or so… I will have to go back sometime!


Coco @ Opera Girl Cooks     at 11:16 am

It is such a trip to see y’all bloggers in my city! I hope you’re having a blast! I MUST recommend that today you guys check out Bi-Rite ice cream. There are delicious vegan sorbet options there too.


Amber K     at 11:44 am

Welcome to the west coast! I’m in the middle of the west coast. :)

Ugh, I hate traveling on airplanes (which I always forget because I do it so rarely) because of the lack of space. I need my personal space!

I can’t believe you are able to walk so much! That’s awesome. Well, I’m sure you’re making time to rest too. :)


suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]     at 12:20 pm

happy exploring! :)


Theresa     at 12:21 pm

I LOVE SF, welcome to the west coast! I spent last weekend there and hope to move there soon! It is an amazing city and so fun right now with the Giants win!! Have fun! If you have free time the Marina is amazing and also if your leg feels up to it, walk across the Golden Gate bridge it is amazing. Or you can save that until you come back with Casey :)


Megan (Braise The Roof)     at 12:37 pm

Hmm I never thought of making risotto with farro- sounds amazing! Looks like you girls are having a great time- can’t wait for recaps of the weekend!


Nichole @ Flirting with Food, Fitness & Fashion     at 12:37 pm

That vegetarian place looks amazing! I wish they had places like that here in Wisconsin.


Jenn     at 1:32 pm

Where is your green shirt from?


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Urban Outfitters!


Monica     at 1:37 pm

I think the biggest stress about traveling is just making sure you get to your flight without any hiccups, especially with today’s security and check-in process. Airports make it so stressful and intense!

Love San Fran! You and your husband will have to return together for sure. It is a fun town to do couple things in.


Caitlin (EatFeats)     at 1:57 pm

Ohmigosh, I went to that restaurant with my boyfriend and his family. Best meal of my life, too! The potato appetizer is out of this WORLD!!!!!!!


Victoria     at 2:26 pm

DC traffic will getcha! Of course the metro will sometimes too. It’s nice to have the choice when going to the airport though!


Rachel @ FitFunandFabulous     at 3:27 pm

Glad you enjoyed your meal so much. Have an awesome time!!!


Jessica Flemming     at 4:06 pm

I was supposed to be in Alexandria this weekend but we came back on Tuesday night to be here for the Giants’ victory parade! How fun that you are in our city. I highly recommend the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. It is a sight to see. Also, you probably won’t have time but Rainbow Grocery at 13th and Folsom is a vegetarian grocery co-op and every time I see the bulk bins there I think of you. Funny! Crissy Field and the Marina Green has great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the city buildings and the water. Near it is Greens restaurant- another veg place. Too much to cover in one weekend. Have a great time!


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Love that you think of me when you see the bulk bins! Do they have farro there? :)


Erin @ Shortcut to Bliss     at 4:31 pm

I used to work for Jetblue Airways and if you will call your airline before you make your return flight you can remedy the seating issues. Request bulkhead seating and state that you have recently received a disabling injury. They reserve entire rows with extra leg room for customers who are in wheelchairs, disabled, recently had surgery… you get the idea. They would be more than happy to accomodate your request for the extra space. Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!


Beth     at 5:24 pm

What an inspiring post! I haven’t been there to SF for years and would love to get back. You’re making me want to go even more!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 5:30 pm

Oh man I LOVE San Francisco! Wish I could be there for the festivities :-)


Lauren George     at 7:17 pm

Oh your trip looks so much fun!! I really wanted to go to the foodbuzz festival, so I am loving seeing all of your pictures!!


Diana     at 7:43 pm

Yay! I’m so glad you came to dinner and that you liked Millennium! Thanks so much for coming! :)


Kristen @ Kristen, Sweetly     at 10:47 pm

Wow. Score on the perfect fit of a restaurant!!! :-) Makes me want to convince everyone I know to try it just once.


Grace @ Grace After College     at 10:00 pm

I’m not a vegetarian, and usually look forward to the meat course while eating out, but everything you order looked like something I would definitely enjoy! It’s true that you taste with your eyes first…


amanda     at 12:33 pm

Looks like an amazing time with amazing food – can’t beat that!


Allison     at 7:45 pm

AH! I love reading all of your foodbuzz updates just for the pictures of my beautiful hometown!!
So glad you had a good time here! :)


Madelyn     at 2:06 pm

AHHHHH! Had my work trip not been canceled, we all would have been on the same flight!!! I can’t imagine a better way to travel than hanging out with Kath and Emily! :)


Emily @ The Front Burner Blog Reply:

Are you kidding me? Boooooo.


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