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    A Look Back.

Christmas in Washington.

I’ve been in six states in the past 12 hours, and am just getting to an internet connection NOW!  But let’s go back to before we left for our Christmas adventure.  There is holiday cheer EVERYwhere in the city right now, and I’ve been trying to make my way around to see everything and soak it up before leaving for Ohio. 

Casey and I have been walking the dogs on the Mt. Vernon trail more often these days since it means less stops for traffic lights and other things.  The boys have been loving all the gorgeous winter scenery…

IMG_2732 (640x480)

As much as I love the water when it’s warm outside, it’s really a whole different experience to be around the water when it’s freezing cold.

IMG_2734 (640x480)

IMG_2735 (640x480)

Beautiful National Harbor just across the way…

IMG_2736 (640x480)

How do the birds stand it when it is this cold?  I know they have bodies equipped for the temperatures, but I just can’t imagine swimming around in ice water.

IMG_2738 (640x475)

IMG_2739 (640x482)

The thing about dogs is that they don’t care how cold outside it is – they still want to walk.  We’ve been doing a LOT of bundling up so that they can still get all their exercise despite the frigid cold.

IMG_2744 (479x640)

After exploring the pretty scenery around the Old Town waterfront, we headed up to DC to work at Barnes and Noble for the afternoon.  I knew we were going to be trying to leave to go home for Christmas early, and I was sad that we hadn’t seen any of the holiday decorations in DC yet.  So we packed up and worked for a bit, and then walked around the city for a while enjoying all the festive holiday cheer.

IMG_5552 (640x427)

IMG_5560 (640x428)

IMG_5563 (640x410)

IMG_5564 (640x427)

IMG_5566 (640x427)

And eventually made our way to…the National Christmas Tree!

IMG_5568 (640x427)

IMG_5575 (640x427)

Right in front of the White House, with the Washington Monument in the distance – so cool.

IMG_5583 (427x640)

IMG_5589 (640x427)

It was freeeezing cold outside walking around, but as soon as we got there I knew it was so worth it.  I was so glad we made the quick trip up to the city to see it lit up with holiday cheer.

IMG_5592 (640x427)

And now I am sitting here typing this from OHIO!  But that rest of that story comes tomorrow.  For now, we have some other business to take care of – the winners of the banana bread giveaway!  I wish that I could bake 575 loaves of banana bread and give one to everyone of you that entered – all in good time perhaps.  Even our sudden change of travel plans didn’t stop me from my giveaway baked goods – I baked them, wrapped them, and drove them 9 hours to Ohio!  So the two lucky winners are…

1.  Laura (Blogging Over Thyme) – I haven’t done any holiday shopping yet! Eek, I’m getting worried since it’s so close. I think it might be kitchen related though or a nice fun cookbook.

2.  Susie – My best friend claimed to hate oatmeal for years, but I recently converted her to the dark, oatmeal-adoring side with a yummy bowl of pumpkin oats. I’m excited to give her some homemade toppings–granola, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin spice almond butter!

Laura and Susie – email me your addresses so I can send it asap!  And trust me you guys are definitely lucky – the bread smells amazing.  :)  With that, I’m off to CRASH after an insanely long 9-hour drive with two wild pups in the backseat.  Goodnight, friends!

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Jodi     at 12:00 am

Those photos of the christmas tree are amazing! What a sight! :)


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 12:20 am

I love the photo of the dog peering over the ledge!!


Tina     at 1:53 am

I love the first photo of your dogs, it’s adorable! DC looks so pretty all decorated as well!


Brandy     at 5:19 am

I never left a comment on your contest for the bread. But, after you wrote that I thought, I should just MAKE the bread! And so I did, and it’s great! It smelled amazing as it baked and it tastes wonderful. Thank you for the recipe. :)

Have a great time in Cincinnati! I’m an ohio girl myself – went to school at UC and ran the Flying Pig in ’03, and have run the half twice (including the rainy one last year!). LOVE that place!


Lauren     at 6:43 am

What a wonderful place to spend Christmas. So cool that you get to experience the Holiday from so many great places.


Vanessa     at 7:22 am

The Christmas tree in D.C. is so cool!! I’ve never seen it but it looks magical!! Your dogs as always are precious!! Hope you have a great holiday!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 7:33 am

Looks like such a good time. I love just seeing lights and decorations and letting it put me in the holiday spirit.


Pam     at 7:56 am

Congrats to Laura and Susie! I’m in Ohio too, about 1 hour north of Columbus! Enjoy your holidays and be safe! Hugs!


afarmerinthedell.wordpress.com     at 8:10 am

DC looks beautiful. Merry Christmas and have a great time in Ohio.

By the way, where is your winter hat from. It’s adorable!


Hope     at 8:13 am

DC looks so nice decorated for the holidays! I love the picture with the dogs looking at the water! So cute!!


Meagan     at 8:20 am

I like the DC pictures. It’s such a great area! Your back to Ohio again – have fun!!


Stacy @ Every Little Thing     at 8:22 am

Congrats to the winners! Safe travels, I am not a huge fan of Ohio (being from Michigan) but as long as you’re just driving through, it’s OK :)


Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner)     at 8:29 am

Christmas in Washington looks lovely! :)
Lucky winners! I think I might move to the USA just so I can enter amazing giveaways like this!


Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)     at 8:33 am

Have a beautiful holiday week and weekend…your photos are beautiful!

Glad you made it to Ohio..no doubt, a major trek on the holiday/winter highways!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 8:47 am

The husband and I are getting a dog soon and the one thing I’m not looking forward to are freezing cold walks!


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 8:51 am

I have GOT to get down to the National Christmas tree before I leave DC on Thursday! :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Go see it – it is totally worth it! And there is ice skating there too. :)


Anne     at 9:35 am

Oh wow, Christmas in Washington is beautiful!!!
Have a lovely week with your family :)


jeff     at 9:47 am

merry christmas to you, casey, the family and, of course, the pups! on a completely different topic, how great was ‘survivor’ this season?!


Emily Malone Reply:

Okay seriously – we NEED a catch up phone call! First time in Survivor history that my favorite actually WON! So goood. :)


jeff Reply:

had a staff holiday party sunday night @ savor cafe. shane (i.e. chef pearson) worked/prepared the menu – needless to say it was amazing. felt honored a chef of his station would cook for those of us so much lower on the food-chain… after many texts/emails, i have some product heading your way – let me know what you think! ps – rooted for fabio all the way (after coach johnson was booted, of course)…


Maryann     at 10:11 am

Thank you so much for the pictures of Washington DC. I want to visit there so much and only live in Lancaster PA area. My goal is 2011 to visit there sometime. One of our customers goes down every year on Thanksgiving Day.
Enjoy time with your family.


lindsay     at 10:11 am

Um-I thought I was going to win!? Just kidding :) Have a safe and happy holiday in Ohio!!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 10:29 am

Looks like you two had a great time out despite the freezing weather. I am so glad things are going well for you now!


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 11:34 am

i love water in the winter…so pretty!


Amber K     at 12:13 pm

Wow, the decorations are beautiful!

Congratulations to the banana bread winners :)


Dee     at 12:22 pm

DC looks gorgeous at Christmas. It looks magical through your pictures!


Laura Jayne Parson     at 1:49 pm

We were in the D.C. area for Christmas last year (our extended family lives there) and seeing these pictures made me miss it! I don’t, however, miss the biting cold! Have a great Christmas!


Ryan     at 4:16 pm

I live in the Northern VA area too, but where you live is so much better and WALKABLE than where I live!! Happy Holidays!


Susie     at 7:28 pm

Emily, I just sent you my address–I’m so excited to have won your giveaway and for the chance to try that delicious-looking banana bread!!

Best wishes for a merry Christmas!


Lauren     at 9:01 pm

The tree is so pretty! I don’t think I could work at Barnes & Nobles…I love browsing bookstores too much.


Kristin     at 9:09 pm

I was wondering the same thing about birds in the cold as I walked past the ice at the inner harbor in baltimore this weekend (I live there). I decided they must not have and temperature sensors in order to stand on the cold ice for long periods of time. Glad you are safely in Cinci.


Marisol Perry     at 9:44 pm

We were in the D.C. area for Christmas last year (our extended family lives there) and seeing these pictures made me miss it! I don’t, however, miss the biting cold! Have a great Christmas!


Kris Pearson     at 8:35 pm

I was wondering the same thing about birds in the cold as I walked past the ice at the inner harbor in baltimore this weekend (I live there). I decided they must not have and temperature sensors in order to stand on the cold ice for long periods of time. Glad you are safely in Cinci.


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