Daily Garnish: The Front Burner Grows Up.

I think it would be an understatement to say that we have had a WILD couple of months over here.  In September, we packed up our life in North Carolina and moved 7 hours away to Virginia.  Once we were unpacked and settled, I worked my butt of to train for a marathon.  But those plans fell apart when I got hit by a car.  Still in a daze from what had happened, I went to Ohio anyways to be a bridesmaid in a family wedding.  The following Thursday, I opened up my email just like I do every day, but this time something quite unexpected was waiting for me…

A pretty scary letter, from some pretty serious lawyers.  Many of you have sounded surprised that I was changing The Front Burner’s name.  “But it’s such a good name!” you say, and you’re right – it’s great name.  So much that someone else decided they own the rights to it.  That’s right friends, yours truly was charged with trademark infringement and trademark dilution.  Scary stuff!

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I was home alone when I got the email.  I was still laid up on crutches at that point, and I couldn’t even pace around the house – I just waited for Casey to come home and then immediately burst into tears.  Then I made a panicked (hysterical) phone call to my best lawyer friend, and so began the most nerve-wracking few weeks of my life.  Since I’ve had time to get used to all of this, but you guys are just now hearing about it, I’m sure you’re as fired up as I was a month ago.  I’ve heard a lot of reactions that go something like…

Who did this?  I’ll kill them!  Are you sure they have a trademark?  You can’t trademark a common phrase – you have to fight this!  They don’t have a case against you!

Honestly, I don’t feel like the WHO is very important.  It’s a magazine that I am sure 99% of you have never heard of, and since there is some similarity in our website names, I don’t really feel inclined to send them a single hit of traffic.  Onward and upward, friends.

YES, they do have a trademark for something similar to my website name.  Do I think that the names are similar enough that they have a legitimate case?  Absolutely NOT.  But you know what they do have?  Lawyers.  Expensive, suit-wearing lawyers (who were definitely not bluffing).  And I don’t.  Trust me, I talked to a few.  With this kind of lawsuit, you have to pay big bucks even if you WIN, and that just wasn’t something I was going to be able to do.

So instead I did a lot of crying.  And I proclaimed that I couldn’t possibly change the name of my website.  That my life was over and I was going to lose everything I had worked so hard to build over the last three years.

And then I got it together.  I decided to move on and move forward.  And you know what?  I got excited.

I had been toying with the idea of changing things up for a while now, and this was the kick in the pants I needed to make it happen.  And let’s be real – who has time for boring lawsuits and lame trademark accusations?  We have VEGETABLES to talk about!

Many of you probably don’t even know that I started out in 2008 by writing a totally random blog called Marathoning, Marrying, and Milestones – worst name ever, right?

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But as my life changed, naturally my writing changed too.  And by the time I started culinary school my blog had taken a whole new turn.  (Not to mention I was already married!)  So MMM became The Front Burner, with a terrible self-made header, and a new direction towards writing about food and health.


Fast forward to the following summer, when the blog finally moved to WordPress and got a professional makeover, bringing us to what would be the final frontier for The Front Burner

about me

So here we are today, the first day of so many new possibilities.  And while I didn’t quite initiate the change myself, the timing feels right.  I created The Front Burner when I started culinary school, and since then I’ve graduated and moved on towards freelance writing and creating recipes full-time.  I’ve grown up a lot this year, and it makes sense that the site should grow up with me.

It has been six weeks since the lawyer’s letter landed in my inbox, and I spent the first four of those obsessively trying to come up with a new name.  There was a wipe off board full of words and ideas.  There were many many emails to family and friends.  There was even a 4-hour pow-wow with Casey, my mom, and my sisters on my kitchen floor.  And then one day – I finally had it…



I’m sure for some of you it will take some getting used to.  After all, The Front Burner was a lot of fun, and like all new things, change can be weird.  But it’s still the same content you are used to – delicious recipes, cooking tips, fitness discussions, and occasional gratuitous pictures of my dogs.  And the layout isn’t really all that different either – I thought I’d ease you guys into it slowly.  :)

Please pardon if there are a few bumps and weird things happening in the first few days – I’m still working through all the kinks that come with moving a 3-year old website.  There is also more fun to look forward to in the coming weeks – I should have a super awesome new Recipe page up soon, packed with all sorts of great searchable features, and yes – printable recipes!

So what’s the new name all about, huh?

The Daily part kind of speaks for itself, but why Garnish?  The Merriam-Webster definition of garnish is “to add touches to” or “to equip with accessories.”  I like to think that that’s exactly what happens here – equipment and accessories for a healthier way of eating and living.  My goal for this site has always been to ultimately make it about YOU guys, not about me.  Everything I cook, and everything I write – I do it with you guys in mind.  Because after all, you make this all possible for me, and I hope that in return you find some garnish that you can use in your own lives.

So that’s it!  Although before we’re done, I have to ask for a few favors.  The old web URL is not going to redirect forever, so in order to keep seeing new posts, you’ll need to update your feeds and Google Readers with the following address:


Also, if you have a link to me on YOUR blog or website – first, of all THANK YOU, and second, please update the link to reflect the new name and new URL – http://www.dailygarnish.com.  Make sure you update your bookmarks too.  I don’t want to lose you guys!

I’ve also started a new Daily Garnish Facebook page, which all the old Front Burner fans will have to re-like (for some reason you can’t change names – had to create a new page).  So if you like getting the blog updates on Facebook, make sure to like the new page!  And of course, keep an eye out for the name switch on Twitter.

One last huge shout-out to the two people that helped me make this whole thing happen, in a ridiculous two-week time frame no less.  Jenna Ebanks from Threee Design Studio is the amazingly talented graphic designer who made my vision come to life.  She was reasonably priced and wonderful to work with.  Ryan Sullivan from Revive My Blog has done all of the behind-the-scenes web work to move all the blog content and make sure I didn’t lose all of you guys in the process (so scary!).  Many many thanks to Jenna and Ryan!

Welcome to Daily Garnish! I hope you guys love it as much as I do.