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    A Look Back.

Family and Friends.

Yesterday was one of those days where you just go and go and go all day long.  We started our day back at our favorite gym, where we bought a week-long pass so that we could work out now that we’re home for the holidays. 

After showers and getting ready, I headed out for the day – in my brand new super warm coat!

IMG_5793 (427x640)

We had a lunch date at my favorite Cincinnati restaurant, which sadly opened right before I moved away.  Now every trip home requires a stop at Green Dog Café!

IMG_5794 (640x427)

I got the Chihuahua Bowl – a mixture of black beans, corn, salsa, cilantro, queso fresco, and other goodies.

IMG_5795 (640x427)

Even better was the company – Stepfanie from Spark People!

IMG_5799 (427x640)

After our delicious lunch date, I had another date planned.  My first time meeting this adorable little guy…

IMG_5803 (640x427)

I spent a few hours hanging out with my oldest friends in the world – the Annett Family.  Our families have been friends, literally my entire life, and Jacob is the newest addition.  Check out that face – he is going to be trouble when he grows up.  :)

IMG_5810 (640x427)

For dinner, we headed over to meet up with my best Cincinnati friends at one of the new restaurants on Hyde Park Square – Poco A Poco.

IMG_5840 (640x427)

We were lucky enough to be given some special treatment – free salsa and smokey poblano queso…

IMG_5817 (640x427)

Along with delicious flaky tortilla chips.

IMG_5818 (640x427)

The reason for our special treatment?  The hostess – my little sister.  :)

IMG_5833 (640x427)

She worked her butt off all night – running food and racing around.  I love that she works at a restaurant.

IMG_5832 (426x640)

Casey and I were starving, and since Poco specializes in small plates, we ordered a bunch to share.  Starting with the fried hominy salad – the best thing I ate all night.  Amazing!

IMG_5821 (640x427)

We also split this jicama and apple salad with pistachios.  After eating heavy food all week long, these salads were really refreshing.

IMG_5824 (640x427)

We also split a side of pumpkin with red beans.  It was good, but I felt like I could have made it myself.

IMG_5825 (640x427)

Finally, the entrée – delicious vegetarian tacos.  Portabello mushrooms, cilantro, veggies, and a ton of melty delicious cheese.

IMG_5830 (640x427)

It was SO much fun to catch up with my best friends, and bittersweet since I don’t get to see them nearly as often as I would like to.  Leah and Greg actually just bought a house in our old neighborhood, literally one block away from the house I lived in here.  Such bad timing!

IMG_5834 (640x427)

And Liz and I have been friends for 28 years.  She is my oldest friend, and probably knows more about me than anyone – all my deep dark secrets and weird things I did as a kid.  :)

IMG_5835 (640x427)

I am so glad we came into town early and had time for so many visits with friends and family.

IMG_5836 (640x427)

Hyde Park Square looking beautiful with all the Christmas lights, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Old Town.  :)

IMG_5839 (640x427)

IMG_5844 (422x640)

After dinner we headed back to my mom’s to find that Rebecca and Sam had finally arrived after a 14 hour drive from Connecticut.  This was my first time meeting Mil0, their adorable puppy!

IMG_5856 (425x640)

Now we are all cooking and getting ready to head out for Christmas Eve church service.  Merry Christmas Eve to you all!

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Christin@purplebirdblog     at 3:20 pm

Loving all the awesome time spent with friends!! Merry Christmas!!


Meghan     at 3:22 pm

I have to stop reading your Cincinnati posts they are making me miss it even more than usual. :) that new restaurant looks like fun!!


grocery goddess jen     at 3:31 pm

Sure looks like you’re having a great time! Enjoy the rest of your time with family and friends and dogs!


Sana     at 3:33 pm

Enjoy the holiday! I am so glad you got to catch up with old friends!


erika     at 3:38 pm

ahh!love the pics around cincy! glad you are enjoying your trip home!


Tiffany @ Conor & Bella     at 3:41 pm

I’m such a sucker for dogs. Milo is adorable!!


Lee     at 4:02 pm

That puppy and that baby are both so cute.


Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner)     at 4:19 pm

Love the vegetarian tacos! And the baby is SO cute!!
Have a great Christmas Emily! :D


Natalia - a side of simple     at 5:18 pm

Dear Emily,
Can I steal your clothes? I adore your sense of style. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha THANKS! That’s nice to hear.


Averie (LoveVeggiesandYoga)     at 5:29 pm

Merry Xmas, Emily!
I love that your sis is such a hard worker, running around like crazy and making sure everyone’s happy..that’s awesome to see work ethic like that!

Enjoy your time w/ friends and fam!



Nancy     at 5:48 pm

Love the new coat, where did you get it!?


Emily Malone Reply:

Nordstrom Rack – made by Guess!


Lori Lynn     at 6:36 pm

Looks like a really nice time, with some great food! Merry Christmas!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 7:54 pm

I love going home and spending time with good friends!!


Jayna @ Healthy Living Bites     at 8:21 pm

Love your new coat!


Chase     at 8:41 pm

Milo is a cutie! Have a very Merry Christmas!


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 9:16 pm

Super cute coat! I love it!

Have a wonderful Christmas! :)


Stepfanie     at 9:28 pm

Thanks for a fun lunch, Emily! It was great to see you. :)


Amber K Reply:

Stepfanie from SparkPeople!! I recognized you right away. I, as you well know, love SparkPeople. :)


Stepfanie Reply:

Haha! I do know that ;)


Ginna     at 10:34 pm

Love that coat! I am looking for a new parka! Where did you get it?


Emily Malone Reply:

Nordstrom Rack!


Ginna Reply:

oh shucks! we don’t have one here but I did in San Diego. LOVE the Rack! :)


Sarah @ EatRunGarden     at 8:40 am

Love the new coat, very cute. The baby is also very cute and that food looked yummy.
I hope you are Enjoying your Christmas!


Elizabeth @ RunWithSneakers     at 9:04 am

MERRY CHRISTMAS Emily! Last night I made your Pumpkin, Fig & Pomegranate Upside Down cake. I was sooooo tempted to have a slice while it was still warm from the oven. But I was good and saved it for our dinner tonight. I will definitely warm it up before serving (with your pumpkin ice cream). I can’t wait! It looks so yummy.


Katie     at 10:43 am

Rebecca’s puppy is ADORABLE! I want to pet his lil fluffy ears!
Merry Christmas to you guys and your fam! Looks you’re having a great time in Cincy! We miss you. xoxo!


Helena     at 10:51 am

Merry Christmas, and lots and lots of fun to you!


Gabriela @ Fro-Yo Lover     at 11:27 am

Pictures look awesome!
I bet you guys are having a blast at Cincinnati.
Merry Christmas, girl!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 5:50 pm

Merry Christmas :-)


Kaitlin     at 6:35 pm

Super cute coat! Merry Christmas.


Elizabeth     at 3:15 pm

I would also like to know where you got your new coat. I love it!


Emily Malone Reply:

Sorry for the late response! Coat is made by Guess and I got it at Nordstrom Rack.


JSG     at 6:30 pm

I have been reading your blog for some time now- You are the cutest thing, and your food is delicious!!!! I need to know, where did you get that adorable coat!?!?!?!

Thank you!!!!


Emily Malone Reply:

Sorry for the late response! Coat is made by Guess and I got it at Nordstrom Rack. :)


Alison     at 3:57 pm

cute doggie!! cute coat! Cuteness all around! Love the salad ideas. Hm, I have a spare jicama in my crisper and pitaschios in the cubbord. It looks like arugala… maybe some parmesean…


Anne @ Your Kind of Salad     at 11:16 am

I just spent two weeks in the ‘Natti! Going to pocco a pocco, teller’s and Urban Active :)! – I was visiting my new boy – but I wish I had emailed you; it would have been great to have some ideas for vegetarian/girlie places to hang out (but I managed to find the Kenwood mall just fine by myself ;)

Looks like you had a great time!


Emily Malone Reply:

Oohh man!! I was at ALL of those places too!! Love Hyde Park. :)


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