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    A Look Back.

Field Trip to Georgetown.

Today was a working outside-the-house kind of day.  We had a special mission in mind, so we headed up to one of our favorite DC spots – Georgetown!  I’m not sure why everyone always says Georgetown is so unwalkable to a Metro stop – I don’t really think the walk to Rosslyn is all that bad!  We made our way across the Key bridge – it was windy, dreary, and very grey. 

IMG_5319 (1024x681)

This is what I look like when I am really, really cold.

IMG_5321 (1024x682)

Our morning mission was to get new winter coats – we decided it would be our (early) Christmas present to each other!  With our new walk-heavy lifestyle, we are outside a LOT, no matter what the temperature.  We’re also not used to living near water, where it is always windier and colder.  We both had our eye on some specific North Face coats, but I didn’t end up liking mine quite as much in person.  And for how expensive it was, I didn’t want to buy it without feeling true retail love.  But lucky Casey had a lot of success!

IMG_5324 (427x640)

If I don’t end up finding a new coat, I am kind of hoping that this ends up under the Christmas tree. :)  Georgetown looked so pretty all dressed up for the holidays.

IMG_5325 (640x427)

IMG_5328 (426x640)

IMG_5327 (640x422)

We made our way down to Barnes and Noble’s fun café, where we spent the afternoon working at the counter.  While we sat in front of the window, it started SNOWING for the first time here in DC!  I absolutely love snow, as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

IMG_5330 (427x640)

After a few solid hours of productive work, we were both starving and ready for a break.  While I waited for Casey to pack up, I did what I always do in bookstores – went in search of books written by friends.  Found this Operation Beautiful book totally rocking out with all the big dogs on the face-out end cap display!

IMG_5333 (640x427)

Before we left, I did a quick search on one of my favorite local websites – VegDC – a comprehensive list of all the vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly places in the city, grouped by neighborhood.  We ended up at Harmony Café, a little hole in the wall Asian place that was down a creepy staircase in the basement of a house.

IMG_5337 (640x427)

The décor was also quite interesting…

IMG_5336 (640x427)

But the food was wonderful!  We were both starving, so we started with vegetable lettuce wraps…

IMG_5339 (640x427)

IMG_5341 (640x427)

And for our main meals, Casey got a mixed vegetable and tofu dish with brown sauce…

IMG_5342 (640x427)

While I enjoyed a beautiful eggplant and mixed vegetable tofu dish with garlic sauce.  YUM!

IMG_5345 (640x427)

We both cleaned our plates.  The best part?  Our total bill for the entire meal was $19.  When you don’t drink and don’t eat meat, going out to eat is SO cheap!

IMG_5347 (640x427)

Afterwards, we walked off our lunch by heading back across the bridge.  And just like that, we were home again…

IMG_5348 (426x640)

It was fun to spend the day working up in the city – definitely something we should make a point to do more often. 

And now I’m off to go make ten million cookies for the DC blogger/reader cookie swap on Sunday – I am so excited!  I have realized recently that I really need to make more friends here in our new hometown.  It’s hard when all your friends are either hundreds of miles away or online.  Sometimes you just need someone to go shopping with, you know?  New cities can be tough.  Hopefully I can lure in some new friends with carrot macaroons… :)

I just realized how pathetic that sounded, particularly as I post this at 9pm on a Friday night.  Oooooh well, you guys already knew I wasn’t cool.  :)  Happy weekend to you ALL!

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laratada     at 6:52 pm

Glad you’re enjoying all the DC area has to offer. My husband and I live in Alexandria and are always looking for like-minded vegetarian/non-drinker friends. You should hang out with us next time we have one of our veg potlucks!


laratada Reply:

Also, have you checked out vegdc.com? I highly suggest grabbing a bite off of Founding Farmer’s veg menu if you haven’t already or checking out Busboy & Poets or Sunflower in VA. So much to explore!


Cathy     at 8:07 pm

See if you can wait until after Christmas and shop the sales then. I did that when I moved to Chicago last December and bought a new winter jacket from Eddie Bauer. I think this is the current year version of what I bought http://tinyurl.com/38f8zlg It doesn’t come in the fun colors like The North Face, but it’s still super warm. By the way, don’t worry about being dorky on a Friday night, I was weather-stripping our windows last night. And I’d be totally won over by cookies if I lived in DC.


Madelyn     at 10:03 pm

I think you’re one of the coolest people I know! And I would definitely go shopping with you anytime you pleased :) In fact, I think that might be an appropriate way for us to catch up with each other since you never know what the evenings will be like for a walk. Hope your weekend is going well. Enjoy the cookie swap tomorrow! :)


Amy     at 12:12 pm

It looks like you and Casey had a great day! I’m just like you about snow. I love it when I can just stay cozy and not have to drive. I need to move to a more walkable place once I’m done with school, I think!


Talia     at 4:05 pm

I lived in DC for a while and there is this AMAZING pizza place both in dupont circle and georgetown called “Pizza Paradiso” they have homemade whole wheat dough and they are a micro brewery too…buffalo mozzarella…really amazing! You should go!


Emily Malone Reply:

That’s where we went! :)


Beccy     at 5:45 pm

Hey! I just wanted to mention that the walk from the GW-Foggy Bottom Metro Stop to Georgetown takes about 5 minutes in case you have an urge to go there on a day when you don’t want to walk across the bridge :)


Meghann     at 10:52 am

Funny story: I’m wearing that exact striped sweater right now. :)


Kristen     at 11:13 am

Have you ever been to Avocado Cafe in Georgetown? It’s one of my faves! I live in Clarendon and go to Old Town constantly (specifically Alexandria Cupcake :)). I’d love to meet up sometime!


Emily Malone Reply:

No I haven’t heard of that – sounds delicious! I love avocados. :)


Kristen Reply:

I don’t think this menu has been updated in awhile–I swear they have more options than this. The Veggie Lovers Wrap and Omega-3 Wrap are the BOMB!


Rachel Jacobs     at 11:56 am

Great tip about vegDC…I am taking a trip to Old Town and DC in mid-April. This site will help me spot places that my family can enjoy.


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