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    A Look Back.

Ready to Run.

It has been exactly 48 days since my car accident.  Forty eight days since the last time I laced up my running shoes.  My last run, in fact, was actually just hours prior to stepping out into the street and being met by a Chevy Tahoe.  A quick 3 miler in the pouring rain with my dogs – had I known at the time what was to come, I would have kept running for hours.

IMG_1971 (480x640)

The past few weeks have been a mixture of ups and downs.  I’ve rested, iced, cried, sulked, laughed, smiled, and I can almost say…recovered.  The giant gash and painful stitches are now simply a puffy purple scar.

IMG_4879 (640x427)

My new sporty knee brace has helped me get back on my feet – walking all over town, and even getting full motion back in bending.  There is still some side to side pain and I can’t kneel directly on my knee, but I know that will all come with time.

IMG_4875 (640x427)

And yesterday I had my second to last check-in with my orthopedic doctor.  With a few weeks of no-resistance cycling and elliptical-ing behind me, he gave me the go-ahead to try lightly jogging as soon as I felt comfortable.  So naturally I went home and immediately changed into running gear…

IMG_4870 (427x640)

It felt really weird to be pulling out my dusty Garmin and heading out the door for a run.  What was once a daily part of my routine suddenly felt like a lifetime ago.  I took the dogs with me for moral support (and to exhaust them!), and we headed down south on the Mt. Vernon Trail. 

The first few blocks felt weird.  I almost felt like I was little off balance.  I had no idea what a “comfortable” pace felt like anymore, and the dogs were yanking me to go faster, resulting in a major upper body workout.  I could tell instantly that something felt different with my left knee – not painful, just…different.  I think it is still some residual tightness and loss of muscle in my left leg.

I kept my pace where it felt comfortable – not worrying about how fast I used to run or what I used to do.  None of that matters anymore.  I’m choosing to see my injury as an opportunity to start over with running – to go back to the beginning and re-find the sport that has done so much for me.  Turns out that my beginning falls somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 minute miles.  I’ll take it.

My Garmin chirped to tell me that I had run one mile, and I literally felt my whole body warm with pride and joy.  I was running again.  I was totally out of breath, had almost no endurance left, and felt wobbly and awkward, but I was running.  I ran to the water fountain, stopped for a quick drink, and turned around to head back to my house. 

I haven’t thought about my accident much in the past few weeks.  Emotionally, I feel a million times better.  So I was surprised that as I was running past the river bank, I found myself having vivid flashbacks to hitting the ground just after the impact.  Maybe reliving it a few more times is my mind’s way of healing too – next time I’ll take an iPod.  I blinked the flashes away and continued along back towards my house, and ended up on my front steps with 3 miles under my belt.  How did it feel?  I think this picture says it all…

IMG_4871 (427x640)

Literally beaming with pride.  And you know what?  I actually kept a pretty decent pace!  A 9:38 average after 6 weeks of no activity – amen.

IMG_4874 (640x427)

As amazed as I am by the human body’s ability to heal, it is also somewhat shocking how quickly the body loses fitness.  I feel SO out of shape.  But the good news is that fitness is something I can change, and I plan to ease back into my runs and workouts slowly.  There is no point in rushing and setting myself back further.

I woke up this morning incredibly sore, feeling more like I ran a marathon than three miles.  I’m not sure I’m quite ready to fully jump back into running quite yet.  I think I’ll probably do a few more weeks of low-impact cardio, just to ensure that my body has healed enough.  But I know that I can run, and I know that I’ve still got my spark.  And right now that is the only thing that matters.

This morning I entered the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10-mile Run here in April.  Ten miles by April?

Here’s hoping.

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Marika     at 5:01 am

This was a great post.I’m so happy for you and think it’s very wise to take it easy for now and give your body time to heal completely.
Also, you have my sympathy for your post-run soreness! I’ve been there (running for the first time after a longer break) and it’s brutal :-).


Emily Malone Reply:

Seriously, that was on Tuesday and I am still SO SORE! Incredible.


Kristy     at 8:30 am

Youre a freaking rock star! 3 miles in less than 30 minutes! Are you trying to secretly show up your husband? ;-)


Emily Malone Reply:

Haha I wish. He can run 3 miles in like 18 minutes!


skinnyrunner     at 11:38 am

congrats on your first run back! the human body is pretty amazing in how it heals and gets back on track. you can do 10 miles by april!!


Maryann     at 11:46 am

What a step forward for you and a sense of accomplishment it is. Slow and easy does it you are so young and have a lot to look forward to.
I wish I could run 3 miles peroid.


Kristy     at 12:17 pm

Congrats on your first run back!! Best of luck!


Jillian@ Reshape Your Life     at 12:23 pm

You’ll totally be able to do it Emily! Congrats on your first run since the accident!


Amber K     at 12:45 pm

This brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited that you are doing so well. Even though I don’t really “know” you, I feel like I have been on this journey with you. And I’m truly amazed and inspired by your strength.


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Amber! :)


Amy     at 3:50 pm

This is an amazing article…very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing.


suki @ [Super Duper Fantastic]     at 4:25 pm

A friend of mine got hit by a car today, and I thought of you! He did get hurt, but only had a broken foot. *phew*

My SodaStream came in the mail, and we have it ready to go in the house! I totally got it because you wrote about it here. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

SCARY! Glad he is okay. :/ You will LOVE the SodaStream – let me know how it works out. :)


leatitia     at 4:35 pm

This post made me smile!! Congrats to you and your recovery.. That’s amazing.


Monica     at 4:40 pm

Congrats on reuniting with your love for running! What a great feeling!

I love your positive outlook on how to embrace this as a re-set moment in your fitness.


Harley     at 9:17 pm

I just started reading your wonderful blog! I am glad that you are on the road to recovery, congrats! Though not the same, I understand after being injured with 3 stress fractures last year, but, in retrospect, there was such a huge silver-lining in it. I also live in DC, and just entered the lottery for the Cherry Blossom 10- miler as well!!! Here’s to hoping! Good luck!


annelies     at 8:20 am

Congrats on your run. Here’s to the baby steps that lead to your 10 miler in April. Glad it felt good to be back in the saddle again!


Rosemary     at 3:50 pm

Good for you! By the way have you noticed that your scar looks like a Happy Face:)


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