The First Annual DC Blogger Cookie Swap.

This afternoon I headed over to Lisa’s house to help her prep and get ready for the DC Bloggers Cookie Swap!  Her house was perfectly decorated with holiday cheer for the occasion…

IMG_5393 (427x640)

IMG_5394 (640x427)

IMG_5395 (640x427)

IMG_5403 (640x427)

Before the rest of the bloggers arrived, the two of us rolled up our sleeves and got to work chopping veggies, toasting bread, and prepping the food.

IMG_5404 (640x427)

A hundred million thanks to Lisa for being such a wonderful host, and for letting 25+ bloggers and readers descend on her living room.

IMG_5405 (427x640)

For our afternoon spread, we had lots of cut veggies…

IMG_5406 (640x427)

I brought over my homemade baba ganoush for dipping.

IMG_5407 (640x427)

There was an assortment of gluten-free crackers…

IMG_5408 (640x427)

And Lisa made these amazing sun dried tomato pesto and olive tapenade dips.  Pretty sure I ate half of this boat.

IMG_5411 (640x427)

The spread…

IMG_5410 (640x427)

And then just before the guests arrived, I set my cookies out on a platter.  I decided to take two different things to swap, since I wanted to make sure I had a gluten-free option.

IMG_5396 (640x428)

Cookie #1 were these coconut carrot macaroons.  I made a few recipe substitutions, and dipped half the batch in chocolate – they were delicious!

IMG_5398 (640x427)

IMG_5400 (427x640)

Cookie #2 were white chocolate chip shortbread cookies with chocolate topping.  These turned out pretty good too – I definitely wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to create my own recipe for the cookie swap.  :)

IMG_5401 (640x427)

And then the rest of the guests and the cookies started rolling in…

IMG_5414 (640x427)

There were cookies EVERYWHERE!  With 25+ people, and many bringing more than one thing to share, we ended up with cookies all over every flat surface in the house.

IMG_5416 (427x640)

It was also pretty incredible just how many vegan and gluten-free options there were.  This community is so respectful and inclusive when considering everyone’s different dietary choices and needs.

IMG_5418 (640x423)

I didn’t get individual pictures of every cookie option (because that would have taken all night), but I did make Suzanne promise to come over and teach me how to make biscotti.

IMG_5417 (640x427)

And Katie’s homemade oreo cookies were just too pretty to not capture.

IMG_5421 (640x428)

The house was PACKED with girls, and the conversation volume felt more like a bar on a Saturday night than a cookie swap on a Sunday afternoon.  :)

IMG_5424 (640x427)

IMG_5426 (640x428)

IMG_5427 (640x416)

Everyone was so nice, and it was really fun to spend the afternoon chatting with such lovely girls.  I feel really lucky to have been welcomed into our new city by so many people!

IMG_5428 (640x427)

Back at home, I shared my loot with Casey.  I honestly didn’t bring all that much home since I don’t have any office co-workers to pawn cookies off to, and I made myself sick with cookies over the last two days.  Tis the season!

IMG_5432 (426x640)

Such a fun afternoon.  Many thanks to our lovely host Lisa, and to all the girls for braving a very dreary and rainy day for some good old fashioned cookie and blogger fun.  Until next time!