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    A Look Back.

A Lunch Date.

I spent the bulk of my morning reading through each and every one of the 250+ amazing comments on the calorie counting discussion (and trying to respond to as many as possible).  You guys never cease to amaze me!  (If you haven’t read the post – that’s okay.  But make sure you don’t miss the comments!)

While I read and typed furiously at the tiny table in my kitchen, behind me there was gurgling and steam oozing from the rice cooker

IMG_6348 (640x427)

Delicious quinoa – cooked with coconut oil, cinnamon, chili powder, and paprika – prepared for a very important lunch date!

IMG_6351 (640x427)

Look who came to play at my house today – Gena from Choosing Raw!

IMG_6363 (640x427)

She is in town visiting, and we decided that a homemade lunch enjoyed in the comfort of home sounded much more enticing than eating out.  We combined our veggie forces and bustled around my kitchen…

IMG_6354 (640x428)

She chopped, while I whisked together dressing…

IMG_6353 (427x640)

We had a big bowl of mixed veggie salad with pears and portabellas.

IMG_6356 (640x427)

Aaaaamazing massaged kale salad that Gena brought – tossed in a fabulous homemade dressing.

IMG_6357 (640x427)

Another one of Gena’s creations – raw cashew “cheese” – mmmmm.

IMG_6358 (640x427)

Nothing quite like good conversation paired with good food.

IMG_6361 (409x640)

As expected, we talked for (literally) hours about all things food, blogs, jobs, and the future.  Part of the reason I love Gena so much is that, like me, she is not afraid to speak her mind.  She is a passionate vegan and raw-food enthusiast, and she has the knowledge and talent to articulate her thoughts beautifully.

IMG_6362 (640x427)

I’m not big on new year’s resolutions, but rather than set goals or specific projects for myself, this year I’m working towards more of a theme.  For me, this year is all about taking risks.

I have always been an incredibly passionate person, and I am not one to back down easily or hesitate to speak my mind.  My closest friends would likely describe me as…feisty.  This year, I’m challenging myself to take more chances, and write with my heart.  I can’t worry about judgment or reactions if I want to be able to use my most honest voice.  Sugar-coating has never been my style.

I have no plans to cause any controversy, but I want to make sure that I’m not overly censoring myself either.  Some of my favorite posts (like this one, or this one, and as recently as yesterday – this one) have naturally come to me when I shut out the critics and the worries, and just simply…typed.

Talking to Gena today made me even more passionate about all that lies ahead.  So I’m leaving my hesitations in 2010, and embracing all that 2011 has to offer.  Because if I have learned anything in the past two years, it’s that you have to take chances to achieve anything great.

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go."  — T.S. Eliot

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Joanna@ Drizzle of Sunshine     at 10:45 am

Kudos Emily!! I think your readers appreciate your raw-ness, both food wise and writing wise. I like your attitude of just go for it and take risks. My favorite quote “The walls you build up to keep out the bad, also keep out the good.” Thanks for that reminder to take risks!


Beth @ DiningAndDishing     at 11:11 am

Already your ability to take risks is very inspiring to me!! Quitting your desk job and going to culinary school is my dream life…if only I could find the risk taker in me :).


Emily Malone Reply:

You can do it too! :)


Allison @ Happy Tales     at 11:19 am

The fact that you are so bold and passionate in your posts makes me come back every day to ready more annnnd of course the beautiful food you create, but that’s a given). I think it is so great that you know where your heart is, and you are not afraid to share that with the rest of the blogging community. Thanks for all that you do!!! Keep up the risk-taking :)


Jennifer Cook     at 11:48 am

Your post about the Biggest Loser Marathon, which I believe I found through Sparkpeople, is what made me start following you. I felt the exact same way and was saying the same thing to my husband as I was watching it! After reading that, I immediately started reading tons of your old posts, and I love your style. Excited for more no holds-barred posts this year!


Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen     at 12:04 pm

I love your outlook, Emily, you’re so inspiring!

For me, this year is also about taking a big leap of faith. I’ve thought about going to culinary school, literally for nearly half my life, but was never brave enough to take the leap and actually do it. Until now. Finding your blog and reading your story gave me the nudge I needed (thank you!!). I’m starting school in a few months and couldn’t be more excited.


Emily Malone Reply:

AMAZING!!! Where are you going!?!


Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen Reply:

I’m going to the French Culinary Institute in NYC.


Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans     at 12:57 pm

I love that you are confident enough to ignore the critics and write what you believe. I think its important to address the issues that otehrs shy away from in fear of backlash. I don’t want my blog to be popular because I conform but because people want to read what I have to say even if they don’t always agree. I think it’s time to write the weight loss post that I have been mulling over for weeks!


Jillian @ Reshape Your Life     at 1:10 pm

Seeing as the posts your reference are some of my favorite posts from you to date I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!


Tina     at 1:14 pm

Lunch looks amazing! I wasn’t hungry until I read this post!

and amen to taking risks. A lot of my goals for this year involve doing so as well. Sometimes the only way to succeed or obtain what you really want is by taking chances. Good luck in all your endeavors, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!


Jen     at 2:49 pm

I used to care way too much what others thought and over censored everything…it’s exhausting! I’m trying to teach my children to be themselves, it’s time I start listening to myself!!



gas     at 3:12 pm

Simply state the truth within the range of your experience and knowledge and maybe even contextualize the range of your knowledge and experience. That is what I am interested in. I am not interested in an apologist, a fanatic, or an Amway sales person.

For example the only person I know who is into raw foods is basically interested in selling me raw foods. She’s always sticking a cacao bean in my pie hole or dropping some plankton juice on my tongue and cackling about how that drop is raw APT “can’t you feel it coursing through your veins!!! Don’t you feel like running 12 flights of stairs!!!”. She’s nuts. That is not how ATP works. What she knows is based on some Guru who writes books and is basically interested in selling books on raw food and little bottles of plankton juice. None of that is interesting to me. Raw food may be interesting to me, I don’t know enough about it, but I DO KNOW HYPE

What is interesting to me is someones experience based in reality and written with a critical eye. If you can’t share the truth but only the hype, Then Chia seeds to me remain the things you paste on a chia pet because the ooo and the ahhh and the amazzzzinnggg sounds more bla bla bla. (actually I do know something about chia seeds because I’m interested in their fatty acid and amino acid composition as an alternative dietary source. (I eat a lot of protein and one man can only stand so much chicken before he considers the value of eating his shot gun)

Take your chances BUT tell the truth as best you know it, as honestly as you know it, your success will be outrageous.


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)     at 3:28 pm

I wrote this comment on Gena’s blog, very similar to this…

First, I am beyond jealz of this meetup! Two amazing, smart, witty, passionate women…together for a raw vegan lunch. Ok, I want to come next time! :)

I shy away from certain topics on my blog now. I didnt used to but I admit, when I post about certain things, espi related to vegan issues, I get a lot of criticism from both sides. I am not a good enough vegan for the vegans, i.e. trace dairy or a 10 year old leather purse, and I am too “out there” for the mainstream it seems.

So, the best policy, for me personally b/c I hate waiting for the other shoe to drop when I open my inbox…is to just not post about hot topics or possibly controversial issues (and the biggest one is discussing veganism b/c it seems to bring this “drama” out like no other topic I write about)…but i totally realize that we all must be the change we wish to see. Thank you for the reminder, Emily!

And I am so happy for you and Gena to have connected!


MaryBe     at 3:32 pm

I am extremely jealous of your lunch and your lunch date! If Mama Pea had been there too I would be throwing a temper tantrum.
Did she love your pups?


Emily Malone Reply:

The pups definitely liked HER – lots of jumping!!


Maddie     at 3:40 pm

What a fun lunch date. I agree with what you said about taking risks! 2011 will be a great year.


Valerie @ City|Life|Eats     at 3:57 pm

I just had lunch with Gena today and had so much fun :) She is thoughtful and eloquent and direct and the time just flew by. Sounds like you had a great lunch too :)


Stacey     at 4:19 pm

It looks like you had a fun and healthy lunch!


Anna     at 9:09 pm

Wonderful post, Emily! And very timely for me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being more forthright and honest with my blogging. Sometimes I think I too often fall into the bad habit of writing for other people- writing in a style and on a subject that I believe will please others. In 2011, I pledge to throw that crap out the window and start blogging how I want to blog, not how other people want me to!


gina (fitnessista)     at 10:39 pm

so fun that you had lunch with roomstar :) wish i could have joined you girls
looking forward to continuing to read your blog in 2011 and all of the exciting adventures that are ahead <3


Candice @ChiaSeedMe     at 11:24 pm

Aw, I love this post Emily! After meeting both you and Gena I can only imagine what a fabulous time you two had together. Both of you are so sweet and so passionate about what you do. So fun:)

I love your theme of taking risks – that has definitely been a theme in my life over the last 6 months and I hope/plan to continue it even more throughout 2011. Thanks for writing such an honest post…it was a great reminder to me of how important it is to risk everything for something that really matters. I needed that right now.

You’re awesome!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Candice!


freja     at 8:35 am

de-lurking to tell you that i LOVE when you speak your mind. you have a uniquely smart voice in the blogosphere and i love reading what you have to say. the calorie counting post and the others you posted were daring and i encourage you to continue!


Emily Malone Reply:

Thanks Freja!


Megan     at 8:53 am

Hey lady!

It’s me again wondering what setting and water to use on the quinoa. I use the quick cooking setting, right? But how much water?

I will most definitely be making that exact recipe to put in my salad this afternoon.

Also, thanks for all you said about not letting criticism affect you so strongly. I tend to suffer from the same problem and censor myself in order to not upset anyone. I abstained this whole week in preparation for the half marathon I’m running tomorrow. It’s amazing how people react. You’re an inspiration. You remind me to stay strong.



Emily Malone Reply:

I made a BIG batch of this – 2 cups dry – so I actually used the regular setting since I wanted to make sure it all cooked through completely. I did 2 cups dry quinoa, 4 cups water. Hope that helps!


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