Holiday on the Hill.

Since today is technically a holiday, we thought we would treat ourselves to a mid-day lunch up in one of my favorite DC neighborhoods.

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And we met up with my favorite Capitol Hill resident – Blake!  He is a fancy pants attorney for the government, so he had today off and could join us for our outing.

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An Urbanspoon search led us to The Wellness Café, which promised to be a very vegetarian-friendly lunch spot with a juice bar, hot buffet, and large selection.  I was a little surprised when we got there to discover it was more like a vitamin shop with a teeny tiny deli in the very back.

IMG_6794 (426x640)

With interesting scenery next door…

IMG_6793 (404x640)

But despite the weird first impression, the food was actually better than expected.  There was a hot buffet…with three items.  Casey and I decided to split two sides and each get a sandwich.  We started with tofu fried rice which was good, but my version is better.

IMG_6787 (640x427)

We also split this delicious chickpea dish.  I need to recreate this SOON!  I claim that we split it, but really I scarfed down as much of it as possible when Casey wasn’t looking.

IMG_6790 (427x640)

When we ordered our lunches, Casey asked about the veggie burger and the man working told him it was a pre-formed patty.  That wasn’t really what I wanted, so I ordered the portabella burger instead.  Casey’s came out and looked just like a Dr. Praeger’s burger.

IMG_6795 (640x427)

And then mine came out and looked…just like a Dr. Praeger’s burger?  I was really confused about this being the portabella burger – where was my mushroom?  I rarely complain at restaurants (unless I am accidentally served meat) so I decided to just dig in and enjoy it.  Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was actually pretty good.  It arrived pre-slathered in ketchup and mustard and with tiny pickle chips – sort of like vegetarian McDonald’s!

IMG_6796 (427x640)

All washed down with delicious orange Metromint water.  I love this stuff!

IMG_6797 (427x640)

It’s always fun to get together with Blake, and it’s so nice to have an old friend in a new city full of strangers.

IMG_6798 (640x427)

The views in Capitol Hill always leave me in awe.  Once it is warmer I’m looking forward to running up there again!

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After lunch, we headed to a local coffee shop where we planned to work for the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, we got there and discovered that because it was busy, they had turned off their WI-FI service.  This is the THIRD place we have gone in DC that has turned off their internet in order to keep tables clearing quickly. 

Since we work from home, we like to get out and work a lot during the day.  We always buy coffee and snacks and things so that we are supporting the businesses where we are working.  The whole “no WI-FI today” thing is really getting old, especially since we lose so much time commuting to places only to just turn back around and head home.  Oh well – I am enjoying my delicious coffee back at home on my couch instead. 

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And trying to be as productive as possible with a dog perched half-way on top of my laptop.

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Delicious recipe coming ‘atcha soon – Happy MLK Day!