Al Fresco.

Welcome to my office!

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Can you believe it reached 77 degrees outside today in Alexandria?  I am pretty sure I have a disorder that prevents me from being inside when the sun is shining.  So my office moved into the backyard!

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Before that, I had a leisurely lunch at Le Pain Quotidian with new friend Laura.  She was nice enough to surprise me at the end with delicious baked goods!

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The reason Laura and I had lunch was to talk all things culinary school.  She is considering doing a program, and is feeling torn between culinary or baking & pastry.  At lunch I told her to stick with culinary to be more well-rounded in the job market, but after tasting these muffins, now I’m not so sure!

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They were some of the most moist and flavorful muffins I’ve had to date.  (Here is her recipe!)  Thank you so much Laura!  I think you have a very successful career ahead of you.  :) 

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Back at the house, I swept up the patio and moved my work station out into the sunshine. 

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The pups have joined me, thrilled to finally be able to enjoy the nice outdoors.  It has been a very looooong and cold winter of daily walks and not nearly enough time spent outside.

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Indy has claimed his throne.

IMG_7852 (640x427)

And Huey has claimed my feet.

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It’s Friday.  Life is good.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!