DC Blogger Wine Tasting Party.

Last night Lauren was nice enough to have a big group of 25+ food bloggers over for a wine tasting party!

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When I first stopped drinking back in 2008, I turned down most invitations for things that sounded like drinking events.  These days I’ve gotten used to my role as a non-drinker, and I like to get out more, so I just make sure that there is always something refreshing for me to drink.  That is always much easier when you have a fabulous hostess like Lauren who supplied a TON of flavored sparkling water!

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By the time I got there the food was already being set out…

IMG_7608 (640x427)

And as more bloggers arrived, the table quickly filled up!

IMG_7616 (640x427)

I took my vegan spinach artichoke dip, which I think was a big success!  There was nothing left at the end of the night – always a good sign.

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The “wine tasting” was definitely much more talking than tasting – my kind of party.  :)  It was great to see so many familiar faces, and also to meet some new friends.

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I stole this picture from Lauren so that I could prove I was actually there – along with Chase, Lisa, Amanda, Suzanne, and Katie!   


Many many thanks to Lauren – our lovely hostess.  When we arrived, she had us all put our names into a bowl for a drawing.  As she went to pull the names, I whispered to Lisa, “I am totally going to win this…”

IMG_7618 (426x640)

Sure enough – my name was called!  And I won a bottle of wine and a box of dark chocolates – so nice of Lauren to give away!  We re-drew names to give the wine away, but I kept the chocolates all for myself.  :)

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I know this sounds really strange, but I am seriously the LUCKIEST person I know.  Seriously – I win everything.  Not a bad problem to have, I know.  :)  A loooong time ago I wrote a post all about my lucky past, and since then I have won even more.  I have gotten into every race lottery I’ve ever entered, and let’s not forget the $99 bed.  It’s crazy!

It was a fun night of food and friends.  We have been in the DC area for 6 months now (weird!), and it’s really started to finally feel like home.

IMG_7619 (640x428)

Highlight of the night – Michael, the puff ball of love.  Too cute!

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Tonight we are planning to have a hummus party (two people + a LOT of hummus) and NOT watch the Super Bowl!  We might actually go to the movies.  :)  Hope you all had a great weekend!