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    A Look Back.

Midwestern Adventures.

Good morning friends!  I am still making my way through the Midwest visiting family and friends.  It has been such a wonderful trip so far!  I spent Friday hanging out with my great friend Lindsey, who took the day off of work just so that we could spend the day together. 

IMG_8064 (640x427)

We spent the morning shopping at all my old favorite spots, and then took a mid-day break to go to my number one Cincinnati restaurant – Melt. 

IMG_8062 (640x427)

IMG_8063 (640x427)

I went with the 3-bean vegan chili which had the perfect amount of spice.

IMG_8057 (640x420)

And I couldn’t resist trying the vegan mac n cheese.  It was not at all what I was expecting, but still really tasty. 

IMG_8060 (640x427)

After lunch I decided that I liked Lindsey’s coat so much that I needed one for myself (from Target!)

IMG_8069 (640x427)

And then I spent a little quality time with my mom getting manicures and pedicures.  Such a nice way to relax!

IMG_8065 (427x640)

IMG_8070 (640x427)

Friday night concluded with a lot of pizza and a game of Scattergories.

IMG_8071 (640x427)

We were up early on Saturday to make our way up to Indianapolis to see Casey’s family!

IMG_8075 (640x427)

After nine hours in the car on Thursday, less than two felt like nothing. 

IMG_8076 (640x427)

IMG_8078 (640x427)

Also in Indianapolis – my little sister Sarah!  We picked her up at her sorority house (she’s a Delta Gamma like me!) and brought her back to Casey’s parents house to hang with us for the weekend. 

IMG_8079 (427x640)

And now we are all hanging out at Tina and Eddie’s house catching up and celebrating lots of birthdays. 

IMG_8096 (640x426)

Three candles for three birthday girls – Tina, Sarah, and I are all February birthdays. 

IMG_8103 (640x427)

Delicious cupcake and coconut milk ice cream to complete the weekend. 

IMG_8106 (640x414)

Off to brunch!  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too.  I promise I will cook lots of delicious recipes for you as soon as I get home.  Until then…

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Stacy @ Every Little Thing     at 10:47 am

I <3 the Midwest! Have fun!


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 10:52 am

How fun! :) Have a great day!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 10:56 am

Any restaurant called “Melt” has my heart! The vegan mac and cheese looks SO good! Is it wrong to crave some before noon…?

Slash your sister’s sorority house is gorgeous! I can’t wait to rush in the fall:)


Lauren @chigallauren     at 10:56 am

Midwest is best :) Those cupcakes are making my mouth water…I might have to do some baking today!


Caitlin     at 11:01 am

the pup at the end looked like a hefty version of james!


Emily Malone Reply:

Omg that is a 200 pound Rottweiler. She would eat James for breakfast! She looks so big and mean but she is a huge wimp. :)


lindsay Reply:

Hahah…its so funny b/c I think Lottie and James look alike and I made the same comment to Emily about that rottie looking like my dog, Lottie!


Stacey     at 11:02 am

It looks like you are having such a great time. I love all of the vegan places you go to, it’s so interesting to see the sort of food vegan eateries serve. I’m not a vegan myself but now I know that if I ever wanted to try a vegan place, I would have no trouble finding something delicious on the menu.


Chicago Cuisine Critique     at 11:05 am

Glad to see you are having a great time. Enjoy!


Janene @ One Run at a Time     at 11:10 am

ohmigosh, MELT is my #1 Cincinnati pick, too! I love love love that place… sigh, huge MELT craving kicking in… why must it be 3 hours away! :-)


Clare @ Fitting It All In     at 11:25 am

So glad to hear there is a Veg-friendly place in Cincy! My boyfriend is from there and I’m always looking for good places to go. Do you know where it is??


Emily Malone Reply:

It is in Northside!


Shannon @ A Better Me     at 11:26 am

Looks like a great trip so far! That chili looks really good :)


Cindy     at 11:28 am

Melt is such a great name for a restaurant! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


Linda     at 11:45 am

What size did you get your coat in? It is very cute!


Emily Malone Reply:

It runs kind of small, so I actually got a medium so that I could wear it over sweaters.


Amber K     at 11:49 am

Looks like a fun time!


The Peanut Butter Addict     at 11:54 am

What a fun looking trip! Your mani/pedi reminds me that I’m in dire need of one too.


Laura H.     at 11:57 am

That looks so fun but so cold! I lived in Wisconsin for 6 years, and that scenery/sky looks very familiar. Now that Iive someplace warmer, though, I miss things like coats! Yours looks really cute.


elizabeth     at 12:29 pm

Oh, my goodness. I’m a native Cincinnatian living in DC. I love it here, don’t get my wrong, but I haven’t found an equivalent to either Melt or Dewey’s in my new home– and I miss them terribly. Enjoy your travels!


Kamaile     at 12:51 pm

Perfect way to spend a birthday, family, friends, pedicure & cupcakes!!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 1:11 pm

You have me wanting a cupcake now…

And glad you have had such a great trip!


Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine     at 1:34 pm

Wait- you were a DG at Denison, right? My best friend from high school is too!! Small world!! I’m glad you’re enjoying your weekend. How could you not with vegan mac and cheese and cupcakes??


Emily Malone Reply:

Yes totally! How funny – small world indeed.


Alessandra     at 2:38 pm

OOoh! i wish there was a vegan place near me!! Looks like youre having a great trip! Isn’t it so nice to go home?? Have a great day!


Ashley     at 2:43 pm

Recipes are great…but you getting a break and having fun with family is even better. :)


sarah (sarah learns)     at 2:52 pm

what an awesome birthday weekend! :) that’s great that you can see both your and casey’s families!


Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan)     at 3:21 pm

Looks like so much fun (and such good food!) Pizza, cupcakes and vegan chili, oh my! Continue having a great birthday week, Emily! You deserve it :)

PS. Love the jacket!


megan @ blackberries for jam     at 3:44 pm

Trips home to see family are always so comforting! Glad to see you’re having a great time! Reading this makes me SO excited to go to Atlanta to see my parents tomorrow. They live in Roswell and I’m pumped to try out the running paths you recommended. In shorts!


AJ @ Flowing to Fifty     at 3:45 pm

Happy, happy birthday. You’ve had a whole day of birthday fun…new coat, shiny nails and cupcakes!! Good livin’!


Kate     at 4:08 pm

Wish you were going to be in Indy longer. I’d love to have had a chance to meet you in person, though I feel as if I know you because I’ve read you blog for so long!


The Healthy Hostess     at 4:18 pm

Yay for DG! Have a great time on your trip!


Kristina     at 4:29 pm

I LOVE road trips…and obviously I love the midwest, too :) Hope you’re having a great trip!


Chase     at 4:46 pm

Glad you’re enjoying your trip! We’ll see you in the kitchen when you get back! =)


Kate (What Kate is Cooking)     at 4:48 pm

Haha, love the matching coats :) I have totally done the same thing!


Sarah (Running To Slow Things Down)     at 4:56 pm

Love the birthday cupcakes! So cute and fun. :D

Looks like you’ve been having a wonderful weekend so far. And your new coat is adorable. I heart Target. :D


Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal     at 4:58 pm

All these cupcakes are making me seriously jealous! [too bad I still have baby weight to loose from enjoying one too many treats - hehe] Army green is one of my fav colors for jackets :)


Laura Zachow     at 6:34 pm

I am a senior Delta Gamma of the Alpha Psi chapter at the Univertiy of Mississippi, and we just had our initation this morning!I am rituals director, so I planned the ceremony and acutally initiated my younger sister today. It was fun to read you and your sister are fellow Delta Gammas!!


Jody     at 6:57 pm

Love Deweys!


Katie @ Real Food Katie's Way     at 7:04 pm

Mac and cheese, pizza and cupcakes? Oh HaPpY dAy! There’s nothing better!
Love your new coat!!
Here in Canada we don’t have Target BUT they recently bought out one of our similar retail stores SO we will have Target soon enough!
PS I just watched your Christmas video where you guys find out your family is growing. I definitely cried and my husband definitely laughed at me!!


Parita @ myinnershakti     at 7:42 pm

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! i love getting manis/pedis with my mom and sister!


Kaitlyn     at 9:01 pm

I didn’t know you were a DG!!!! Now I love your blog even more:) I was a DG at Virginia Tech!



chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 9:13 pm

Your weekend looks amazing! Love the new coat!


Alissa @ Still Unwritten     at 9:39 pm

Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Midwest. I am from Chicago with family in Indianapolis and love those cornfields! Enjoy the time with your family – it always goes too fast!


Ash Bear     at 9:55 pm

I didn’t know you are a Delta Gamma! So am I! :)

Have so much fun during the rest of your trip. I just added Melt to my Cincinnati list of places to go. :)


Anna @ Doing Good & Living Well Reply:

Ashley and I were DG’s together at UGA. :)


Tina     at 11:03 pm

I love your sisters black boots in one of the last pictures! Those cupcakes look phenomenal too!


Nicole @ A Vegan in the House     at 11:35 pm

Happy Birthday! Family time really is the best time, isn’t it?


Meagan     at 1:54 am

I am always jealous of people when I see them eating coconut milk ice cream. That stuff is so good!


Kerry     at 9:29 am

Fun! I have been reading for awhile but I am a DG too (@ Villanova)! I live in Minneapolis. Would you ever be interested… not this year (it is next weekend) but in the future speaking at our founders day? itb


Stephanie     at 10:10 am

I’m jealous of all your cupcake consumption! :)
LOVE the jacket.


Natalia - a side of simple     at 10:17 am

Looks like you’re having a great time! One of my goals in life is to explore the Midwest, eats included! Loving your new coat, by the way. I always think you’re outfits are so stylish.


Natalia - a side of simple     at 10:19 am



Christin@purplebirdblog     at 10:59 am

That rottie’s face is so sweet! Glad you’re having such a great time!


AMANDA (tomboythatwearsmakeup.com)     at 11:25 am

You look sooo pretty!


Joanna@ Drizzle of Sunshine     at 11:34 am

Looks like you had a great trip. You look different in the post…very glowy! 30 is treating you well so far :)


Kimberly @ Healthy Strides     at 11:36 am

OMG, I love, love, love Dewey’s pizza. Very jealous!


Maryann     at 12:13 pm

Had a great weekend too. My son and GF who’ve known eachother 7 years this year have gotten engaged. Date is 09/??/12 but just glad it happened finally.
You look great and your Mom sure must be glad to see you. Have fun at Casey’s and relax. Raining here and warm but 40′s tomorrow.
Have a safe trip home!
Lancaster Pa Gal


Emmelie     at 12:21 pm

What a fun trip! I haven’t been reading long, but I didn’t know you were a DG. How fun to share that with your sister! I’m a DG, too :) Have a great rest of your trip!


natalie (the sweets life)     at 2:08 pm

So glad you had a good birthday weekend! And with Dewey’s no less…LOVE their pizza! :)


Tim     at 2:16 pm

Is Dewey’s a vegan pizza place? I looks good.


Beth @ DiningAndDishing     at 3:19 pm

Fun seeing all the Ohio things from your travels :). Safe trip back to DC Emily!


sue mills     at 3:25 pm

Is that the DG house at IU?


Laratada     at 4:03 pm

Looks like a sweet birthday celebration! If you like cupcakes made fresh from scratch, you HAVE to check out Lavender Moon Cupcakes on Royal Street in Old Town, Alexandria. For pure pastry and baked goods indulgence, you have to try Vegan Treats. They’re based out of PA, but distribute to Toscana Grill, Java Green, Busboys& Poets and Bread & Brew in the DC area. Absolutely decadent and surpasses traditional, non-vegan sweets. Peanut butter bomb – ’nuff said. http://www.vegantreats.com/


Amanda     at 5:17 pm

This sounds like a lovely trip so far! :)


Anna @ Doing Good & Living Well     at 7:54 pm

Love seeing all the comments from Delta Gammas here. :) ITB!

Your pictures look like so much fun! Have fun on your travels and hurry back so I can run into you again in Old Town.


Alaina     at 9:42 pm

I love road trips! Can’t wait for when my husband gets home and we can take our cross country trip! :-)


Stephanie     at 10:18 am

Midwest is the best. :)

Can’t wait for the kombucha tutorial!


Lauren     at 11:56 am

i love that you and your sister are both dg’s, its so fun to share that. you should totally be featured in the anchora!


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