Midwestern Adventures.

Good morning friends!  I am still making my way through the Midwest visiting family and friends.  It has been such a wonderful trip so far!  I spent Friday hanging out with my great friend Lindsey, who took the day off of work just so that we could spend the day together. 

IMG_8064 (640x427)

We spent the morning shopping at all my old favorite spots, and then took a mid-day break to go to my number one Cincinnati restaurant – Melt. 

IMG_8062 (640x427)

IMG_8063 (640x427)

I went with the 3-bean vegan chili which had the perfect amount of spice.

IMG_8057 (640x420)

And I couldn’t resist trying the vegan mac n cheese.  It was not at all what I was expecting, but still really tasty. 

IMG_8060 (640x427)

After lunch I decided that I liked Lindsey’s coat so much that I needed one for myself (from Target!)

IMG_8069 (640x427)

And then I spent a little quality time with my mom getting manicures and pedicures.  Such a nice way to relax!

IMG_8065 (427x640)

IMG_8070 (640x427)

Friday night concluded with a lot of pizza and a game of Scattergories.

IMG_8071 (640x427)

We were up early on Saturday to make our way up to Indianapolis to see Casey’s family!

IMG_8075 (640x427)

After nine hours in the car on Thursday, less than two felt like nothing. 

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IMG_8078 (640x427)

Also in Indianapolis – my little sister Sarah!  We picked her up at her sorority house (she’s a Delta Gamma like me!) and brought her back to Casey’s parents house to hang with us for the weekend. 

IMG_8079 (427x640)

And now we are all hanging out at Tina and Eddie’s house catching up and celebrating lots of birthdays. 

IMG_8096 (640x426)

Three candles for three birthday girls – Tina, Sarah, and I are all February birthdays. 

IMG_8103 (640x427)

Delicious cupcake and coconut milk ice cream to complete the weekend. 

IMG_8106 (640x414)

Off to brunch!  Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too.  I promise I will cook lots of delicious recipes for you as soon as I get home.  Until then…