The Recipage Story.

I am so glad you guys are as happy with the new recipe page as I am!  It has been a labor of love, not so much for me (I had the easy job), but for my husband.  While Daily Garnish is certainly my personal venture, most of the time it feels like a family business.  Our house buzzes with food talk, good smells coming from the kitchen, delicious dinners on the table, and lots of conversations about blogging and technology.

As my blog has become more and more food and recipe focused, I found myself getting increasingly frustrated with trying to find a way to manage my recipe content.  I searched for solutions far and wide, but I found that it seemed that all my fellow bloggers were struggling with the same issue.  Long recipe lists with no real order or way to search means that finding recipes is a daunting process for readers. 


With everything I do here, whether it is a recipe, tutorial, or story – I always want to make sure I’m providing information in the way that is most useful to you guys.  My end goal is always to get my food onto your plates. 

I was jealous of big sites like My Recipes and Food Network – with searchable fields and professional print capability for the recipes.  Tired of hearing me complain about it, Casey decided to jump in and help me find a solution.

He is an actuary by day – which means that he does a lot of high level math and risk assessment (and that he is very smart!).  But for the past year, every evening he has been reading books, doing tutorials, and honing his web development skills.  I am truly amazed at how talented he is, and how much he has been able to teach himself in such a short time.

After many many months of very hard work, Recipage was finally launched on Tuesday! 


It began as a personal project to improve my personal site, but somewhere along the way, we realized that this was a great tool that could (and should!) be shared with the rest of the food blogging world.  There are SO many websites that could benefit from the ability to manage recipes well, and share them with readers in a professional, streamlined solution.  After many hours of concept development and web design, we created Recipage

I wanted to launch my new recipe page and get honest feedback and first impressions, before you all knew that we were actually the creators behind the business.  I am thrilled that it is an overwhelming success, and that some of you have already signed up to use the service on your own blogs!

If you have a food blog and you like to share recipes, I hope you’ll check out Recipage and consider using it on your site.  (And please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about it!)  As a benefit to users, the recipes are all viewed and streamed directly on your site, so all clicks and searches generate more (a lot more!) pageviews for bloggers.  And as a benefit to readers, recipes are now easy to find, easy to print, and easy to share.  We see it as a win-win situation.

So that is the story behind the new recipe page, and how I have been spending a lot of my time these days.  Casey is working hard to add new features every day, including more ways to customize the pages and add even more functionality and options.

While most of the creations in our house come out of the kitchen, this one came out of the office.  I am hoping it continues to help the food blogging community continue to grow and get better each day – one recipe page at a time.  Thank you guys again so much for your support!  Who knows what we will do next?