The Rest of the Family.

One of the fun things about coming home to our families is not only seeing all the people we love, but all the PETS we love too!  Tina and Eddie have some of the biggest, most intimidating dogs around – a giant Rottweiler and German Shepherd.  It’s funny how dogs can get such bad reps just from their breed.  Even though they look tough, Ruthie and Buggy are two of the biggest sweethearts I know. 

IMG_8118 (640x427)

Sarah tried to demonstrate Ruthie’s sheer size by posing with her.  She is absolutely gigantic – has to be over 120 pounds. 

IMG_8123 (640x428)

And Buggy is not much smaller, definitely tipping the scales at 100 plus!

IMG_8126 (425x640)

Pets make the family complete.  :)  It was so fun to have Sarah stay at my in-laws this weekend.  We also got to see grandmas, uncles, and pack in as much family time as possible.

IMG_8129 (640x426)

My mother-in-law is really into health food and making her own natural foods.  This weekend she showed me how she makes both homemade kefir and kombucha, and she sent me starters so that we can start making our own too – get excited for some fun tutorials coming up!

IMG_8143 (427x640)

We spent the morning hanging out in Indy with the family before we packed up and hit the road back to Cincinnati.

IMG_8158 (640x427)

We got back to Ohio just in time to visit with more great friends – my three oldest and dearest.  Our time together is never quite long enough.

IMG_8159 (640x427)

Now we are back at my mom’s house where the dogs are small…

IMG_8163 (427x640)

But kitties rule the house (four of them!).

IMG_8167 (640x426)

I love living in DC so much, but every time I come home I’m reminded of how hard it is to live so far away from all the people I love.

IMG_8168 (640x428)

Picking up the pups and hitting the road to Virginia tomorrow!  Country roads take me home…