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Through the Years…

One of the fun perks of writing this blog is that between all the recipes, recaps, and stories, I end up with a bit of a personal journal.  Having been writing for almost three years now, it’s fun to look back and see what I was doing at this time back then…

On February 11th, 2008, I had just started blogging for the Cincinnati newspaper, and I was writing about training for my first marathon.  In a post about my “favorite things” for running, I included Old Navy running shorts and Under Armour tech tees.  Three years later and that is still my favorite running outfit!

IMG_3623 (800x600)

By February 12th 2009, I was finished blogging for the newspaper and had started my own personal blog called Marathoning, Marrying, and Milestones.  It was more for my family and friends than anything else, but even way back then, before the content was food focused, I was writing about oatmeal trying to convince people to eat like me.

Fast forward a year to February 13th, 2010, and my blog had changed names once again (to The Front Burner).  I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina and woke up to a blanket of snow!


Sounds like I worked on school work all day with a snuggly pup under my desk…


Crazy to think that was just a year ago and I was still in school!  This year, on February 13th, my blog once again has a new name (and definitely the last one) – Daily Garnish.  And this year I live in Alexandria, Virginia!  Our day was very relaxing and low key.  We spent the morning working at home, running with the dogs, and then headed out to work around town this afternoon.  But the point of all of this is not to relive my past Februarys, but to show you a new personal project I’ve taken on…

Casey and I went out to dinner on Friday night, to celebrate an exciting week (including the Recipage launch!).  We headed to one of my favorite spots in Old Town, Pizza Paradiso, and when we got there we discovered there was a 15 minute wait.  So we grabbed our buzzer and headed next door to one of my other favorite Old Town spots – Paper Source. 

Paper Source is an amaaaaazing stationary store that has beautiful cards and gifts and other fun treasures.  While we were browsing, I found this book “One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book.”

IMG_7725 (640x427)

I’m keeping it on my bedside, and planning to write in it every night.

IMG_7729 (640x427)

But it’s not like a normal diary – instead the concept is just as it is called, one line a day…

IMG_7730 (640x426)

Each page has a date at the top, followed by room for five years of thoughts.  I’ll start by filling out the first line (2011) for one year.  Then next year, I’ll start over and fill out all of the second lines, and so on and so on.

IMG_7733 (640x427)

Casey thinks it is crazy to make this long five-year commitment, but I think it’s really fun.  It’s literally one sentence at the end of each day, and I like the idea of summing up a day with just a few words.  It’s also fun for me to have a reflective place away from the Internet (even though I love you guys!).

For those of you who asked, it’s also available on Amazon!  Has anyone else done a project like this?  I wonder what my 24 year old self would have written today.  I’m planning to carry this project out so that I will know for sure what my 34 year old self is thinking down the road…

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kim     at 3:39 pm

My friend just bought me a book like this for my bday….so much fun!

I also “gave tofu a chance”…and it was love at first bite…thank you so much! I love your blog!


Clare @ Fitting It All In     at 3:59 pm

LOVE the idea of that book! I need to find one for myself!


Mandy     at 5:35 pm

I love that idea! That book would make a great present also;)


Carol     at 5:35 pm

Great idea! I will have to look into it:) Thanks for sharing!


Parita@myinnershakti     at 11:02 pm

I LOVE the journal! It’ll be fun to look back in five years and reflect on your daily thoughts. Very cool!


Nellie     at 3:49 am

I also love to read back in my blog and journals, it’s interesting how much we grow through the years.

My mom actually has a very similar book only it is a bit bigger and holds space for 10 years! I thought she was crazy when she and her friend started it, but she has stuck with it for over three years now.


Lisa     at 5:49 am

They have a journal like this for the 1st 5 years of your baby’s life too – great concept! I discovered it at one of the cute little shops near Busboys in Shirlington.


Amy at TheSceneFromMe     at 11:34 am

I think that one line a day book is totally awesome! To sum your day up in once sentence may be hard to do but just think of how fun it is going to be to read thru that when the 5 years is up!


Emily     at 12:43 pm

I just bought one from your store :) I’m so excited to get it.


Beth     at 1:52 pm

Love the idea of this book. I just bought 2 – one for myself and one for one of my best friends! Congrats on the car – so exciting!


Anna     at 2:31 pm

Love it! This is something I really need to start doing. My great-great grandfather actually did this for many years of his life. His father (my great-great-great grandfather) was the founder of Steinway Pianos, so his diary is actually quite a valuable piece of history- a great insight into the life of an entrepaneur turn of the century NYC. The Smithsonian actually just transcribed the every single volume (there were like, 10) and turned it into an exhibit in town. So hold onto it in case you get famous!


Anna Reply:

PS please ignore the egregious mispelling of entrepreneur.


Carin     at 3:17 pm

I think there should be a sticker on the outside of your book saying: Warning! May be addictive.

I’ve been keeping a journal in those basic one-year date books since … well, forever. Each day gives me about enough space to write 4-5 sentences. I record the day’s highs (and lows) and I do it right before I go to bed every night. It’s relaxing and actually a lot of fun to read over entries years later. A perfect book of memories — enjoy!


Catherine     at 4:42 pm

I love that journal idea so much, have already ordered one myself – very pleased they sell them on UK Amazon too!


The Healthy Apple     at 10:02 pm

What a great post; I love this journal idea…so cute and it’s great to look back on year after year. I love your blog; have a great night.


I told you..     at 8:08 pm

[…] I then wandered over to Barnes & Noble, where I invested in a five year journal, a la Daily Garnish. […]

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