Valentine Treats.

I have never been a big celebrator of Valentine’s Day.  All the chocolate and flowers is kind of lost on me.  I try to make sure Casey knows how much I love him each and every day, so Valentine’s Day doesn’t really feel necessary to me. 

But this weekend we set out to do something exciting, so in the spirit of the holiday, we decided to make it our Valentine’s Day gift to each other.  Since we moved here last September, we’ve had two cars.  We rarely drive, and when we do it’s usually just a mile or two, and almost always together.  Having two cars has been completely unnecessary.  In fact one of our cars sat for so long without being driven that the tags expired and we didn’t even notice – whoops!

So this weekend, after much thought about which car to keep, which one to sell, etc. – we decided to sell BOTH cars and get one car that was exactly what we wanted.  We headed to a few different dealerships, test drove a few we liked and didn’t like, and eventually found ourselves in the driver’s seat of a car that we loved.  We were excited to find out that the dealership was happy to take two trade-ins to put toward one new car.  And so late on Saturday, we found ourselves cleaning out the trunks and side pockets of our old vehicles in the darkness.

IMG_7719 (427x640)

We bought this (used) Honda Accord Hybrid in December 2008.  It felt like our first “adult” purchase, and I remember feeling like we were finally grown-ups when we bought that car. 

IMG_7722 (640x427)

I enjoyed the heated seats on my many early and cold trips to the gym in Ohio, and then again in Charlotte when I drove it to culinary school at 6am every morning.  It was a great car, but it had a leaky trunk, and the seats were ridiculously uncomfortable on long road trips.

IMG_7720 (640x427)

We arrived in Charlotte as a one-car family, but soon realized that wasn’t a realistic way of life in our new town.  After three weeks trapped at the house with no car, we bought the Nissan Murano.  I was completely in love with this car, and we often fought over who got to drive it.

IMG_7721 (640x427)

The Murano served its purpose well in Charlotte, but its high mileage and need for new tires made us realize it probably wasn’t going to last us down the road (no pun intended).  Saying goodbye is always bittersweet.

IMG_7723 (640x427)

But not too bittersweet when something much more exciting was waiting just down the driveway…

IMG_7735 (640x427)

The ability to trade two cars in for one allowed us the flexibility to pick out exactly what we wanted.  We combined what we loved about each car, and ended up with the Lexus RX350.  It is truly a dream, and definitely a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat.

IMG_7737 (640x427)

And speaking of treats, while the car may be for me, I have a few treats for you!  Make sure to check out the new recipe page to see this week’s featured recipes!  One of the many benefits of using Recipage, is that I’m able to change the featured recipes that rotate, and my plan is to have a new set of features for you guys every Monday.  This week’s feature?  SOUPS!


Your second treat is a delicious vegan double chocolate cookie recipe, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

IMG_7715 (640x427)

Head over to my featured post on the Washingtonian’s Well+Being blog for the full recipe and the scoop on vegan baking.  Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  Hope your day has been sweet.