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    A Look Back.

The (House) Hunt Begins.

Good morning friends!  Yesterday was a whirlwind of traveling, house hunting, and exploring!  Since we are still on Eastern time, we were up by 5am to start working and getting things done before we needed to leave the hotel for the day.  After a delicious free hotel breakfast (score!), we made our way downtown to visit Casey’s new office.

I realized (after the fact) that in my previous post about moving to Seattle, I accidentally gave the impression that Casey will be working at Microsoft – whoops!  Someone asked me if he will be working at “the big M”, and since his company is BIG, and starts with M, I said yes, not considering the other “big M” in Seattle.  So clear up any confusion, he is not working at Microsoft, but actually in lovely downtown Seattle!

IMG_8713 (640x427)

This also leads to the question, “will Casey still be working at home?”  This was one of the big factors we had to weigh in our decision to take this job.  One one hand, it seems crazy to give up both being able to work at home right as our first baby arrives.  But the truth is, the way Casey’s job was previously set up, he worked ALL the time.  He didn’t really ever have a day or night off, and even worked through holidays and vacations. 

So even though this new job means a return to the office, his time at home will be quality time, instead of time parked in front of his laptop.  We are both really looking forward to having more free time together, and I actually think he is going to like working in an office environment again.  Plus, what’s not to like when this is the VIEW from his 38th floor window?

IMG_8717 (640x427)

We spent the morning in his new office while he got setup and I worked from his meeting table.  I found myself staring out the window constantly!  I am demanding to come in and take pictures on the first clear and beautiful day that we are here!

IMG_8718 (640x427)

After our morning at the office, we headed to a nearby spot for lunch.  Many people recommended the Portage Bay Café while we were here last time, so I put it on the list for us to try during our trip back to Seattle.

IMG_8720 (640x428)

The menu looked amaaazing, and I can’t wait to go back when my stomach is feeling more vegetable friendly.  I started with a delicious potato and leek soup, and wished I had gotten a bowl instead of a cup – it was so good!

IMG_8725 (640x427)

Along with my soup, I got the Savory Bread Pudding.  I made sure to ask for my eggs to be hard-cooked since I’m not allowed to eat drippy eggs when pregnant

IMG_8721 (640x427)

The bread pudding was GIGANTIC, and so so rich and flavorful.

IMG_8728 (640x427)

Sadly my eyes were waaaay bigger than my stomach, and I was only able to eat about 25% of this.  Thank god for to-go boxes!  I have noticed that since becoming pregnant, I can’t quite eat as much as I used to, and seem to get full much more quickly.  I am guessing this will disappear in my 2nd trimester, and then I will find myself ravenously hungry all the time.

IMG_8729 (640x427)

Casey had a delicious hot coffee, in a KERF approved mug.  I can’t wait until I can drink coffee again and take advantage of all the delicious and cute coffee shops here in Seattle!

IMG_8722 (427x640)

For his lunch, he got a marinated tofu sandwich with shredded vegetables and pickled daikon, and a side of roasted red potatoes.  It looked wonderful! 

IMG_8727 (640x417)

Can’t wait to go back to Portage Bay Café and give the pancake topping bar a chance…

The rest of our day was taken up with house hunting appointments, and driving all over Seattle.  Even though I am soooo sick of renting and feel very ready to buy a house, we think it’s a better decision to rent for one more year here in Seattle.  We don’t know enough about the neighborhoods here yet to feel comfortable enough to pick a spot to buy a house, so we’re hoping to be able to buy next spring when we have a better feel for Seattle!

We saw five houses yesterday, only one of which we really liked.  The one house that was my favorite may have another family in front of us for application status, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it will work out for us.  We are seeing six more today, and saying a LOT of prayers that one of these is “the one.”  I am keeping my spirits high, not letting the rain bother me, and determined to stay positive.  Wish us luck!

Tips from a Frequent Traveler.

Greetings from the West Coast!  After a very long day of traveling yesterday, we are finally safe and sound in Seattle!  If you are just catching up, we are actually going to be relocating here for Casey’s job, so we’re in town this week to house hunt for what is hopefully our next fabulous home.

It’s funny – I am usually a ball of nerves and anxiety about most things that other people think are no big deal.  But when it comes to traveling, I am as laid back as they come.  I like to get to the airport as late as possible, be the last one on the plane so I don’t have to wait in line while others cram bags into overhead bins, and am just generally very relaxed about air travel.  (Casey is the opposite of this, and always wants to be there four hours early.  I like to remind him that I have never missed a flight, and he has!) I love people watching at the airport!

IMG_8705 (640x427)

In the last few years I have done a LOT of travelling, and in the coming months I’ll probably have to do quite a bit more.  I thought it would be fun today to share with you a few of my favorite travel tips.  I’m not talking about tips like “pack a homemade sandwich so that you can save money in the airport!”  You guys are smart and already know to do that.

IMG_8710 (640x427)

Here are a few less commonly known travel tips, that I use every time!

1.  Upgrade Your Seat for Free

When you buy an airline ticket online, you are typically given the choice to pick your seat from the little airplane map upon checkout.  Usually there aren’t many shown as available, and you end up choosing a window in the back not-so-conveniently located near the bathroom.  Online you are also give the option to purchase a nicer seat for $25 to $100, which I doubt many of us actually do.

But did you know that if you arrive to the airport an hour or two early, you can actually change your seat at the check-in counter for free?  I’m not talking about first class – I’m talking about the next best row on any airplane.  The exit row!

IMG_8709 (640x427)

Exit rows generally have 5+ inches of extra leg room, which can easily make the difference between the flight from hell, or a peaceful 4 hour nap.  Of course sitting in the exit row comes with a few added responsibilities should your plane catch on fire or start plummeting back towards the ground.  But I like to think that in an emergency I would help my fellow passengers regardless. 

Check out the seat I got for our flight out here to Seattle – best seat EVER!  There was a giant empty space in front of me for optimum leg stretching and relaxing.  But since my legs are shorter, I ended up scooting over and giving this one to Casey.

IMG_8708 (427x640)

2.  Travel Comfortably

When I was little, my mom used to make us get all dressed up to get on an airplane, and I never understood why.  I think this was passed down from her mom, when flying was very rare and only for special occasions.  Racing through airports, lugging baggage, and cramming in next to strangers is uncomfortable enough – there is NO reason wear something that adds to the discomfort.

In addition, I always try to wear something that will be easy to breeze through security in (read: NOT giant heeled boots, coats with 20 buttons, or lots of bulky jewelry).  My personal shoe of choice for air travel?  My moccasin slippers!

IMG_8711 (427x640)

They are nice looking and have hard soles, so they can easily double as shoes when I’m feeling casual.  (Note: I do think that casual can be taken too far – people should not be travelling in flannel pajama pants, ever.)

3.  Utilize Brand Loyalty

Between weddings, vacations, road trips, house hunting, and moving – we’ve found ourselves staying at a good number of hotels in the past few years.  Way back when we first moved to Charlotte, I realized we would be making multiple trips there to visit, so I researched some hotel chains and ended up picking a favorite.  I joined their frequent guest rewards program, and have since booked every hotel we stay in at the same chain.

Two years later, we have accumulated a TON of rewards that have translated into free night stays, room upgrades, and other perks like free Wi-Fi and parking!  Also, by using the same hotel chain, we generally know what to expect when we arrive to our destination.  Our room here in Seattle looks exactly like a suite we had in Kentucky last fall!

IMG_8712 (640x427)

For a multi-day trip like this, it’s nice to have the extra space with a desk, big sectional couch, and room to spread out.  The hotel rewards seem slow to add up at first, but it’s worth it to commit early and sometimes pay $10 more a night to be able to stay with a brand you enjoy.  These loyalty perks can also be applied to airlines and rental cars – almost all of them have some sort of rewards program.

So there you have it – my favorite travel tips for living on the road.  We are visiting Casey’s new office this morning, and then heading out to see five houses tonight, with four more lined up for tomorrow.  Cross your fingers that one of them is perfect for us!

What are some of your favorite travel tips that you can share?

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