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    A Look Back.

From Washington to Washington.

When I sit and think back about how much my life has changed in the past few years, it’s honestly hard for me to wrap my mind around.  I’ve gotten married, changed careers, went back to school, lived in three states, gotten pregnant – I feel like a different person than I was three years ago. 

The funny part is, I actually hate change.  I like things that are familiar and consistent.  But as my life has changed so drastically recently, I am learning to start embracing change and seeing new opportunities instead of always dwelling on what is left behind. 

And so another change is on the horizon.  We are moving.  Again.

Trust me, I can’t really believe it either.  This change has been tough emotionally because I am so completely in love with where we live.  But as I am learning at my wise old age of 30, sometimes life has other plans for us.

The same week that I found out I was pregnant, Casey was called out of the blue with a very good job offer.  He wasn’t looking for a job, and we weren’t even considering moving – we have only been in this area for 7 months!  And then suddenly there it was – a great company, offering an impressive job, with great benefits (which we need now more than ever). 

The only potential drawback?  This job would require a move.  A big one.  Across the country.  To SEATTLE!

We tucked it in the back of our minds for a few weeks, and tried to weigh our emotions and immediate wants against our long term goals and what we knew was more responsible.  Ultimately, as surreal as it feels, we knew this decision was bigger than us.  We have someone else to think about now, and we’re considering this our first major decision of responsible parenting. 

I lived in one zip code for the first 28 years of my life, so it is hard for me to believe that I will now be changing time zones.  But as of last week when the offer was finalized, that is the official decision.

We are moving to Seattle!

And so I’ll be saying goodbye to my favorite King Street farmers market…

IMG_0241 (640x466)

But finding new ones, like world famous Pike Place!

IMG_8344 (427x640)

And while one of my favorite things about Old Town has always been our proximity to the water…

IMG_1374 (640x478)

In Seattle I will be surrounded by Lake Washington, the Puget Sound, and many other gorgeous waterfronts – with mountains in the distance!

IMG_8349 (640x421)

And while I will surely miss sunny picnics under the Washington Monument…

IMG_2403 (480x640)

We will enjoy the Space Needle and all the other gorgeous things that Seattle has to offer.

IMG_8355 (640x427)

I would be lying if I told you that this was easy for me, especially given my raging pregnancy hormones and emotions.  I am truly in love with Old Town Alexandria and the DC area, and while it absolutely feels like the right place for us, it’s just not right now.  I really hope that down the road we find ourselves back in the DC area at some point. 

In the meantime, I am working hard to embrace the great opportunity we’ve been given with Casey’s new job, and I’m excited to learn more about our new city!  Seattle is surrounded by water, full of amazing vegetarian food, and it is a healthy and active city. 

In just a short bit of time, I have made great friends here in Virginia, and I’m crossing my fingers that there are new friends waiting for me in Seattle!  In the meantime, I have a LOT of friends heading into DC this weekend for the National Marathon.  It should be a fun weekend, and a great way to take advantage of this great city while we are still here.  We will most likely move in the middle of May, and I plan to pack as much DC love in as possible while we are still here.

Thank you guys so much for continuing to support us as our lives take so many twists and turns.  No matter where we live, with all your love and well wishes, I feel like I have friends everywhere.

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Jenn     at 5:15 am

So sorry to be so slow and commenting on your move to Seattle. I have read later blogs than this and realized you were moving.
I see by stopping and reading a few responses that others who read your blog live in Seattle. It too live in the Seattle area. I grew up here moved away and moved back to help out my sick mother.
Greenlake is an AWESOME area to live in… my husband grew up there, and my inlaws still live there. I always thought if we moved back to the area, I would like to live there or in Ballard.
Thanks for you posts.


Laura T.     at 10:21 pm

im actually moving to seattle as well in the fall! ill be starting grad school at UW for nutrition, so we’ll definitely have to meet up. you’ll probably be a pro at navigating the city by then!


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