Pregnant Running & An E-Book Review!

WOW.  Today takes the cake for my biggest travel screw-up of all time.  And here you would think it would be as simple as “forgot to change clocks to daylight savings and missed our flight” – right?  No such thing.  I was all over the clock change!

Between adjusting to Pacific time, and then getting hit with daylight savings this morning, we were SO tired when we packed up to leave our hotel at 4am this morning.  I checked the bed, the closet, the bathroom – all the usual spots where people leave things.

We got to the airport and with about an hour until takeoff, I headed into a gift shop to buy a magazine.  At this point I realized that my other reading material – my book – was not in my bag.  Suddenly memories of filling up the nightstand drawer came flooding back, with images of all the many things I had left behind…

My book.  Casey’s Nook.  Two ipods and two sets of headphones.  My sunglasses.  My new $400 camera lens.  My house keys.  And perhaps most importantly – BOTH sets of our car keys.

And so began a massive breakdown.  I fluctuated between hysterical and manic, flying all over the airport trying to get my flight changed, sobbing about my ridiculous mistake, and embarrassing myself by crying in front of an entire overbooked plane full of people.

Meanwhile, Casey was calmly calling the hotel, arranging to have all our things collected and overnighted to us, and booking a rental car for us to pick up on the other end.  It wasn’t the greatest way to end our weekend, but now that I’m back at home, with my dogs successfully retrieved from the kennel (in the rental car – whoops), the mistakes of this morning don’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

IMG_6168 (640x427)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways – I wasn’t going to talk about travel hiccups today.  I was going to talk about RUNNING!  A lot of you have asked about how my running routine has (or hasn’t) changed since becoming pregnant.

The truth is, I have always really really wanted to be a pregnant runner.  The first two weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I continued to (safely) lift weights at the gym, run on the treadmill, and do most things like I used to.  But somewhere around week 6, I started to feel very crampy and uncomfortable, and I found that the impact of running was too much on my body at the time.

IMG_6874 (427x640)

Since then I have continued to lift weights and do a lot of elliptical, but I haven’t done much running in these first few early weeks.  Between fatigue, extreme nausea, and general stomach discomfort – running just hasn’t felt like a good idea.

My hope is to get back to running in the next few weeks, once the sickness lets up.  I believe pretty strongly that it’s safe to run through pregnancy as long as you had a strong running base to begin with.  You may also be wondering about all those spring races I am signed up for!  The good news is I only actually signed up for two out of four, since I knew getting pregnant was always a possibility. 

Obviously the Flying Pig Marathon is OUT – I’m definitely not taking this baby anywhere on foot for 26.2 miles.  I am also going to pass on the National Half Marathon this year.  At this point, I’m not really well trained for it, and since I will still be in my first trimester at that point, I’d rather play it safe than sorry.  Casey will be running the full marathon that day, and I have many friends who will be in town running, so my plan is to be the official photographer and cheerleader!

IMG_2602 (480x640)

I’m still not sure what I’ll do for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  I’m considering doing a run/walk for fun, just to enjoy the big race and the beautiful scenery.  Between the car accident and being pregnant, it feels strange to be taking such a long break from distance running and racing, but I’m also learning to enjoy casual forms of exercise.  I’m looking forward to setting some new goals and rediscovering myself as a runner in 2012 – this time with a baby jogger!  :)

But for the rest of you who ARE considering a summer or fall marathon in the future – I have a treat for you!  My friend Matt from No Meat Athlete has put together an AMAZING e-book called Marathon Roadmap: A Vegetarian Guide to Running Your First 26.2.


I’ll be honest – In the past I’ve always avoided e-books because I tend to be much more of a “turn the page” type of reader.  But as Nooks and Kindles are becoming more and more popular, I realized that what it comes down to is the CONTENT, not the format.  There is so much great content and research in Matt’s book, and it definitely rivals any of the running books I’ve read from Women’s Health or Runner’s World. 

The question of how to fuel for runs as a vegetarian is one I hear so often, and it is more than covered within the Marathon Roadmap.  And while the book has tons of great information on vegetarian nutrition and diet, I would also highly recommend it to any non-vegetarian runners who are thinking about running a first marathon.  It has great tips on how to choose and train for a race, as well as info on tapering, cross-training, and so much more.

Even though MY marathoning days are on hold right now, Matt was nice enough to offer a special coupon code just for Daily Garnish readers – so that all of YOU guys can keep running towards your goals!  If you’re interested in checking out the e-book yourself, you can use the coupon code garnish20 (good through Monday night) to get 20% off of either just the e-book, or the e-book/CD interview package.  I hope you guys enjoy it!