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Pregnant Running & An E-Book Review!

WOW.  Today takes the cake for my biggest travel screw-up of all time.  And here you would think it would be as simple as “forgot to change clocks to daylight savings and missed our flight” – right?  No such thing.  I was all over the clock change!

Between adjusting to Pacific time, and then getting hit with daylight savings this morning, we were SO tired when we packed up to leave our hotel at 4am this morning.  I checked the bed, the closet, the bathroom – all the usual spots where people leave things.

We got to the airport and with about an hour until takeoff, I headed into a gift shop to buy a magazine.  At this point I realized that my other reading material – my book – was not in my bag.  Suddenly memories of filling up the nightstand drawer came flooding back, with images of all the many things I had left behind…

My book.  Casey’s Nook.  Two ipods and two sets of headphones.  My sunglasses.  My new $400 camera lens.  My house keys.  And perhaps most importantly – BOTH sets of our car keys.

And so began a massive breakdown.  I fluctuated between hysterical and manic, flying all over the airport trying to get my flight changed, sobbing about my ridiculous mistake, and embarrassing myself by crying in front of an entire overbooked plane full of people.

Meanwhile, Casey was calmly calling the hotel, arranging to have all our things collected and overnighted to us, and booking a rental car for us to pick up on the other end.  It wasn’t the greatest way to end our weekend, but now that I’m back at home, with my dogs successfully retrieved from the kennel (in the rental car – whoops), the mistakes of this morning don’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

IMG_6168 (640x427)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways – I wasn’t going to talk about travel hiccups today.  I was going to talk about RUNNING!  A lot of you have asked about how my running routine has (or hasn’t) changed since becoming pregnant.

The truth is, I have always really really wanted to be a pregnant runner.  The first two weeks after finding out I was pregnant, I continued to (safely) lift weights at the gym, run on the treadmill, and do most things like I used to.  But somewhere around week 6, I started to feel very crampy and uncomfortable, and I found that the impact of running was too much on my body at the time.

IMG_6874 (427x640)

Since then I have continued to lift weights and do a lot of elliptical, but I haven’t done much running in these first few early weeks.  Between fatigue, extreme nausea, and general stomach discomfort – running just hasn’t felt like a good idea.

My hope is to get back to running in the next few weeks, once the sickness lets up.  I believe pretty strongly that it’s safe to run through pregnancy as long as you had a strong running base to begin with.  You may also be wondering about all those spring races I am signed up for!  The good news is I only actually signed up for two out of four, since I knew getting pregnant was always a possibility. 

Obviously the Flying Pig Marathon is OUT – I’m definitely not taking this baby anywhere on foot for 26.2 miles.  I am also going to pass on the National Half Marathon this year.  At this point, I’m not really well trained for it, and since I will still be in my first trimester at that point, I’d rather play it safe than sorry.  Casey will be running the full marathon that day, and I have many friends who will be in town running, so my plan is to be the official photographer and cheerleader!

IMG_2602 (480x640)

I’m still not sure what I’ll do for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler.  I’m considering doing a run/walk for fun, just to enjoy the big race and the beautiful scenery.  Between the car accident and being pregnant, it feels strange to be taking such a long break from distance running and racing, but I’m also learning to enjoy casual forms of exercise.  I’m looking forward to setting some new goals and rediscovering myself as a runner in 2012 – this time with a baby jogger!  :)

But for the rest of you who ARE considering a summer or fall marathon in the future – I have a treat for you!  My friend Matt from No Meat Athlete has put together an AMAZING e-book called Marathon Roadmap: A Vegetarian Guide to Running Your First 26.2.


I’ll be honest – In the past I’ve always avoided e-books because I tend to be much more of a “turn the page” type of reader.  But as Nooks and Kindles are becoming more and more popular, I realized that what it comes down to is the CONTENT, not the format.  There is so much great content and research in Matt’s book, and it definitely rivals any of the running books I’ve read from Women’s Health or Runner’s World. 

The question of how to fuel for runs as a vegetarian is one I hear so often, and it is more than covered within the Marathon Roadmap.  And while the book has tons of great information on vegetarian nutrition and diet, I would also highly recommend it to any non-vegetarian runners who are thinking about running a first marathon.  It has great tips on how to choose and train for a race, as well as info on tapering, cross-training, and so much more.

Even though MY marathoning days are on hold right now, Matt was nice enough to offer a special coupon code just for Daily Garnish readers – so that all of YOU guys can keep running towards your goals!  If you’re interested in checking out the e-book yourself, you can use the coupon code garnish20 (good through Monday night) to get 20% off of either just the e-book, or the e-book/CD interview package.  I hope you guys enjoy it!

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chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 9:38 pm

I totally think you are doing the right thing by listening to your body! Especially in the first trimester, it’s okay to take it easy to be on the safe side! You definitely don’t want to push your body more than it wants you to! I’m sure once you start feeling better you’ll be able to get back into running again!

PS – I would have reacted the same way as you at the airport, pregnant or not. :)


laurie tomlinson     at 9:38 pm

I’ve been sidelined to the elliptical for my pregnancy, too, but hoping now that I’m at 13 weeks and the temperatures are warming up, I can ease back into it slowly but surely. Our bodies will tell us exactly what to do, I’m sure :)


Larissa     at 9:40 pm

aw glad everything worked out! i would have been freaking out too! you seem at peace with your running decision and in that aspect i am happy for you. also i am looking forward to some post about the other exercise you decide participate in as someone who cant run i love hearing what other people are up to! congrats again!


Lee @ Fit Foodie Finds     at 9:43 pm

So great to see you exercising and pregnant, though I expected nothing less! Have you tried yoga?


Beckie     at 9:47 pm

You are so sweet. I never comment, but I can’t help myself. As for the travel snafu, I would probably do the same thing if I were you. And I would be doing what your sweet husband did if someone else did what you did. You know what I mean? Panic if it were me. I was a corporate travel agent for 13 years and dealt with people in that position for the whole time. So much easier to figure out a solution when you aren’t the person who messed up.

As for the running…I have 3 children (ages 3, 12 and 20….I know) I ran with #2 until the 5th month, when I had a crazy emergency appendectomy. Lifted weights until she was born. Just do what you are comfortable with. You have forever to work out.

Thank you for this blog and your cooking posts. I need the inspiration some (most) days.



Sarah @ The Pajama Chef     at 9:56 pm

oh no! i’m glad you guys solved your hotel dilemma. what a bummer but at least it got sorted out. i would have freaked out too. at least you didn’t remember after the plane took off!


Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan)     at 9:59 pm

That would be so crappy to realize all of the things that were left behind! I’m glad you guys got it figured out :) I would’ve been a sobbing mess too, I can promise you that ;)

I can’t seem to get into E-books. I think I will always be a page-turner. But that book does sound interesting! As a vegan, I get the “what do you EAT?” question a lot. I simply reply: “Food.” :D


Val @ Balancing Val     at 10:00 pm

I would of freaked out like a mad woman too!!

Im glad you have someone calm to balance out those moments.

Imagine how crazy it would be if you BOTH freaked out!



The Healthy Hostess     at 10:02 pm

Being pregnant really does mess with your mind – it’s proven! But getting ready for lots more little mistakes like that – it’s all worth it though!
I was training for the Columbus marathon when we found out we were pregnant and so I had to switch to the half. My husband and I (with baby!) ran the 1/2 in just over 2 hours! And that was with 4 bathroom stops. You will be fine for running and working out throughout your pregnancy since you are in such great shape! I was spinning a week after my due date! Hopefully you won’t be a week late though! :)


Christy     at 10:03 pm

Congrats on your pregnancy! I just had a baby and continued to workout up until the day I went into labor, including lifting weights. But I did let my body dictate how hard I worked out each day. Once you get to your second trimester things should (hopefully!) even out and you’ll be running in no time.

And get used to forgetting things…one of those things no one ever tells you about being pregnant!


Hollie     at 10:06 pm

Exciting!! I was on bedrest with my first but ran with my second til I was about 8 months along! Slow and with walk breaks, but it was great! Even did a 5k- so much fun. :) The ‘perceived exertion’ rule worked for me, your body will know what is ok (and your mind, too. Even after bedrest and c-sections, I am back to running better than ever- the pregnancy timie is so short in the big picture so ENJOY it!) :)


Alaina     at 10:09 pm

I would have freaked out too! I hate not being in control like that. My husband would have done the same thing as Casey: be the calm one.

My aunt ran when she was pregnant and from the back, she didn’t even look it! I hope to be that way when I get pregnant. :-)

Thank you for the great book recommendation!


Ginna     at 10:11 pm

Emily there is a dietician Cassandra Forsythe who helped write New Rules of Lifting for Women. She recently had a baby and exercised all thru her pregnancy and just did a whole series on he subject on her blog, http://www.cassandraforsythe.com/. Definitely a great resource.

I think it’s great you are listening to your body, do what feels right!

Have you thought about spinning? Not so much impact and no risk of injuring yourself!


Susan     at 10:12 pm

Oh, yeah! I’ve been getting Matt’s weekly e-mails and I’m going to pick this up, too! I don’t eat that much meat now and I feel my eating is pretty healthy, but I could always use guidance when it comes to nutrition and running. Maybe I can qualify for Boston before I’m 70. :)


Ashley     at 10:19 pm

Definitely try acupuncture for the nausea!


Ashley     at 10:20 pm

NEW camera lens?????? Details please!! Glad you’re getting your stuff back..yay for a calm husband!! :)


Cindy     at 10:20 pm

I’m glad everything worked out! Travel troubles are no fun!


Allison @ Happy Tales     at 10:30 pm

Yay for you!!! I always knew you’d continue running while pregnant. SO glad you did a post about it! BTW, I just officially signed up for the Flying Pig marathon last week! It’ll be my first ever :)


Gina     at 10:42 pm

Oh no, NOT a good way to end the weekend trip:( I would have reacted exactly as you had…and my boyfriend exactly as Casey had. Funny how a calm significant other can save the day!!

As for keeping active during pregnancy, I believe that to be one of the most important things to do, and listening to your body even more so. Have you thought about trying to incorporate yoga into your routine? I’ve heard from a lot of my teachers that they practiced up to full term and the breathing aspect really helped during contractions and the delivery process. Anywho, it was great meeting you this weekend:)


Tina     at 10:44 pm

Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine the panic that leaving all those IMPORTANT items behind would have caused! I would have cried too for sure.


Meghan     at 11:00 pm

Your description of you and Casey at the airport made me lol. :) I remember once my sister drove us 3 hours in the wrong direction on an already painful trip, adding 6 hrs to our drive. She felt so bad too. Dont worry, this makes for a great story for years to come!


Katie KS     at 11:05 pm

I’ve never been as much of a runner as you – I do it because it’s good exercise but bad hips/shins mean I can not really do more than a 10K. But pregnant running – I can’t do. At all. Same with nursing running. I could not run until the last few months of nursing. If you do decide to run, I suggest some heavy duty sports bras – and even wearing two. When you’re small to begin with the pregnancy (and nursing if you do, which I imagine being health conscious you’ll at least try) “cleavage” is difficult to get used to. While nursing I felt like I was running with weights bouncing off my chest.


Cara Craves...     at 11:09 pm

I can only imagine how frustrating your morning was.
First a super early morning and then a bad chain of events…not a nice way to start the day.
At least you have a good guy to sort it all out:)


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 11:13 pm

I would definitely be the one having a meltdown over my left behind stuff while Alex took charge of the situation too. :)


Carla @ I Run, You Run     at 11:16 pm

You have to finish the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in 2:20, so a walk/run when you’re taking it easy might not be the best idea. Said that, up to the day of the race, you can switch to the 5k. Just line up at the 5k start line, and you’re automatically transferred. (I never had to do that, but am familiar with the materials after running it a couple of times.)

And check out http://thehappyrunner.blogspot.com/ — she ran all through her pregnancy (ALL 9 months!) so she has tons of tips? Her baby is now 5 months, so you might have to go back on the archives, or just shoot her an email.


Carla @ I Run, You Run Reply:

I meant “tons of tips!” not “tons of tips?” — which sounded totally convoluted :)


Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing     at 11:21 pm

Sounds like you are doing an amazing job of adjusting to pregnancy! Hopefully you will be able to find various ways to keep active that work for you and the little one :) So sorry about the travel drama — ugh!


Jayna @ Healthy Living Bites     at 11:24 pm

Ahhhh, pregnancy brain! If the travel snafu is the last instance of something dumb you do while pregnant you really need to have another soon :)

So are you still planning to be in town for the flying pig? I’ve been considering seeing if the warden (aka husband) will let me out to cheerlead others (I’d like to have some experience since my first one is pushed back another year thanks to back surgery). Anyways, if you’ll be in town I’d love to cheer with a pro!


Mama Pea     at 11:25 pm

So sorry about the nightstand debacle. I once left my purse on a plane. That was a joy.

I stopped running at about 6 weeks with both girls. It just didn’t physically feel right for me, though I know plenty of pregnant women who have kept running up through delivery. I had no problem picking up where I left off, and I’m sure you’ll do fine too!


Erin (Shortcut to Bliss)     at 11:33 pm

The nightstand fiasco makes me laugh because more than a few times I have done similar things. It is funny how children change your life immediately. Even before they enter the world our focus seems to shift entirely to their well- being.. It is amazing how much you can love your child before you even know them. =)


laura (starloz)     at 11:42 pm

ahhhhh, emily. i’m completely behind on blog reading & i’m only just catching up.

Omg, your pregnant. thats so incredible. AHHHHH!


Candice @ ChiaSeedMe     at 12:16 am

I just read your news, and I’m so excited for you!! Congratulations on baby Malone! I can’t wait to follow your journey from here on out, especially as you get back into run. It has always been my dream as well to run through pregnancy, so it will be really interesting for me to see how you handle it.

You are going to make the most amazing mom:)


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 12:18 am

Wow! What a morning you had! Glad to see you’re safe and sound back home :)


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)     at 12:19 am

good for you for listening to your body re the running. I was spotting uncontrollably, puking violently, and basically a total mess the first 20 weeks and as much as i wanted to be a pregnant yogi and pregnant runner, I could barely walk. I could barely leave the bathroom. Mother nature and my daughter had other plans for me…that was my 1st lesson in parenthood. I wasnt in control of the show anymore :)

Your travel fiasco. Hugs. Omg. Major hugs. I am soooo sorry, I would have been FREAKING out too. Freaking. Glad it’s all being overnighted to you!


sarah (sarah learns)     at 1:15 am

oh no! i would have been hysterical too if i had realized i left all of that stuff! i’m glad casey stayed calm and that everything worked out ok!


Meg     at 1:27 am


This is my first time commenting, but I’ve been following you for awhile. But I’m an avid reader and I finally decided I needed to comment.

I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant, a vegan, and quite a serious runner. I had no problem continuing with my usual running schedule through my 1st trimester(luckily hardly any morning sickness), but I find it a little more challenging now into the 2nd tri with the extra weight, elevated heart rate, and occasional braxton hicks contractions. I hope your morning sickness will subside soon enough and you’ll be able to resume normal activities.

It sounds like you have a real healthy mindset though and accept what your body is telling you. I on the other hand find it really difficult to deal with the physical changes as I’m used to running hard and feeling fit. Now I just feel like an out of breath whale and its disheartening at times. But I find that I enjoy yoga a lot more now. I’m yoga teacher teaching 3xs a week and I find my body is so much happier with a yoga practice. It’s certainly been an experience with LOTS of emotional roller coasters.

I understand how you felt in the airport!


Lauren     at 6:47 am

What a nightmare!!!! Hope it all gets worked out and I’m glad you guys made it home safe (most important thing!)

I know this sounds crazy, but it sounds like God had a totally different plan for you this year and running was not in the cards. It’s amazing when we try to plan our lives and then we get thrown a curve ball. Running will always be there but this year is all about the miracle you have awaiting you! :)


Holly     at 6:49 am

You are having baby brain!! I have 3 kids, 5 and under, and I have it bad. I was making pasta the other day and went to the sink to drain it and poured it all right down the disposal! I had to start dinner over. It’s very frustrating.


Joanne Hall     at 8:39 am

I totally relate to the meltdown at the airport. A little while back I left my purse in a shopping cart outside in a parking lot at Costco’s. Didn’t realize until I got home half an hour away. I then proceeded to have a proper meltdown thinking of everything that you carry in your purse. My daughter was the calm one and drove back to the store for me. Thankfully someone turned my purse into the store.


Melissa R.     at 8:42 am

I’ve been running for 15 years but did not run through my pregnancies as it just didn’t feel good to my body–I did a lot of walking, though, and 6 weeks after each c-section, I was back to easy running. Glad you are listening to your body!


Melanie     at 9:07 am

I am 7 months pregnant, and I was hoping to run all the way through, but my body just doesn’t want to do it anymore. So, I guess I’ll be walking and trying to continue my weight routine. This third trimester is the most challenging one of all, though, fitness wise, and I can’t wait to pop the baby in the jogger and get out there again!


Melanie     at 9:08 am

Okay – don’t feel bad about the travel snafu. It’s pregnancy brain. 2 months ago (I was about 4 months pregnant at the time), I left an ipad in a cab in London. That’s right, an ipad. A cab that I hailed on the street (did not book) and paid cash for. So had absolutely no recourse. So I’m glad your snafu will end better than mine!

As for running, I struggled in the first tri as well (and in retrospect I should have figured out that I was pregnant earlier than I did due to some pretty rough runs for no apparent reason : / ).

I feel sooo much better in 2nd tri and have been able to pick up the pace a bit (and I’m not nearly as avid a runner as you are). For me, exercising makes me feel 10 times better, it definitely helps with the back pain. Prenatal yoga is awesome too if you can find a good class to go to.

But every pregnancy is different – so just listen to your body and do what makes you feel good!


RhodeyGirl     at 9:12 am

I stopped running the day we found out we were expecting. I’m too paranoid!

I can’t wait until week 14 so I can start exercising normally again.. I still won’t be running but I plan on going on long power walks and doing lots of prenatal yoga!


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 9:18 am

I think it’s very important to listen to your body and not push too hard. You can return to running once the little one is out.


colleen     at 9:33 am

So glad the travel mishap worked out. Thank goodness for a calm husband. The last time I traveled I left my laptop power cord behind and it took them an ungodly amount of time to get it sent to me – lots of miscommunication by hotel staff was too blame. I tried running with during my three pregnancies, but the impact wasn’t feeling good. I switched to swimming, water aerobics, stretching, and walking the dogs. No matter what exercise you choose, it will definitely help you in labor and recovery.


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 9:36 am

It does seem like so many pregnant women pull off astounding workouts during pregnancy. I always thought I would, but had terrible morning sickness for 17 weeks, and now just feel out of shape, and it’s incredibly difficult to increase your fitness level with a baby on board. I still walk, swim, and do yoga, but I miss running. You will know what you can do. Best of luck!


Emily     at 9:53 am

Pretty much every pregnant woman I’ve ever known has had moments of terrible forgetfulness. I think its all the hormones flying around that does it, so don’t worry about leaving things behind!


Jaime @ Tiny Green Kitchen     at 10:13 am

Thankfully I have a long history of misplacing things, so I have reached a point where I am obsessive compulsive about checking everywhere and re-checking. Then my husband checks, too, because he knows who he is dealing with. ;-)

I hope you can resume running, but I suppose it wouldn’t really be so terrible if you couldn’t. You certainly seem adaptable enough to find other ways to to exercise and enjoy it.


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 10:18 am

I agree – anything you had a strong base with prepregnancy can easily be continued throughout the entirity of pregnancy. As long as the required modifications are made and you listen to your body. I know I couldn’t workout much my first trimester because of feeling sick, crampy, achy, tired, etc. Then I was able to the remainder of my pregnancy with the exception of the 1 month my doctors had me hold off because I was getting contractions. You’re going to have such a healthy pregnancy!


Marcella     at 10:18 am

I was totally wondering whether or not you were incporating running at this point into your pregnancy. It’s so important to give your body time to adjust. I’m sure in due time you’ll be able to incorporate some running, though obviously not at the level you were at before. Good luck!


LauraJayne     at 10:26 am

Sounds like a crazy travel day – I’m glad everything ended up working out! It wasn’t until Sex and the City that I realized that one could run pregnant (silly, I know) – ever since then, I’ve wondered if I could do it! It sounds like you are definitely listening to your body and making the right choice!


Liz     at 1:06 pm

Will you do a post on healthy whole body strength building for pregnant women? Thanks, and sorry about your crazy day but glad it all worked out!


Jen     at 1:08 pm

sorry if this is a dumb question… but is there any way to get the e-book in print?



Leah     at 1:35 pm

I *missed* a direct flight to LA on March 2 because the confirmation I printed said ‘To LAX, 10:25am’ Turns out that was my arrival time. I’m $199 poorer (it was a work trip but I had to eat that cost) and I got to LA 6 hours late, also freaking out my boss. Very very sad day considering I’ve been traveling my whole life. :( You are not alone in travel mess ups!


Leslie     at 2:03 pm

Regarding the travel “mix up” – 2 words…pregnancy dementia. If you think it’s bad now, just wait! Totally worth it, but sometimes you’ll wonder where your brain has retreated to. It’s all good.


Carin     at 2:12 pm

I put running on hold throughout all 3 of my pregnancies. Not because a doctor said I had to — but just because I felt in my gut it was the right thing to do (for me). I think you’re going to find that trusting your gut is the way to go even after your baby is born. You can read all the books you want and listen to all the experts, but in the end, I think the best advice is: Do what makes YOU feel comfortable.


jen     at 2:13 pm

i would have lost it at the airport too even not pregnant! good luck with running while pregnant. i just started running when i got pregnant so i did stop but i lifted weights, cross trained and took spin classes my entire pregnancy. my result was a beautifully tiny 6 week premature baby that was beyond healthy and didn’t spend one second in nicu. i fully believe he was strong and healthy cause i kept myself strong and healthy. the only exercise that seemed to make me cramp or feel odd was the recumbent bike which is really odd since it is often the go to “easy” exercise.


Sarah @ The Strength of Faith     at 2:25 pm

You and your husband sound like me and mine. I turn into a hysterical mess while he calmly figures things out. Everybody needs a ying to their yang. :)


Maryann     at 2:44 pm

You will have frequent mood fluctuations throughout your pregnancy and everybody understands. Forgetfullness happens to all us women especially. Your body is going through the most precious thing in it’s life a baby. Enjoy the ups and downs knowing in the end it will be so worth it. Listen when your body says slow down. Most of all just take each day and enjoy the new life you are carrying.
Lancaster PA GAL


Beth @ DiningAndDishing     at 2:47 pm

What a total bummer Emily! Glad everything worked out okay but I know what you mean – sometimes things that aren’t such a big deal in the end seem like it at the time! All part of the fun of travel I guess :).


Roz     at 3:12 pm

OH dear, NOT a great way to start your day. However, all worked out in the end, and wow, the dog’s look happy that you are home. Have a good day.


Erin     at 3:32 pm

I found that my best pregnancy exercise time was between 16 and 30 weeks. That was when I felt the best and exercise felt good. Before then I was too tired and after then I was too huge:) At that point spinning was my exercise of choice. Do what feels right.


Lee     at 3:55 pm

If it makes you feel any better, I once booked my return ticket from my grandmother’s house for the wrong month! That was a fun surprise when I got to the airport. And I didn’t even have pregnant brain to blame it one.


Lee Reply:

On not one!


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama}     at 4:16 pm

That is so something I would do. I feel your pain. I think Casey handled it better than my husband would have. :-)

I didn’t run through my pregnancy. It just didn’t feel right for me. I stuck with walking. The best thing you can do is listen to YOUR body.


Lynn~The Learning Curves Blogger     at 4:56 pm

OMG, I’m so glad you posted this today! I was JUST on Matt’s website and also just picked up some items at the grocery store that are recommended in the Thrive Diet, which Matt promotes on his site. So, I am thrilled that I can purchase his ebook at a discount now! I’m training for the Rock n Roll Marathon in San Diego on June 5!!! Perfect timing!!


Kristy@RunTheLongRoad     at 5:54 pm

You should run/walk the Cherry Blossom 10-miler! I’m running the race and I hear it’s great. At least take in all the beautiful cherry blossoms!


Amber K     at 5:57 pm

Wow, I think I would have had a total mental breakdown as well. And I wouldn’t have any pregnancy hormones running through me! I double- triple- quadruple-check every nook and cranny of hotel rooms specifically because of that reason. And even then I have forgotten things!

I’m sure you will do great with whatever exercise feels best to you throughout your pregnancy :)


Laura @ Backstage Pass     at 6:06 pm

Catching up on the news – CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you three!
My boyfriend’s sister is a marathoner, triathlete and all-around active woman, and she just gave birth this weekend. It took her just 3 pushes and 10 minutes! I think it really pays off to be an active mama.


Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete     at 6:06 pm

I have so done that before!! Don’t feel bad about crying in front of complete strangers. I think it has happened to everyone at least once!! ;)


Ally     at 6:24 pm

I am in the same boat you are :) I am almost 9 weeks pregnant and running just doesn’t feel good..AT ALL. The constant nausea and extreme fatigue doesn’t help either. BUT like you, I plan to jog a couple of times per week once I hit the 2nd trimester. We’ll see though…Do you think you will swim at all during your pregnancy?


Kiran     at 6:28 pm

Me and the hubby has the same behavior. Le sigh :) What would I do without mine :D


Alison     at 6:33 pm

New reader – I didn’t realize you had history in Cincinnati! I came here from Cleveland for college at UC and now am in my first year of medical school (still at UC)! Congrats on your pregnancy! Love following your blog!


Kate     at 8:08 pm

Funny you mentioned the Cherry Blossom Run…I’m 7.5 weeks pregnant and also signed up for that race and trying to decide what to do! I’m also leaning towards an easy run/walk.


Sarah     at 8:18 pm

Hi Emily – I am a new reader to your blog and instantly was hooked. I was THRILLED to find out you were pregnant – Congratulations to you and your husband. I love the posts you have on it thus far and can not wait to hear more about it (I am also a runner, vegetarian, who has bouts of anxiety, and also have hopes and dreams of being a runner while pregnant) and can not wait to hear everything and gain some amazing tips!! Thanks for sharing!!


Kristen     at 8:39 pm

Book for you – Running & Pregnancy. It is a Runner’s World book that I pretty much swear by. It gives you monthly info as you go, so you wouldn’t be missing out on too much information.

What I have found with running + pregnancy is to figure out when you are most comfortable to run. I have been feeling uncomfortably bloated in the afternoon, which is when I usually run. So, I have been trying to run in the morning instead when I am actually feeling good. I also have incorporated a run/walk method – 8 min run/2 min walk. And have drastically reduced my speed, which I really had no choice but to do!

Also, I am finding constantly drinking water is helping with stomach problems. And CARBS! I totally understand the veggie thing. I so wish I could keep up with healthier eating habits, but right now, all that sounds good is cereal and bread. Spinach makes me want to vomit – HA! Keep us up-to-date on your running! Hopefully as the 2nd trimester gets closer, you’ll start feeling like running more… with a little extra weight of course!


Em@alifetobraggabout     at 8:54 pm

I feel your pain! Since I found out about being pregnant I’ve added 2 minutes to my run time and it’s been such a struggle to even keep myself going. I’ve been sticking with walking on incline on the treadmill, weights and swimming but I have my half this weekend – I’m so nervous.


CathyK     at 9:52 pm

sorry to hear about the travel fiasco, emily! man, i would have freaked out, too. glad casey was there to help and that you feel better about things now. as my mom would say, “at least no one was hurt!”
quick comment!…was just reading my new runner’s world mag, and there is a letter to the editor by an emily malone…you, perchance?!
congrats on your pregnancy. i so look forward to following your journey. love the running-related posts, too.


Carol     at 6:10 am

Casey is amazing:) So happy everything worked out and that you are now able to relax.
I also admire the way you are listening to your body:)


Erin @ Vie Balance     at 6:46 am

Definitely listen to your body! I was able to run for the first ten weeks and then it got to be uncomfortable so I switched to walking and the elliptical.

There are also some great prenatal yoga and pilates classes out there. I took one at INOVA Loudoun and it was AMAZING! A lot of instructors will also modify positions for expectant mamas as well.

When you little one is here and you do get back into running, there are two things you should check out- a BOB jogging stroller and the book Run Like a Mother (They also have a blog you can follow.). You’ll love both of them!!


Nathalie     at 9:07 am

So glad everything turned out ok and was more of a hick-up than a full blown drama, although I would have freaked out!
I am so glad you’re listening to what your body is telling you during this exciting and precious time! I feel so privileged that you’re sharing this very personal journey with all of us!
Uhm and how cool ist your t-shirt? That’s a Daily Garnish tee, isn’t it? Ohh, do you plan on selling them in your shop? I would loooove to have one of those to wear proudly and spread the word. Hope that’s not creepy!


Monica     at 9:40 am

First, I am just getting caught up on blog reading and owe you a MASSIVE congrats on the baby!

I just found out this Saturday that my husband and I are pregnant and I feel so easily distracted by things. I heard that in the first trimester it is common to forget things and feel a little mentally distracted. :) Glad that everything worked out with the airport!

I am interested to see how workouts feel for me as I progress, especially my ability to spin – which is my fitness love love love.


Clare     at 2:56 pm

That last picture of you is great! You’re glowing!


MegaNerd     at 2:59 pm

Wow! The travel mishaps sound crazy! I felt the same way when I arrived in DC without my wallet, frantically crying and freaking out all over the airport. Luckily, you saved me! haha

I’m glad that you got everything figured out, though!

Ps… I got the money back today from the rental car place… hooray!!!


Sara @ Baking and Wine     at 4:43 pm

The dreaded pregnancy brain. Eesh. Happens to me too :).

And your activity level sounds great! I didn’t work out at all for the entire months of January and February because I just started feeling like I had energy back at week 14. Hopefully you’ll get the second trimester energy boost and will be able to get back to running normally!


Anna @ Doing Good & Living Well     at 9:47 pm

Okay, so I’m late to the game on this one — but if you want a cheering buddy for the National Marathon, I’d love to accompany you! I’ve got a friend or two running the race and my husband has class that day. I can’t leave our little dog for too long (cause he’s still such a baby) but I’d love to come cheer with you for a couple hours!


Daily Garnish » Blog Archive » Top Pot Doughnut Dash 5K Race Recap.     at 8:00 am

[...] weekend marked a fun new pregnancy milestone – my very first race!  I didn’t run during my first pregnancy, and I was really hoping that I’d be able to give it a try the second time around.  I [...]

Becky @ Beckyknowsitall     at 6:48 am

Hi Emily! I know you wrote this post a long time ago but I just had to leave you a comment because you are such an inspiration to me. I’ve been an avid reader since you were pregnant with Cullen and have always enjoyed reading your pregnancy posts (as well as all of your recipes/ running posts etc.)I had a very similar experience as you as far as getting pregnant. Now, I’m happy to say, I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I’m also a runner and have completed 4 half marathons. I tried to run for as long as I could once I was pregnant. But now I find myself struggling and know I can’t push myself for the sake of my baby. I was having a little internal strife over this. I just felt bad that I couldn’t do what I had been able to do for so long. So I came here. And read your posts about running and pregnancy. You have reassured me that it’s ok to cut back or cut out running. My body is doing an amazing thing right now and I need to respect that. So I guess what I’m trying to say is – Thanks! You and Daily Garnish are fantastic and I hope that you continue to share with us readers for years to come. Best to you and your family! xoxo


Emily Malone Reply:

Congrats Becky!! So exciting! And so glad to hear the blog has been helpful. You really have to cut yourself a break during pregnancy and just enjoy it. There is time for all of that again eventually!


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