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    A Look Back.

Saturday in Seattle.

Our adventures in Seattle continue!  Friday afternoon I headed back to the hotel to rest up and hope my stomach settled.  By the time dinner time rolled around, I was ready to give food another go.  After many recommendations, we decided to head to Café Flora – an upscale vegetarian restaurant here in Seattle. 

I was thrilled to see when we got there that their signature drink was a fizzy citrus ginger beer!  PERFECT for my touchy stomach.  Even had a giant piece of fresh ginger floating on top!

IMG_8373 (428x640)

We were very excited about the delicious vegetarian menu, so we decided to start with two appetizers.  The first was coconut tofu bites with a sweet dipping sauce.  VERY good!

IMG_8378 (640x427)

And a bucket of yam fries with a delicious aioli for dipping.  I probably took down 75% of this basket. 

IMG_8380 (423x640)

For the main course, I had a little bit more trouble ordering.  Sad to say, these days vegetables just aren’t agreeing with my pregnant stomach, so it was sad for me to have to pass on what sounded like some wonderful vegetarian entrees.  I ended up going with what sounded the most carb-heavy – the Mushroom Wellington.  Mushroom pate inside of puffed pastry, served on top of delicious smashed potatoes, with a rich Madeira wine sauce.  It was INCREDIBLE!

IMG_8381 (640x427)

Casey got sofrito yucca cakes with grilled chayote squash – look delicious too!

IMG_8384 (640x427)

Even though we were stuffed from all the food, the atmosphere and experience was so good we didn’t want to leave.  We decided to split a dessert – a gluten free chocolate brownie with vegan peanut butter ice cream.  Out of this world, and soooo rich!

IMG_8389 (423x640)

I can definitely say that Café Flora more than exceeded my expectations, and was one of the best vegetarian meals I’ve ever had.

IMG_8390 (640x427)

It is definitely right up there with Millenium, Pure Food + Wine, Candle 79, and the other famous vegetarian spots in the US!  It was a great dinner, and a wonderful night out together in Seattle.

IMG_8392 (427x640)

This morning we were up bright and early for a blogger meetup in the Greenlake area!  I had no idea there were so many Seattle readers, and I was thrilled that so many of them braved the drizzly rain to meet us for breakfast.  We all headed to another highly recommended spot – Mighty O Donuts – an all natural, all vegan donut shop.

IMG_8399 (640x427)

Do these look vegan to you?  They were AMAZING.  Casey and I each got two, and split them so that we could taste as many flavors as possible.  These were chocolate peppermint and french toast…

IMG_8393 (640x427)

And chocolate coconut and crème filled.  So SO delicious!  The best donuts I’ve ever had.

IMG_8394 (640x427)

But better than the donuts was the company!  How fun to meet all these Seattle readers and here more about all the fun things Seattle has to offer.

IMG_8395 (640x427)

After the meetup, we went for a driving tour of Seattle with new friends Marissa and Andrew – thank you guys SO much for being such great tour guides!  It was nice to see the city from a local perspective, and to get outside of the immediate downtown area where we are staying.  Before we headed back to our hotel, we popped back into Mighty O for a to-go box with a few donuts for the road…

IMG_8401 (640x427)

I have a feeling these won’t last nearly as long as they should.

IMG_8406 (640x428)

We spent the afternoon taking care of some of our family stuff, and then we headed back to the hotel to rest.  I have found that I tend to feel sick mid-day to early evening, and I have NO idea how morning sickness got its name.  It is definitely all day sickness!  After a few hours of lounging in bed watching Legally Blonde and crime documentaries, we ventured back out for dinner.  Now we are resting up for a very early morning flight back to the East Coast!  It has been a fun weekend, but I’m ready to see my pups again.

See you on the other side!

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Chelsea     at 11:50 pm

So glad to hear about these awesome restaurants I’ve never been to! Clearly I am not an expert Seattlite ;) so bummed I had to miss the meet-up, glad you guys had fun! Safe flight!


Sana     at 12:00 am

Oh my those doughnuts look amazing :) Have a safe flight home :)


Alaina     at 12:00 am

That glazed goodness is vegan?? I would go to Seattle just for those donuts. :-)


sarah (sarah learns)     at 12:05 am

those donuts just gave me a total sweets craving! it didn’t take much to convince my fiance to go get some ice cream though! :)


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)     at 12:08 am

Those donuts. OMG. Amazing looking..and vegan. Wow!

Morning, i.e. all day sickness. I hope yours passes soon!!! I was sick for 7 months from sun up to sun down. It was…awful! I hope you are finding relief and that soon….it will be but just a fleeting memory :)


Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing     at 12:41 am

The Mushroom Wellington — oh. my. stars. I imagine it tastes as good as it looks! And the donuts…oh, the donuts! Have a good trip back — hope you’re feeling better each day! :)


Candy (Healthy in Candy Land)     at 12:47 am

Cafe Flora never disappoints! I’ve been there many times and each time I say it was better than the last. Glad you guys are enjoying our “neck of the woods”. (Sorry about the rain today!)


Kiran     at 3:31 am

OMG! My weakness – doughnuts :)


AdrienMelaine     at 4:58 am

You NEED to go to Top Pot Doughnuts.

It’s the best doughnut shop in the entire world – I go every time I’m in that glorious city


The apple fritter will change your life.


Melanie     at 6:46 am

Just catching up on your blog and pregnancy – congrats! I’m 28 weeks right now and looking forward to hearing your take on a healthy active pregnancy. I swear I will lose it on the next person that gives me the side eye for still running (my husband included).


Brittney     at 8:22 am

My sister-in-law is 3 months pregnant and she has the same issue as you- she’s sick in the evening more, not the morning!
Oooooooh you made me want a donut with all those pictures. Those are drool worthy for sure!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 8:35 am

What a fun day! Cafe Flora looks absolutely amazing. I’m bound and determined to go to Seattle now!


Kerry Cloud-Pitt     at 8:39 am

So wonderful to see pics of my home! I am a native Seattleite and have been living in S. Florida for the last year and a half. To say I am homesick is an understatement, and to see your adventures with the AMAZING food in Seattle just warmed my heart. So glad you enjoyed the city and I am sending love and health in this wonderful time for you and your husband!


Kristina     at 8:46 am

WOW. Those donuts look incredible! I’m not even vegan but I want them all in my belly right now. Hope you are morning-sickeness free soon!


Jillian @ Reshape Your Life     at 8:48 am

It looks like ya’ll had an awesome time! Those donuts look too good to be true! I need to find a reason to go to Seattle.


Cara Craves...     at 9:02 am

Those donuts look stellar!
I want one.


Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan)     at 9:21 am

That coconut tofu looks amazing! It makes me wonder if it’s possible to recreate it at home? ;) I’m glad you’re feeling better, look at all that yummy food! And a vegan donut shop? Yes, please! Sounds like heaven.
Hope you have a safe trip back :) Thank you for blogging through your adventures, we love reading about them :)


Lindsay     at 9:23 am

All that food looks amazing!!! I want one of those donuts now :)


Melissa @ HerGreenLife     at 9:25 am

There were definitely a couple of weeks where I ate mostly carbs — whole wheat angel hair with olive oil and salt, or rice noodles with soy sauce provided the bulk of my calories. I felt a bad that I wasn’t getting my growing baby all the good nutrients of vegetables, but reassured myself that at that point, eating anything was good.

I realized that I could make — and enjoy :) — a simple soup with rice noodles, veg broth, soy sauce, and some veggies, and get in veggies that way.


Kamaile     at 9:33 am

Mmmm glad you enjoyed Cafe Flora, I had the mushroom French dip both times I went. Hope your evening sickness passes soon!


Nicole @ Vegan in the House     at 9:41 am

Those donuts look like the perfect “pregnant” food! I’m so happy for both of you. Kids are amazing.


JL goes Vegan     at 9:44 am

Cafe Flora and vegan donuts are reason enough for me to visit Seattle ;)


Clare     at 9:55 am

Sorry you’re feeling so rough. I felt like that for a large proportion of all three of my pregnancies, although I think it was a little easier with the 2nd and 3rd. It was also always worse in the evening and afternoon and weirdly eating made it better. My cravings were exactly like yours–citrus, ginger and salty carbs like crackers and pretzels. I’m sure you’ve heard this all ready but no need to worry about your baby not getting nutrients from veggies if you can’t stomach them. At this stage they are getting nutrition from the things you ate long before you were pregnant. You’ll have lots of time to get the veggies in later on in your pregnancy.
Coconut tofu? : I die. We live in a super-health conscious and hip suburb of Toronto but we do not have ANY vegetarian restaurants here. Most restaurants have veggie options but they are very rarely Vegan. Our town needs to get with the program or else I need to get into Toronto more often for more yummy veggie eats like that.


Shannon     at 9:57 am

Yep…I never had morning sickness either. It was from 4:00-6:00 each evening like clockwork. I also was pretty nauseus throughout the entire day at the beginning of my pregnancy. Don’t worry…it passes. Although I found that if I just grazed a little bit all day, it helped with the lingering “ewww” feeling.

Congratulations to you and Casey. I am looking forward to reading abut your journey.


AJ @ Flowing to Fifty     at 10:18 am

DONUTS!! They look amazing. I’m sure the baby will love donuts.
Since you’re in Seattle, were there any warnings about the waves from the tsunami? Since Seattle is a coastal city, I thought they might have emergency preparedness plans. Thinking of all those in Japan today….
Congratulations again.


Clare @ Fitting It All In     at 10:55 am

So glad your stomach got better enough to enjoy a great meal! Sounds like you’ve gotten to try some fantastic food in Seattle!


Jenn from Much to My Delight     at 10:56 am

I don’t know why people assume being vegan is such a sacrifice. Look at all that incredible looking food!!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 11:02 am

It has been forever since I last had a doughnut…I want apple fritters so badly. I think I am really going to have to work on a gluten free/dairy free apple fritter soon! Have a safe trip home Emily!


jen @ taste life     at 11:07 am

Oh my doughnuts those look delicious!


Liz     at 11:34 am

I love Mighty – O; the doughnuts are AMAZING. When I went with my friend and my boyfriend, my friend and I ordered one each, and then my boyfriend ordered three. The guy behind the counter was like…”do you want two of them to go?” And my boyfriend said, No, I’m eating them all now.” He definitely got a look from the guy but it was worth it because he shared!


Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 11:43 am

What an amazing time! Those doughnuts do look quite awesome :)


olivewineandfood     at 12:20 pm

so jealous…all that vegetarian food looks so gourmet! especially the coconut tofu bites and mushroom wellington! my mouth is watering.


Amber K     at 12:33 pm

I’m confused, you drank ginger beer? Was it non-alcoholic?

Those donuts look absolutely amazing. I need to find a good gluten-free place to do donuts for me! Because, they sound awesome right now.


Jenna     at 12:45 pm

It was so great meeting you! I’m glad you had a good time in Seattle, minus the sick part :( Have a good and safe trip home!


Cindy     at 1:00 pm

Those donuts look so good! Have a good flight!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 1:07 pm

A french toast donut? Ummmm that is amazing. And yea, no worries on those not lasting as long as they should. Carbs are a 1st trimester pregnant woman’s best friend.


Namaste Gurl     at 1:17 pm

Wow, all your Seattle vegetarian foodie finds are amazing! Vegan coconut donuts? Wowza. You should recreate those when you return home! :)


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 1:33 pm

I cannot even tell you how drool0-worthy all of that food is. I am going nuttzo over those tofu bites and that SANDWICH! I miss puffed pastry!


Sondi     at 2:04 pm

I loved Cafe Flora so much the first time I was there that I bought their cookbook. They have the recipes for the tofu and the wellington in there. I made the wellington for Thanksgiving a few years back…SO good.


whitney     at 2:58 pm

I was super sad that I wasn’t able to get to the meet-up yesterday in Greenlake, but it looks like it was a fantastic time with some even more fantastic donuts! :)

Hope you are enjoying your stay….especially since the rain has been pretty constant all weekend… :(


Chicago Cuisine Critique     at 3:58 pm

Yum! That mushroom wellington looks awesome. :)


Tina     at 5:24 pm

I normally don’t like donuts, but those look SO SO GOOD. It probably doesn’t help that I’m pmsing and could eat everything in sight. haha


Kari     at 5:34 pm

Wow you really found some treasures. I’ll definitely be bookmarking these for my next trip up to Seattle. Thanks.


Sarah K. @ The Pajama Chef     at 5:55 pm

what a fun day :)


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 6:59 pm

Next time I go visit my family up there I’m definitely going to have to hook up with some bloggers… my family is not saavy on hip places like these!! :)


Lisa     at 7:09 pm

Is there any chance a few of those donuts made it back to VA with you?? They look delicious!!


Kate (What Kate is Cooking)     at 9:09 pm

I am so keeping that donut place in mind in case I go back to Seattle soon :)


Ashley     at 10:19 pm

Looks like you had a fabulous time. The donuts look cakey + delicious…just like in San Fran. :)


Maryann     at 10:44 pm

Mighty-O are the best doughnuts ever!! I used to live right by there..miss it!


Marty     at 6:28 am

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Seattle – though I’ve not been to Cafe Flora or the Mighty-O – they will be on my next stop from Alaska to the “Lower 48″!

Your meal looked divine – though I wish your tummy was more agreeable. Congratulations of little baby Malone on the way, your tummy will feel better soon!


Amanda Perry at Sistas of Strength     at 1:30 pm

Vegetables and the first trimester are a horrible combination. I cruised along for the first few weeks thinking man everyone else giving up on salads and veggies during pregnancy is crazy…it must just be an excuse.

Then one day…it hits ya. No more veggies for awhile. It was so sad for me and I wanted mostly carbs too, but veggies made a comeback after about 6 weeks…right around the beginning of 2nd trimester. Good luck!


janine@tratsie.blogspot.com     at 4:59 pm

So great! I love Cafe Flora! glad you had a nice time in my city!!


Gabrielle     at 10:08 pm

I am SO jealous of your Seattle dining adventures! And those donuts, OMG! One day this vegan must make the pilgrimage to the vegan mecca of the Pacific Northwest.

Hope you feel better soon! 2nd trimester maybe? :)


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