The ABC’s of Me.

I don’t usually do thinks like this, but I thought it would be fun to do something a little different this morning.  I saw it over on Teri’s blog, and then Ashley’s, and I thought it was too fun to pass up. 

Here with go – the ABC’s of Emily!

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A. Age: Newly 30!

B. Bed size: Queen, but it feels like a camping cot when you pile in two people and two 50 pound dogs who like to sprawl.

C. Chore you dislike: Emptying the dishwasher.

D. Dogs: Huey (purebred German Shorthaired Pointer) and Indy (half GSP, half Labrador Retriever)

E. Essential start to your day:  I cannot function or do anything until my teeth are brushed.  After that – checking email and a big breakfast.

F. Favorite color:  That’s tough.  But I really really love yellow.

G. Gold or silver:  Mostly silver, but I’ve recently developed a thing for gold.

H. Height:  5 foot, 3 inches – for some reason most bloggers/readers I meet in person tell me that I appear much taller on the blog!

I. Instruments you play(ed):  Piano in elementary school.  But I still have a long-term goal of learning to play the violin when I am older and retired.  Classical music makes me cry with joy.

J. Job title:  Writer, blogger, recipe developer, Recipage assistant, housewife, personal assistant to my dogs.

K. Kids: See letter D above!

L. Live:  In Alexandria, Virginia.  Formerly Charlotte, NC and Cincinnati, OH.  My in-laws joke they they are going to buy an RV and follow us around the country since we can’t seem to settle in one place.

M. Mom’s name:  Judy (aka The Jude)

N. Nicknames:  Em, Emmer, Emyline.  And my best college friends call me Bo Malone – don’t ask.

O. Overnight hospital stays:  When I was 15, I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and resulted in emergency surgery.  When I got back to school several days later, one of the boys in my class told everyone that the cyst was actually an STD, resulting in one of the biggest humiliations of my life.  I had never even kissed a boy!

P. Pet peeves:  Inefficient loading of the dishwasher, slow walkers, distracted drivers, not yielding to pedestrians.

Q. Quote from a movie: “All this while I’ve been packing ice around my heart. How do I make it melt?” – Ada, Cold Mountain

R. Righty or lefty:  LEFTY!  Represent.

S. Siblings:  Rebecca (32), Sarah (20), and half-sister Elizabeth (6)

T. Time you wake up:  If I’m going to the gym, 6am.  Every other morning, between 6:30 and 7:00am (weekdays and weekends).

U. Underwear:  Yes?  I don’t really understand this question.  I guess to be more specific, all of my underwear is from Gap Body.  Also, I never ever wear thongs.  I find them horrifying. 

V. Vegetables you dont’ like:  I think I like ALL vegetables – can’t really think of one.  But there is nothing worse than a bad tomato.

W. What makes you run late:  I am notoriously 5 minutes late for everything.  If you are friends with me, you will quickly come to expect this.  There is no cause or reason, other than poor time management.

X. X-rays you’ve had:  Both legs (after my car accident), many chest x-rays (I have had problems with lung infections), and my left foot (crushed under an industrial roll of paper that fell on it in 6th grade art class).

Y. Yummy food you make:  See my recipe page!  But my favorite is probably the crispy tofu that I make several times a week.

Z. Zoo animal favorites:  Haven’t been to the zoo in a long time, and haven’t decided how I feel about it now that I’m all grown up.  But as for animals, I love polar bears, alligators, and gorillas.

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What do you think – did you learn anything new about me?  Maybe if I am brave enough I will do one of those accent videos too. 

Coming up next – a grocery store post!