The Newest Malone.

I can already tell today is going to be one of those days that feels a lot longer than 24 hours!  Woke up this morning sick as a dog.  I alternated throwing up with attempting to get my suitcase packed, make sure I remembered everything, and get us out of the house on time to make our appointment!

Due to crazy pouring rain in DC this morning, we walked in the door with not a minute to spare!  I didn’t get to meet with the doctor I originally scheduled, which bothered me when I first found out (it was a man – I wanted a woman).  But he turned out to be really great, very comforting, and happily answered all my questions. 

We sat for a few minutes and talked about family history, being vegetarian (he was totally supportive), nutrition, risks, and other things.  He mentioned that until we heard a heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage at that point was 70%.  I don’t think the actuary (risk analyst) in Casey liked those odds very much.  He suddenly seemed very nervous, but funny enough – I felt ready and relaxed.

We moved down the hall to the sonogram room, and got ready to (hopefully) see our baby for the very first time.  We both stared at the screen as he fished around for the image, and I’m pretty sure I broke all the bones in Casey’s hand from squeezing it so hard.  When the image first popped up, I saw the empty black (uterus) space, but there was nothing in it.  My heart dropped.

And then he moved the imager around a little more, and all of the sudden this amazing little image popped up! 

IMG_8317 (640x442)

Casey and I both found ourselves staring at the screen saying “oh my gooooood” over and over again.  It was so incredible – I’ll never forget it!  Then the doctor turned up the heart monitor and suddenly we heard a loud THUMP THUMP THUMP!  What a heartbeat – I couldn’t believe how fast it was!  Casey thinks the baby takes after Huey, who’s heart is always racing.  :)

IMG_8318 (640x441)

Not that it didn’t feel real already, but actually seeing that there is something growing inside me (totally weird) makes it feel so much more tangible.  We have both been smiling all day! 

IMG_8320 (427x640)

After our appointment, we headed to a Caribou Coffee to get some work done for a few hours, before we needed to head to the airport.

IMG_8322 (640x427)

After this morning’s morning sickness incident, I came prepared with a sleeve of saltines for the road. 

IMG_8321 (422x640)

We worked for a few hours, and I aaaaalmost got my blog post finished, but of course ran out of time right at the end.

IMG_8324 (640x427)

Luckily we left for the airport when we did.  It wasn’t our luckiest day of travelling – looooong security lines, no good food in our terminal, and then sitting for two hours on the runway before we could take off.  We have FINALLY arrived in Seattle at what is 10:30 Pacific time – which means this is as late as I have stayed up in a very long time.

Hitting the hotel bed immediately, so that I can rest up for a fun day out in Seattle tomorrow!  What an exhausting, but wonderful day.