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Tips from a Frequent Traveler.

Greetings from the West Coast!  After a very long day of traveling yesterday, we are finally safe and sound in Seattle!  If you are just catching up, we are actually going to be relocating here for Casey’s job, so we’re in town this week to house hunt for what is hopefully our next fabulous home.

It’s funny – I am usually a ball of nerves and anxiety about most things that other people think are no big deal.  But when it comes to traveling, I am as laid back as they come.  I like to get to the airport as late as possible, be the last one on the plane so I don’t have to wait in line while others cram bags into overhead bins, and am just generally very relaxed about air travel.  (Casey is the opposite of this, and always wants to be there four hours early.  I like to remind him that I have never missed a flight, and he has!) I love people watching at the airport!

IMG_8705 (640x427)

In the last few years I have done a LOT of travelling, and in the coming months I’ll probably have to do quite a bit more.  I thought it would be fun today to share with you a few of my favorite travel tips.  I’m not talking about tips like “pack a homemade sandwich so that you can save money in the airport!”  You guys are smart and already know to do that.

IMG_8710 (640x427)

Here are a few less commonly known travel tips, that I use every time!

1.  Upgrade Your Seat for Free

When you buy an airline ticket online, you are typically given the choice to pick your seat from the little airplane map upon checkout.  Usually there aren’t many shown as available, and you end up choosing a window in the back not-so-conveniently located near the bathroom.  Online you are also give the option to purchase a nicer seat for $25 to $100, which I doubt many of us actually do.

But did you know that if you arrive to the airport an hour or two early, you can actually change your seat at the check-in counter for free?  I’m not talking about first class – I’m talking about the next best row on any airplane.  The exit row!

IMG_8709 (640x427)

Exit rows generally have 5+ inches of extra leg room, which can easily make the difference between the flight from hell, or a peaceful 4 hour nap.  Of course sitting in the exit row comes with a few added responsibilities should your plane catch on fire or start plummeting back towards the ground.  But I like to think that in an emergency I would help my fellow passengers regardless. 

Check out the seat I got for our flight out here to Seattle – best seat EVER!  There was a giant empty space in front of me for optimum leg stretching and relaxing.  But since my legs are shorter, I ended up scooting over and giving this one to Casey.

IMG_8708 (427x640)

2.  Travel Comfortably

When I was little, my mom used to make us get all dressed up to get on an airplane, and I never understood why.  I think this was passed down from her mom, when flying was very rare and only for special occasions.  Racing through airports, lugging baggage, and cramming in next to strangers is uncomfortable enough – there is NO reason wear something that adds to the discomfort.

In addition, I always try to wear something that will be easy to breeze through security in (read: NOT giant heeled boots, coats with 20 buttons, or lots of bulky jewelry).  My personal shoe of choice for air travel?  My moccasin slippers!

IMG_8711 (427x640)

They are nice looking and have hard soles, so they can easily double as shoes when I’m feeling casual.  (Note: I do think that casual can be taken too far – people should not be travelling in flannel pajama pants, ever.)

3.  Utilize Brand Loyalty

Between weddings, vacations, road trips, house hunting, and moving – we’ve found ourselves staying at a good number of hotels in the past few years.  Way back when we first moved to Charlotte, I realized we would be making multiple trips there to visit, so I researched some hotel chains and ended up picking a favorite.  I joined their frequent guest rewards program, and have since booked every hotel we stay in at the same chain.

Two years later, we have accumulated a TON of rewards that have translated into free night stays, room upgrades, and other perks like free Wi-Fi and parking!  Also, by using the same hotel chain, we generally know what to expect when we arrive to our destination.  Our room here in Seattle looks exactly like a suite we had in Kentucky last fall!

IMG_8712 (640x427)

For a multi-day trip like this, it’s nice to have the extra space with a desk, big sectional couch, and room to spread out.  The hotel rewards seem slow to add up at first, but it’s worth it to commit early and sometimes pay $10 more a night to be able to stay with a brand you enjoy.  These loyalty perks can also be applied to airlines and rental cars – almost all of them have some sort of rewards program.

So there you have it – my favorite travel tips for living on the road.  We are visiting Casey’s new office this morning, and then heading out to see five houses tonight, with four more lined up for tomorrow.  Cross your fingers that one of them is perfect for us!

What are some of your favorite travel tips that you can share?

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Ingunn     at 2:35 pm

Good luck!

(Don’t worry, the weather here isn’t usually *this* bad!!)


Freya     at 2:36 pm

We could never be travel buddies:
‘to get to the airport as late as possible, be the last one on the plane so I don’t have to wait in line ‘ – OH no lol!
I love the tip about upgrading the seat – that’s genius! I’m not sure if it’s the same thing, but I asked when I was waiting to board if I could upgrade, and they told me it’d be £600…though that coulda been 1st class :P


Stacy @ Every Little Thing     at 2:36 pm

I agree with all of that! I always wear yoga pants and moccasins (or flip flops) to the airport. It amazes me when I see people in heels and giant leather jackets and such! Seriously?!

I like to get on the plane first actually. With the new cost for checking a bag, people like to bring HUGE bags onto the plane and attempt to shove them into the overhead. I’m always worried they’ll run out of room and make me check my bag (definitely seen it happen almost every flight I’ve had the last couple years). I get on the plane as quickly as possible, put my bag up, and sit back and relax.


Amanda Donovan     at 2:37 pm

You’re moving here? Congratulations! I just relocated from Old Town, Alexandria to Seattle too!!
We live on the top of Queen Anne, I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s probably the best approximation to Old Town—lots of shops and restaurants, dogs, and families. Let me know if you need any other pointers. I think you will love it here!


Emily Malone Reply:

REALLY? Can we be friends? :) I have sooo been searching for the “Old Town” of Seattle. We are seeing a few in Queen Anne tomorrow, but sadly I’m not seeing much in the way of rentals there right now (on Craigslist). Needing a fenced yard for dogs makes the house hunt tough. I would love to hear more about your move from VA to WA! The logistics are so overwhelming.


Amanda (Still Life With Duck) Reply:

Haha, yes, we can definitely be friends. :) A fenced yard does make it tough. A lot of apartment buildings in the area do allow dogs (including the one we live in). Seattle is a very dog friendly city and there are a lot of off leash dog parks. E-mail me and we can talk more about cross-country move logistics and adjusting to life in Seattle!


Jeni Reply:

Seattle is super dog-friendly. We moved here from North Carolina a few years ago with our dog and she loves the dog parks. You can even take your dogs on the bus here! I moved to Seattle for grad school (and I’m still getting the hang of the place), but I’d be happy to share my pointers about vegetarian foodie meccas, the best farmer’s markets, and adjusting to the cloudy weather :-)


Amanda (Still Life With Duck) Reply:

Oh, and don’t the weather today worry you, when it’s sunny here, there is no place better.


bitt Reply:

Magnusin park! For the dogs. :-) They will love it.


Anne     at 2:38 pm

Good luck with the house hunt – I hope you find one that you love!!!!


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 2:39 pm

I love people watching too! Probably since I work out of the house and between that and the mall…those are the only times I see people that aren’t in the norm. I ALWAYS travel with my hobo snacks. Seriously, they are life and budget savers when it comes to trips. I could feel most of the plane with what I pack for me and my husband. Also, since we have food allergies, this helps out tremendously when we can’t find anything other than a sandwich place or bagel place. Great tips Emily! Good luck looking for a place.


Sana     at 2:39 pm

My travel tip? Bring a trusted friend aka a man who will take care of all the boring details i.e maps, directions ect.


Jackie @ Baking Charms     at 2:39 pm

I never really thought much about the brand loyalty aspect of traveling but it makes so much sense! I’ll keep that in mind :)

Good luck house hunting!


Sarah @ goingongoals     at 2:40 pm

I like to arrive to the airport late to. There is no need to get there early!

Good luck with the house hunting!


Susan     at 2:42 pm

That looks like a nice room. What hotel chain is that? I’ve never been loyal to a hotel chain before, but it’s something I should look into.

I always pack my bags the night before we leave. And then I leave the drawers and closet doors open so I can make one last sweep before we head out.


Emily Malone Reply:

Hyatt for life! :)


Heather @ Side of Sneakers     at 2:45 pm

The brand loyalty thing is awesome for airlines too- after taking a few flights from airports in the area, I realized the cheapest flights were almost always on the same airline. Now, as long as the price is close, I always book on that airline so I can rack up miles for a free trip. Plus, I know exactly how to check in, check flight status, etc.

And I always bring lots of layers- it’s usually freeeeezing on airplanes, but sometimes it can be really stuffy and hot- you never know :)


Katie KS     at 2:46 pm

I love the exit row too but wouldn’t sit in it while pregnant. And of course once you have kids, no more sitting there for like 16 years so enjoy it while it lasts :)

(We also had to dress up when we flew as children. Seems strange now but that used to be how it was!!)


Emily Malone Reply:

Ahh I know! I commented that once I’m visibly showing I bet they won’t let me have the extra legroom. Too bad since I’ll need it then the most!


Katie KS Reply:

Yes – I’m sure you know this but for long flights during pregnancy it’s essential to move around as much as possible. The ONLY times I really swelled during my last pregnancy were long road trips and flights. (Some of that I blame on the saltiness of food at restaurants though.) But it would take me the better part of a week to de-swell. Pregnancy travel and flying with babies/children require a whole new level of tips though!


Emily Malone Reply:

For the 5 day road trip to Seattle coming up, I am lucky enough that Casey and my MIL are going to do the drive together, and let me rest and fly out to meet them at the end. I am SO relieved to not have to make the drive, and so grateful to them for sparing me 5 days in the car at 4 months pregnant.


RhodeyGirl Reply:

Emily when I checked in for the flight home from Italy I mentioned that I was pregnant (in passing) and she ended up giving us the first row after business class (row 6 or 7). It was INCREDIBLE to have all that room! Since we won’t be able to do the exit row while visibly showing, at least we have another option!


Katie KS Reply:

I got lucky on a connection thru Newark to CVG (that we nearly missed bc of slooooow customs) that I got a whole row to myself so I propped up my feet and put a pillow against the window and sat sideways the whole time :) DH had a whole row to himself too. Apparently there were more than a dozen people from our first flight that were supposed to be on this commuter one to CVG and no one made it but us. Nothing like RUNNING thru an airport at 4 mos pregnant :) But yeah, when you fly back out on your own, milk it and tell the flight attendants and they’ll be extra nice to you! I got them to bring me water and a snack right away after our run :) …


Katie KS     at 2:48 pm

Oh – and my favorite money saving trip is to pack your own water bottle and refill it in drinking fountains. Bottled water is ridiculously expensive and you can’t take it thru security anyway. I usually carry mine full til security and then dump out the water in the trash! Gotta stay hydrated while pregnant!


Maria     at 2:51 pm

My husband is 6’7″, so I try to be polite and allow him the time at the airport to grab an exit row seat, though once you have a child, no one in your party is allowed to sit there when said child is on the plane with you. ;-)

My favorite tip– pack a snack, buy water, and be sure to travel with a book. Also a heavy dose of patience and cheer is great.

When I was without a child, I could fly on a whim, but now I plan it quite carefully. My son has more frequent flier miles than many adults, and definitely has more passport stamps. My primary tips for flying with him are the same as above, but also to schedule flights that work for his schedule rather than price. :)


Emily Malone Reply:

Love the schedule trip – so true with kids!


Sheena     at 2:53 pm

The brand loyalty thing is so true…particularly in the hotel industry. When you check in, the first thing that pops up on the computer is your past stays at hotels within the family brand. Brand loyalty is everything and having worked in the industry, we always did our best to go above and beyond for those who have chosen to stay with us and our family of hotels over the years. I don’t think it matter nearly as much with airlines as the meaningful perks these days are really only applicable to super elites who travel 75,000+ miles each year, but in the hotel industry, even the lowest level appreciates tangible benefits!

AND congratulations to your family on Casey’s new job! I understand if this is too personal, but can you share what type of job or industry he will be working in?


Emily Malone Reply:

YES – the Hyatt people are so nice to us! It makes me feel fancy. :)

Casey works as an independent actuarial consultant now, but he’ll be joining a large actuarial consulting firm here in Seattle. Basically he does risk analysis (read: fancy math) for life insurance companies.


Kelly Reply:

Is that what Edward Nortons character did in the movie Fight Club?
P.S – congrats on your pregnancy, I’m loooovvviiinnnggg following your journey – all the way from Australia : )


Kristen     at 2:54 pm

I have been in that same hotel room but in New Jersey! :)
Hope you enjoy the trip to Seattle and that you find a place to live!


Angie @ Musings of a Violet Monkey     at 2:54 pm

Hello frequent traveler! I’m one, too.
Although, I like to be at the airport early and to be one of the first ones on the plane. With all of this carry-on/checked bag fee hoo-haa, I would rather just get settled and NOT be the one they have to gate check bags for.
I am completely with you on flying comfortably… even though I usually feel like a bit of a bum when I see women all decked out. (I usually wear black yoga/walking pants with pockets, a nice tee and a zip-up hoodie (I’m usually cold on planes!) and my most comfy shoes… my Merrells.

Good luck on the house-hunting!!



ginna     at 2:55 pm

Love the exit! When we flew back from Paris they didnt even give us our seat assignment until we checked in (i was so frantic i would not get to sit by my hubby for the 11 hr flight!) but we got the exit row with no one in front of us and it was awesome!

I always try to sit in the aisle too because then i dont have to climb over sleeping people lol!

Whats with it with women and heels and flying? I am always wearing slip ons because i know it helps get through security much faster!


Jordan (Ciao Cow)     at 2:56 pm

Good luck house hunting!


Jo @ Jo In the Kitchen     at 2:57 pm

Thanks for the tips! Good luck with the house hunt.


Khar     at 2:59 pm

That looks just like the Hyatt I stayed in in Denver! I hate to check bags so usually like to board early so there’s space in the overhead for my (within size restrictions) bag. My tips are to always have some kind of bar or other food. And I love TripIt, an iPhone app that organizes your travel reservations.


Beth     at 2:59 pm

So excited you are here! Good luck house hunting. I hope the weather gets better for your visit.


sheila I     at 3:00 pm

I have to add that being loyal to an airline has even more perks than being loyal to a hotel. If you become a FF member you can choose the exit row or other prority seating when you buy your ticket, (plus I get upgraded to First Class 75% of the time,) get to check 2 free bags, 3 if I am upgraded, and get to go through a much better security line, plus our family of 4 haven’t had to buy airline tickets (for personal use) in years.

The PP was correct. You should not sit in the exit row while PG, but you can sit in the bulkhead.

Also, I always wear/bring socks for gross security floors & freezing planes.


Amber     at 3:05 pm

This is GREAT advice! Thank you! I’m not able to travel as much as I’d like, but I’m hoping that will change soon. And when it does, I’ll definitely utilize your travel tips. :)


Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday     at 3:13 pm

The row right behind business class is usually really spacious too. My husband and I sat there on our flight to Stockholm and it was glorious.


CharlotteRunner20     at 3:14 pm

As a fellow frequent traveler (that does not have enough miles to be a FF), you can change your seat to an exit row ONLINE, the day your flight departs. I think it’s 12 hours (or maybe less) but the fees disappear online and you can switch seats. For early morning flights, I logon before I leave home and change my seat :)


RhodeyGirl     at 3:15 pm

I use all of your tips already!!! Yay!

My only extra tip is to bring a pair of slipper socks for longer plane rides. I take off my shoes and put the slipper socks on top of my regular socks for maximum comfort. I can also walk around the plane in them without feeling like Im in just my gross socks.

Do you go barefoot underneath the moccasins? What do you do for going through security? I am always confused when I see people in flip flops at the airport or no socks since you have to take off the shoes to go through security.


Leah Reply:

I often fly in shoes without socks. Yes, it’s gross to go through airport security in bare feet…but a lot of my shoes do not work with socks. Yesterday I flew in a skirt and tights (after a work event) and I *hated* walking through security in tights only…I felt like wrecking good tights is worse than bare feet!


Stephanie W     at 3:19 pm

Look into Ballard! My husband and I moved to this neighborhood last June and love it! Very dog friendly, the Ballard Farmer’s Market year round, very walkable, and amazing restaurants. It is also close to downtown, Discovery Park, the Locks, and Golden Gardens.


Marci     at 3:21 pm

Travel tips–fly in glasses and keep contacts in a carry on with extra solution in the carry on bag. My contacts dry out when I wear them while flying. Carry on extra clothes, or at least underwear in case your bags are lost. Carry an empty water bottle. Wear a jacket with hood. Keeps the air from blowing straight on your head even though you look like a hobo.
And I’ve had luck with overnight oats because TSA doesn’t know what they are. Liquid? Solid? Goop?


Mary Ann Reply:

Ooh I agree with that, I always fly in my glasses! Much easier if I want to nap on the plane too!


Laurie     at 3:23 pm

Emily – best of luck! We just signed a lease for an apartment in South Lake Union – moving from NYS in April. I’ve spent the last few years wanting to move to Seattle and finally picked this year as the year to do so.

Seattle is very dog-friendly as previously mentioned. And the restaurants are heaven. Latest favorite discovery is Plum Vegan Bistro in Capitol Hill. I’ve started to carry a notebook with me as I pass cool places that look like they need further discovery.

I can’t wait to follow along on your adventures here in Seattle!


Alaina     at 3:28 pm

Good luck on the house hunting!

I don’t travel often but when I do, I am all about comfort. I’ve worn sweatpants before, but usually it’s just a comfy pair of jeans and a light jacket.


bitt     at 3:30 pm

My tips are:
fly direct and no red eyes. all that stuff was fine when I was 20 but not for me anymore.

fly jetblue. it’s direct to a lot of places on the east coast and it has extra legroom and TVs.


Melissa     at 3:37 pm

My brother-in-law who moved from Seattle a few months ago, said that you should look in Edmonds or Shoreline if you want a decent rent rate with a yard. They lived in Edmonds and they (and I when I visited) really loved it there. Has a quaint little town area with a few good places to eat, lots of neighborhood sidewalks…is on the water (with a beach)…is a ferry location (I think actually the ferry we took to head over to the Olympic Peninsula.) Anyway, good luck! My sister loved living in Seattle!


Lee     at 3:40 pm

My husband got an Airtran credit card and he gets a certain number of points for every $1,000 he spends. We get A LOT of free flights and upgrades that way.


Kate     at 3:41 pm

My Flier Tip: If you have a nice computer bag with room for extra stuff, you can end up taking two essentially suitcases on the plane and you don’t have to check bags – airline luggage regs say that you can’t check a computer, so they have to let you take the computer bag.


Leah Reply:

I talked to a guy at a car rental place (after getting off of a flight) this week. He said the airline *made* him check his computer bag right at the gate because all the overhead bins were full. He took out his computer from the bag (thank goodness) but they lost his bag. He was heading to make a presentation and did not have any of his paperwork. Luckily, he had the computer. So I think some airlines squash this rule if there’s simply no room in the overheads…


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 3:45 pm

Best of luck in searching for a house!

I’m sure it is nerve-racking, but I am confident it will work out. I just remember reading how stressful it was for you when looking for a place in VA, but in the end, you ended up finding a place you loved!


Meghan     at 3:49 pm

I totally hear you on the shoes. I don’t get how people wear boots! Sometimes I think that so many celebrity photos at airports make people think they are being photographed too. :)


Kate (What Kate is Cooking)     at 3:52 pm

Great tips! Moccasins or sandals are great travel shoes :)


Ché @ Knight at the Restaurant     at 4:03 pm

Priceline, hands down.

I wrote a post about tips for using Priceline recently – since I learned how to use it I’ve saved a TON of money using their Name Your Own Price tool. Works wonders if you’re traveling on the cheap, but don’t want to sacrifice a nice hotel in a nice location.


Amy     at 4:15 pm

I think I can enlighten you on the heels/nice clothes while flying–one of the biggest travel tips that used to go around from travel agents and the like was to dress nice for flying so that you’ll get better customer service and even increase your chances of upgrade. I’m not sure how true that actually is, but it sort of makes sense to me. I’ve heard the same mentality for shopping–the “experts” say you’ll get better customer service if you’re dressed nicer while out and about at the mall.

I like to dress comfortably when flying but I also don’t think there is anything wrong with people wanting to look nice, either! :) Doing one doesn’t have to mean not doing the other and vice versa! I am a nervous flyer so regardless of what I wear I usually end up a sweaty flustered mess, haha!


Amanda     at 4:19 pm

Ooooohhh that’s a Hyatt Place I believe!??? Love those hotels! Free Wi-Fi and good size rooms! (and usually new or updated!) Good luck house/apt hunting!


katie     at 4:30 pm

Hahaha! Casey and Kirt are so alike on so many funny habits. Kirt LOVES to get to the airport as early as possible, and I am ALWAYS late to the airport (although I have actually missed a flight before).
I agree with the poster about being loyal to an airline…AirTran all the way! Our AirTran credit card scored us two free flights to Vegas in Sept.
GOOD LUCK finding a new HOME!


erica     at 4:32 pm

great tips :)
the airline i usually travel on charges for the exit row upgrade! :(
i think i signed up for the hyatt program, but never actually made use of it…maybe i should!


Jenny     at 4:34 pm

Check out Magnolia — it’s my favorite neighborhood in Seattle from my visits — beautiful in spring!


Beth     at 4:47 pm

Emily, you MUST go to Fremont and go to Flying Apron vegan cafe. I am obsessed. I wish I lived in Seattle just for this bakery. They have great salads/soups/pizza’s but the baked goods are to die for. Everytime I visit I pick up like 4 of the “day olds” and bring them home and freeze them to save for later. Seriously good spot to check out.


sarah k @ the pajama chef     at 4:48 pm

i’m totally part of the brand loyalty hotel dealy-o too :) it’s great!! and i think your choice of hotel is the same as mine :) i recognize that decor…


Stephanie @ My Thorns Have Roses     at 4:56 pm

How did I miss you were moving? Wow. That was fast! Hopefully you’ll be able to do some relaxing amidst all the travels. When you’re pregnant you just might have to re-think the flannel pj’s at the airport. ;)


Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan)     at 5:17 pm

Good luck house hunting!
I am a total nightmare when it comes to flying. I’m the one grabbing onto the headrest in front of me, trying to hold on for dear life (even if there isn’t turbulence!) and if I’m not doing that, I’m hyperventilating into a paper bag :)
Your hotel is so pretty! These are great tips! I never understood why people come to the airport dressed to the nines, I mean you’re just going to be sitting on a plane!! :D


Megan (Braise The Roof)     at 5:23 pm

Good tips! I rarely check luggage, so I’m the girl that’s the first to check in to my flight and get in line so that I can find space for my suitcase in the overheads! I actually always wear my biggest shoes so that I don’t have to pack them- it might make walking a bit more uncomfortable, but I’m happy not to have to lug them around!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)     at 5:30 pm

great tips, Emily!!

my best tip: be flexible and go into it with a laidback attitude, don’t stress, you cant change what is going to happen when snags (can and usually will pop up). All you can do is try to stay calm and chill :)


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 5:31 pm

These are great tips! I will be traveling a lot more now that I am going to be in college, so using that “free upgrade” tip is going to be SO helpful!


Mary Ann     at 5:36 pm

My favorite travel tip is more of a vacation tip–invest in a vacation resort chain! Kinda like a time share, but with dozens of locations and you’re not locked into a time/place. We’ve used our resorts to vacation anywhere from Maui to Big Bear Lake to the Ozarks to the Oregon Coast. It makes vacationing so cheap when your housing is already paid for (of course you have the cost of purchasing, taxes, and yearly maintenance fees) but before we bought this we never or rarely vacationed, now we do a big vacation every other year and a smaller on alternate years! Plus you are staying in condos, which have separate bedrooms, living rooms, full kitchens so you can cook some meals in and save more money, plus washer/dryers!


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 5:56 pm

One tip my pops taught me:
If your flight time isn’t pertinent and you asked if you can be booked on a different flight that’s later or the next day, they will usually be looking for people to offer their seats to people who are desperate for them. Sometimes, they will bump you to first class or they will offer you a free plane ticket. This has put me in first class once and I’ve gotten 2 free tickets!


LauraJayne     at 5:59 pm

I always try to arrive at the very latest possible moment for flights – I hate flying and try to avoid the airport for as much time as is humanly possible. I think that translates into being laid back when I fly, but I really I’m just trying to postpone the inevitable. I fly too much to be afraid of it, but hate the delays and close quarters of the airplane! Love your travel tips!


Errign     at 6:32 pm

I’m with you on the comfort factor – I almost always travel in flip flops, even if it’s winter in New England when I’m leaving. On my flights to Singapore & back last week, I totally believe flip flops saved my feet from crazy swelling.

My favorite tips?
1. Make sure your carry on is something you can carry. It shouldn’t be super heavy, especially if you’re going to need to store it in an overhead bin. A squishy backpack is always nicer for storing under the seat.

2. Check out the airport amenities before you travel. This is how I knew there were showers in Tokyo-Narita airport when I got stranded there for 27 hours. This also makes it easy to find food options that work for you. Also, you’ll know up front if the airport has free wi-fi :)

3. Sunglasses can double as eye masks!


Errign Reply:

Also, if you are unhappy with how your flight went for some reason, don’t be afraid to respectful contact the airline you flew with. I’ve scored free miles and flight credits this way.


laura (starloz)     at 7:07 pm

oh these tips are fantastic. i think traveling is a little stressful so i often need to buckle down & be responsible.


Kate @ Naturastride     at 7:08 pm

I travel often and some of my personal travel necessities include:
1. Hand Sanitizer!!!!
2. Drink tons of water
3. Extra thick socks
4. Slip-on shoes for security
5. Extra ziploc liquid bags
6. Plastic bag for gym clothes used during trip – to avoid stinking up the suitcase!
7. Snacks!
8. Downloading podcasts for flight

Best of luck house-hunting!


Leah Reply:

Be careful to select a hand sanitizer that is comprised of natural ingredients. There’s a chemical in most hand sanitizers that is a known hormone disruptor (produces false estrogens). It’s one of those ‘must avoid’ products in my family after we learned about it from my Mom’s oncologist. Check it out online…there’s many countries that have outlawed the chemical. It’s called Triethanolamine.


Red Deception     at 7:10 pm

I’m more of a world traveller, and I have been all over western Europe, central america, the US, and south america.

My best tip is to walk. I never rent a car or use bus lines when I travel (when I can avoid it. Try walking all over London!). I learn the most about a city when I am walking amongst the locals and often find gems that normal tourists may never find on tourist buses.

My second tip is to travel alone. At least once! I have never travelled to any of my destinations with my parents, a friend, or a boyfriend. I make my own itinerary for my trip and no one is mad at me when I break it. I can have gelato every day in Venice and go to the same graveyard in Scotland every night to find ghosts. I have grown much more independent and secure in my capabilities to care for myself now that I have travelled the world alone.

Oh, and travel light. I only brought two pairs of pants and one pair of shoes for a 6-week trip across europe. You want room for the fun bierstiens, cashmere gloves, and stroopwaffles you will be backing around with you as you travel. You will end up bringing stuff home – have room for it!


Cindy     at 7:29 pm

I love the idea of knowing what your room will be like when you get there! Enjoy your trip!


Annie@stronghealthyfit     at 7:42 pm

Great post! hope you love Seattle, it’s such a great city :-) Love the tip about upgrading your seat.


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 8:46 pm

Great tips! I love the exit row! Extra leg room is amazing. Good luck with the house hunting!!


Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle     at 8:54 pm

Make friends with the hotel staff! They are generally the most knowledgeable people in the area and can clue you in to all the hidden gems in the area and little tips about getting around, etc. It also doesn’t hurt when you need something at the hotel ;)


Marie     at 9:20 pm

Just two more tips that I didn’t see in the other comments. We’re usually schlepping laptops/work stuff and don’t have room to put clothes in our carry-on. I pack something to sleep in and one outfit (and change of undies) in my husband’s checked bag. And vice versa – my husband puts a change of clothes and underwear in my checked bag. In case any luggage gets lost we always have something to wear. Sometimes it takes them a day to track down the bag and clean clothes always makes me more patient.

I also pack my small everyday purse in my bag and use a ginormous tote/bag for the plane travel (fits water bottles, snacks, Kindle, magazines, earphones, etc. etc. Oh and love the sunglasses as sleeping mask – works like a charm!


Olena     at 10:34 pm

To add to your shoe tip: wear something that doesn’t have metal in it (e.g. buckles) and comes off easily for x-raying… I sweated buckets removing my zip-up heeled cowboyish boots three times in one trip.


Kiran     at 10:51 pm

Great tips! I can’t travel with you – need to be early in airports. Sometimes karma bites me at long security lines, potentially missing connecting flights.


Alissa @ Still Unwritten     at 11:16 pm

Great tips! I also make a playlist for any extra long flights. It also helps to put your liquids in a ziploc in your purse so you can dig them out easily without unloading your whole suitcase!

Those mocs looks super comfy! I think I might have to get a pair!


Katy     at 11:42 pm

i LOVE your travel tips and agree with them all…including the flannel pants one (something my husband ALWAYS does when we take red eyes…I NEED to get him a new favorite pair of travel pants that AREN’T plaid!)

If you haven’t seen this site before you should check it out: http://www.seatguru.com/ it gives all sorts of details about seats and all different planes – so cool!


Renee     at 11:46 pm

I’ve traveled a lot too and my biggest tips are, eyeshades to block the light out while trying to sleep, ear plugs and a neck pillow.

After that, comfy shoes, clothes and a hoodie, water bottle and lots of snacks (in zip lock bags so they won’t spill). You never know when you’ll get stuck, or your plane will late arriving and you won’t have time to buy a snack for the next leg of your trip.

Also, always join whatever airline you are flying FF program. Many airlines offer a credit card with free miles/no fees the first year and you can combine that with the miles you’ve earned for a free flight to somewhere.


Ashley     at 12:24 am

What a fun + different post! You are so adorable. :) Funny that Casey has missed a flight + you haven’t. hehe GOOD LUCK!! xoxo


Leah     at 1:15 am

Comfy clothes are great, but when I traveled for business we were required to dress the same as when we worked (luckily the most recent place I worked, we wore jeans to the office)… When travelling, my husband often travels for the day – no luggage, just his computer and is back that night – so he travels in work attire.

As for travel with kids, give yourself plenty of time, and staying in a hotel with “free” breakfast can be a big time and money saver. We’ve stayed at some that were $10 or $20 more than a comparable neighbouring hotel, but that was easily saved by the breakfast – its not cheap feeding 5! Although sometimes the free breakfast is just that, and you do get what you pay for!

Hope your house hunting goes well…


Heather     at 4:40 am

Crossing fingers! Have fun! And those are some really helpful travel tips. Thanks!


Lauren @ Hungry Child in the City     at 9:20 am

Thanks for the tips! I have the same moccasins, used expressly for traveling, but didn’t know about the airport seat upgrade. Great tip! As far as hotel loyalty goes, I do the same thing with airlines, and flew to Boston from New York for free one weekend on all my JetBlue points!


Gabrielle @ Weightless     at 9:33 am

Great point about wearing easy-to-take-off shoes. I would also add keeping your laptop accessible. I just got back from a trip, and couldn’t believe the number of people in security who were wasting everyone’s time unlacing shoes, taking off their jackets, rooting around for the laptops, etc. Come on, people, don’t you know the drill by now?


Kathleen     at 9:37 am

I grew up a few hours outside of Seattle. There is so much beauty in Washington. There are so many outdoor activities, especially hiking. The state has great beauty, just be prepared for the rain. I used to say I didn’t tan, I rusted. How fun. Enjoy!


Charlie     at 9:41 am

My travel tips are lip balm, moisturiser (try lavender) and facewipes. I always get so dry on aeroplanes. For overnight flights I always pack an eyemask and my ipod, and some herbal sleep aids so that I can get a decent nights sleep. Oh and buy loads of water once through security, I get so dehydrated! It really irritates me that you cant bring empty bottles then fill them at a water bottle on the other side, what a waste of money and bad for the environment! Happy househunting x


Kat @ BigAppleLittleKitchen     at 10:30 am

What’s your favorite hotel chain? I can never seem to pick a good one just by searching online. That room looks very nice!


Amber K     at 11:03 am

Good luck on the house hunt!


lindsay     at 11:56 am

Which hotel chain have you chosen? have been looking and i dont know which has the best rewards!


becca @ bellebottoms     at 1:49 pm

Some other tips I find helpful in my travels:

– download your boarding pass to your phone for easier access
– put your liquids in a baggie before you pack. It’s easier to get through security.
– always bring a shawl or sweater. I never go anywhere without my pashmina! Planes are cold!! :)


Emily J     at 8:53 pm

Hey Emily,
I remember reading how much you like American Apparel. Well, here’s a daily deal from buywithme.com. 50% off AA – $25 for $50 worth of goods. And, use the code WELCOMESEATTLE (how perfect is that for you???) for 30% off making it only $17.50! I’m not a sales person… I just saw it at slickdeals.net and thought of you. :)
http://www.buywithme.com/ref/EFMZFCY2 is my reference link, but feel free to not use it.


Brittany     at 9:43 pm

Great tips! I try to fly as comfortably as possible, and normally wearing my Toms!


Monica     at 2:53 pm

That is a really smart idea about selecting a hotel. I always have the hardest time finding ones I like and would benefit greatly from some predictability when traveling.

I am a big fan of the exit row upgrade when checking in! Made my recent trip much easier to handle with morning sickness over taking my world.


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