Week 11: My Pregnancy Journey.

With so much going on right now, these milestone weeks are really flying by!  I can’t believe I’m already at week eleven.  In case you missed them, here are the previous weekly updates:

How Big is the Baby?

Baby Garnish seems to have gone through a massive growth spurt this week, and is now the size of a small LIME!

IMG_8688 (640x426)

I find it very hard to believe there is something as big as a lime hanging out inside of me.  It’s such a strange and surreal feeling.  According to my updates, the baby is over 2 inches long now – so big and strong!

How I’m Changing

The changes are definitely slow, but noticeable.  My BOOBS feel like they are twice the size they were pre-pregnancy, and I think it might be time for me to go shopping for new bras.  The ones I own now aren’t very comfortable anymore.  Other than that, I’m still wearing all my normal clothing, which feels like it still fits pretty well.  I just feel a little more bloated and puffy than normal.

IMG_8691 (427x640)

Casey and a few others who have seen me are claiming I have a small baby bump showing now.  I am still not convinced that this isn’t simply a little stomach pudge I already had before, but I guess it’s bound to show up eventually!  As far as physical changes go, I have noticed from my scale (which is also a body fat monitor) that my weight is still down (from previous weeks’ sickness), but my body fat percentage is higher than normal.  I find all of these physical changes to be really fascinating, and it’s fun to sit back for once and just watch my body change and grow. 

IMG_8693 (427x640)

How I’m Feeling

I’m still an emotional maniac, but I seem to have it together a little better this week than last.  I felt really great physically last week, and this week I’m experiencing a slight return of the nausea – nothing too horrible, but it’s definitely noticeable. 

I also did something really fun this morning – I bought my first item of baby gear.  I’ve mentioned this before, but Casey and I are both huge fans of American Apparel clothing.  We both own every single color of the tri-blend t-shirt collection (which is the softest material in.the.world), and it is seriously the only thing I wear.  (I’m making a point to rotate through the colors in all my pregnancy weekly updates so that I can put them all together in a collage at the end!)  This morning, wearing my own AA grey turtleneck, I stopped in the store on my way home and couldn’t resist picking up a matching little AA tri-blend infant cardigan – it’s the 3 to 6 month size!

IMG_8694 (640x427)

I have the same cardigan in light grey and in navy, and I can’t wait to have a little matching tri-blend family!  Yes, I know I am ridiculous.

What I’m Eating

Slowly but surely, a few new foods are creeping back into my meals.  This afternoon I grabbed a box to go at Whole Foods, and ended up adding something GREEN for the first time in a long time!

IMG_8685 (640x427)

Green beans, two different kind of tofu, a mixed bean salad, and an apple walnut salad.  It felt good to be successfully eating fruits and veggies again.  Fruits are definitely much easier to tolerate than vegetables, but I’m doing my best.  I am still downing oranges and bagels like nobody’s business.

And in totally un-related to pregnancy news, Casey came home last night and surprised me with a mason jar full of daffodils.

IMG_8695 (640x427)

In our 5+ years together, this was the first time I have ever received flowers.  It was so sweet and totally out of the blue, which made it feel that much more special.  Last week I felt sad and anxious, but this week I feel very blessed and lucky.

We are off to Seattle again tomorrow for a few days of HOUSE HUNTING!  Crossing my fingers that we find something fabulous – I’ll be taking my camera (and you guys!) along for the ride…