Coast to Coast.

I have been working in the kitchen today just to get a change of scenery.  With my two trusty helpers by my side of course.

IMG_8857 (640x427)

And during my one important phone call, there was a knock at the door that caused them both to react as if the end of the world was coming.  But it was worth the commotion, because on the other side of the door was this FedEx envelope…

IMG_8859 (640x427)

And inside was a lease agreement – the lease to our new place in Seattle!  We have a HOOOOUSE!

IMG_8861 (640x426)

So I have spent all day long trying to get moving estimates, scheduling estimators to come to the house, and doing research on moving companies.

IMG_8862 (640x427)

There are soooo many more logistics to this move than any of our previous relocations.  And while we do have a relocation budget provided by Casey’s company, we will need to do a lot of the legwork ourselves (plus I am a control freak). 

Right now I am trying to work through the details of getting packers, scheduling the truck to come, figuring out how to clean our empty house (with all our stuff on a moving truck), moving our car and dogs 3,000 miles across the country (our dogs cannot fly), and being there in time to meet the truck on the other end.  Oh, did I mention I am also throwing my sister’s baby shower in Connecticut three days before we move?  No sweat.

Lists are the only way to make sense of all of this.  Hoping to check at least one of these items off today…

IMG_8863 (640x427)

As of right now, our plan is to leave Virginia and drive our car and pups to Cincinnati.  From there, I will stay and hang out in Cincinnati for a few days, and Casey and my amazing mother-in-law are going to do the rest of the 3,000 mile drive together with the pups in tow.  My extreme road trip anxiety isn’t going to make a cross-country move enjoyable for anyone, so they have been wonderful enough to offer to do it for me, and I get to fly out and meet them at the end!  I feel VERY lucky.

The dogs are pretty excited about the trip.  Can’t you tell?

IMG_8867 (640x427)

I actually think Huey is going to love Seattle, since he is currently begging to go outside and play even though it is pouring rain.

IMG_8870 (640x427)

He is happiest when soaking wet.

IMG_8872 (640x423)

Indy, on the other hand, is a big water wimp, and will have to be forced outdoors to do his business when it is so much as misting outside.  Should be interesting.

IMG_8864 (426x640)

So now that we have an official lease in hand, I am happy to share a few more pictures of our new place with you guys!  Unfortunately, they aren’t that great because I was in a hurry and the house was empty.  I can’t wait to fill it with all our lovely things, and start making it feel like home!

First up, the master bedroom – big BRIGHT windows and a walk-in closet.

IMG_8759 (640x427)

From the other side – also has a little balcony off the front!

IMG_8760 (640x422)

And a cute attached bathroom!  It is nice, but it can’t even compare to the bathroom we have now.  Of all the things I will miss about our house, my current shower is number ONE.

IMG_8761 (427x640)

Future nursery!!  I get excited just typing that.  And it’s right next door to our bedroom so that I can sneak in every ten minutes and make sure the baby is still breathing.  :)

IMG_8763 (640x421)

Beautiful open kitchen!

IMG_8766 (640x421) (2)

With (FINALLY!) a gas stove!!  I could not be more excited about this – favorite feature of the new place!  I am going to roast peppers every day just because I can.

IMG_8767 (427x640)

Big, open living room/dining room off of the open kitchen.  I have wanted an open floor plan for so long, and I am so excited to finally have one. 

IMG_8768 (640x423)

Teeny little first floor office, where I will work during the day while the pups play in the yard.

IMG_8770 (427x640)

Speaking of – a grassy fenced in yard for Huey and Indy!  They are going to be so excited to have a good play space again (which has since been totally re-sodded and landscaped).  Major upgrade from the little patio we have for them now.

IMG_8771 (640x427)

There are a few more bathrooms and features I didn’t take pictures of, but it will be more exciting to give you a complete house tour once we are all moved in.  One more month!!

Now in a totally self-indulgent moment – can any of you who have done long-distance moves recommend (or NOT recommend) any particular moving companies?  I am doing my research, but it’s always nice to hear about good experiences!