Dinner In Capitol Hill.

We have had such a wonderful and relaxing weekend!  Casey has actually started his new job already (working remotely for the first month), and I can already tell that we have more free time on the weekends, and life is much more relaxed. 

Instead of staying in my sweatpants all day like I usually do on weekends, we decided to meet my friend Blake in his neighborhood for a little Sunday night dinner together!

IMG_8874 (425x640)

We are trying to fit in as many “classic DC” activities as possible before we leave – I’d like to hit up more museums, new restaurants, parks, etc. in the next month!  So tonight we headed to Capitol Hill to go to Ted’s Bulletin – a popular DC diner!

IMG_8877 (640x427)

IMG_8878 (427x640)

Inside I felt like I had taken a trip back in time…

IMG_8875 (640x427)

There were old black and white movies playing on the wall behind us (and check out that homemade desserts menu – twinkies and poptarts!?!).

IMG_8880 (640x427)

And the menus actually looked like old newspapers.  Very cool!

IMG_8879 (640x427)

Ted’s Bulletin is known for great burgers, so Blake ordered Ted’s Burgh’er – which was loaded with coleslaw, french fries, and a fried egg.  Gigantic.

IMG_8881 (640x417)

Casey got the veggie burger with avocado and other toppings.  Sadly it totally fell apart and had to be eaten with a fork and knife, but I think it still tasted good.

IMG_8883 (640x427)

I have discovered that I do best in restaurants when I can order SOUP – seems to be the only way I get down most of my veggies and nutrients.  I ordered minestrone soup and cornbread, but what arrived was chicken noodle.  So for a little while my plate looked like this…

IMG_8884 (640x427)

And then finally a bowl of minestrone was delivered!

IMG_8885 (640x427)

I had grilled the waiter on what was in the soup, since I seem to have some pretty strong pregnancy aversions these days.  One of them is raw or whole tomatoes – I honestly can’t even stand the sight of them.  Cooked tomato soup I actually really like, and things like ketchup and marinara sauce are fine.  But something like salsa, or canned tomatoes – oh my god, get it away from me.

So I was a little sad when after being told it was beans, celery, onions, and carrots – it arrived swimming with giant hunks of canned tomato.  Rough.  It was good, but I could only eat half of it.

IMG_8886 (640x427)

The company was certainly the best part!  I am really sad that Blake and I only lived here together for less than a year, and I will really miss him when we move. 

IMG_8888 (640x427)

Now I’m off to snuggle in bed and watch my new favorite TV show – The Shark Tank.  Is anyone else watching this?  I am super lame!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!