From Dusk ‘Til Dawn.

We looked at houses yesterday from 9:30am to 7pm, with almost no stopping in between!  We looked on both sides of the water – Seattle itself, as well as the Eastside, in order to keep all our options open.

Check out this weird water phenomenon I’ve noticed here every time we go over the bridge to the Eastside – do you see how the one side is rough and choppy, and the other is totally calm and peaceful?  It is so strange!

IMG_8730 (640x426)

We saw two houses in the morning – one that was a piece of crap, and another that we absolutely LOVED.  Sounds like there might be a lot of competition and other applicants for that one though, so I’m trying not to get overly hopeful.  After the morning hunt, we were both starving, and we ended up going to Portage Bay Café again since we were right in the area. 

Casey got an egg and veggie hash type of meal…

IMG_8731 (640x427)

I wanted some protein, so I got a scrambled egg on the side…

IMG_8733 (640x427)

But I was really there for the breakfast breads.  Three giant slices of challah French toast!

IMG_8735 (640x427)

I am sure the French toast would have been great on its own, but I was really there for the amazing TOPPINGS bar I had heard so much about!

IMG_8741 (640x427)

There are huuuuge bowls of every fruit imaginable, as well as nuts, raisins, honey butter, and whipped cream.  You are allowed to take as much as you want, as long as you eat it all in the restaurant!

IMG_8743 (640x427)

I thought that my plate was out of control, but when I saw others heading up to the toppings and piling their plates sky high, I didn’t feel so bad.  :)  I opted for fresh blueberries, strawberries, and pears…

IMG_8736 (640x427)

And a giant dollop of whipped cream.  Sooooo good!

IMG_8739 (640x405)

Domination followed, although Casey did help me with the French toast toward the end.

IMG_8740 (427x640)

With our stomachs full, we headed back out to explore more neighborhoods and see more houses.  I really love the Greenlake area – there is a huuuuuge lake in the middle with a fabulous walking/running trail around the outside!  Even if we don’t find a place nearby, I guarantee I’ll be heading over here to run from time to time.

IMG_8747 (640x427)

I am finding Seattle houses and architecture to be so beautiful and interesting.  I seriously can’t WAIT until we can buy a place and renovate it to be exactly what I want. 

IMG_8758 (640x417)

It is frustrating that people don’t seem to always take very good care of rental properties, and we’d really like avoid spending a whole year in something we don’t like.  But we did see one or two places today that we think will work for us, and we’re waiting until we see the rest of the houses today to make a final decision. 

IMG_8748 (150x100)IMG_8752 (150x100)IMG_8753 (150x100)IMG_8754 (150x100)IMG_8759 (150x100)IMG_8755 (150x100)IMG_8760 (150x100)IMG_8764 (150x100)IMG_8763 (150x100)IMG_8765 (150x100)IMG_8768 (150x100)IMG_8766 (150x100)

House hunting is SO exhausting!  Towards the end of our hunt, the sun even peeked out to say hello from behind the clouds, and there was a beautiful RAINBOW in the sky!!

IMG_8772 (640x381)

Our final stop of the night – Flying Squirrel PizzaKatie sent me an email recommending it, and since pizza is sounding very stomach-friendly these days, we decided to give it a try.

IMG_8775 (640x427)

Do you see what I see?  SAUSAGE!  Don’t freak out friends – this is none other than amazing vegetarian Field Roast sausage – one of my absolute favorites!  I have never seen it available on a pizza before, and I was so excited I could barely wait to get it back to our hotel.

IMG_8776 (640x427)

Veggie “sausage” pizza – the perfect way to end a VERY long day of house hunting!

IMG_8777 (640x427)

Hopefully my next post will be me telling you guys that we found the perfect place to live!  One more day…