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House Hunters: Seattle Edition.

Good morning, friends!  Sorry for the disappearing act – I have been going non-stop from coast to coast, and when we finally got back home yesterday, I crashed hard.  There was a LOT of sleeping involved, and I finally feel more like myself again now that I’m a little more caught up.

Backing up to the rest of our Seattle adventures!  Friday was another day of frantic phone calls and emails, setting up appointments, applying for houses, and then sitting through torturously long waits to see if we actually had anywhere to live.  By the time we headed out to our last dinner in Seattle on Friday night, we were hoping to have good news to celebrate, but instead I was still just a big ball of nerves!

We headed to the Capitol Hill neighborhood to a restaurant I had been excited to try for a month!  Plum Bistro is all vegan fine dining!

IMG_8798 (427x640)

The space is beautiful and open, and had a great feel to it.  I can already tell we will be eating there a LOT once we move!

IMG_8799 (640x427)

Unfortunately as we made our way to the restaurant, for the first time in almost two weeks, I suddenly got SLAMMED with nausea.  As soon as we were seated I had to excuse myself to go throw up in the bathroom.  I don’t know if it was just standard pregnancy sickness, or if all the house hunting anxiety and traveling added to it, but I was so surprised that it came back so suddenly.  I felt a bit better afterwards though, I tried to pull it together to still enjoy a nice dinner out in Seattle. 

IMG_8803 (640x427)

We got the vegan sushi appetizer, and I was pleased to successfully eat two pieces!

IMG_8805 (419x640)

Probably the most vegetables I have actually eaten in the last 12 weeks (that didn’t come in soup form).  It was really good, and got me excited for when I can actually eat flavorful, veggie food again.

IMG_8806 (640x427)

And then the main courses came out!  Casey got a tofu salad burger along with delicious sweet potato fries.

IMG_8809 (640x427)

And I got the “double-dipped seitan” which came with asparagus (high in folic acid!) and smashed potatoes with vegan country gravy.  The first trimester is all about comfort food.

IMG_8811 (640x427)

My double-dipped seitan looked like country fried steak!  It was really good, but sadly I couldn’t eat very much of it.  We boxed it up so Casey could eat it later back at the hotel!  I can’t wait to have a decent appetite back again.

IMG_8812 (640x427)

Saturday morning we worked from the hotel again while still waiting to hear back on some houses we were interested in.  We had a few that we liked, and we went back and forth weighing the pros and cons between our two favorites.  Here was our personal version of House Hunters Seattle…

House #1:

  • big and gorgeous with amaaaaaaaazing balcony and view
  • plenty of space and big bedrooms
  • out in the ‘burbs, so no walkability outside the neighborhood
  • over on the Eastside, which means much longer commute for Casey
  • more expensive ($100 over the original budget we had set)

House #2:

  • much much smaller, but still has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (!)
  • strange floorplan, with 1 bedroom on 1st floor and others on 3rd floor
  • high walkscore (88) in a fun, quirky neighborhood
  • can walk to PCC Natural Foods (natural grocery store), great bike trail, and a vegetarian restaurant
  • closest of all the houses we saw to Casey’s work – under 4 miles, which means very short commute
  • less expensive (under budget!)

Did they choose the big open floorplan house out in the Eastside suburbs, or the townhouse in the city much closer to Casey’s job?

We felt sort of conflicted, so we headed over to Fremont (neighborhood of house #2) to explore on Saturday afternoon, and get to know the neighborhood better and see if it seemed like a place we would want to live.  Another big perk of house #2 – it is just several blocks from the WATERFRONT!

IMG_8813 (427x640)

We walked along the Burke-Gilman trail, which I see us doing lots of long runs on in the future.  It runs right along the water, just like my beloved Mt. Vernon trail here in Virginia.  And who says the sun never shines in Seattle?  Saturday morning was gorgeous and sunny, and the sun was sparkling over the pretty water.

IMG_8815 (640x426)

One of my biggest concerns about living IN the city of Seattle was finding a place that felt safe to me.  Of course it is a perfectly safe city, but in all cities you need to be aware of safety and surroundings, and I am a BIG wimp when it comes to crime.  In particular, since I work from home and will be on my own during the days now, I wanted to make sure we lived in an area where I feel comfortable going for walks and runs around town on my own.

We checked out the local shops and the Saturday scene, and took a break to soak up some sunshine at Fremont Coffee.

IMG_8819 (640x427)

I sipped on an old fashioned root beer – YUM!

IMG_8816 (427x640)

And relaxed on an adorable balcony overlooking the main stretch of Fremont.  It’s such a cute, funky little neighborhood!

IMG_8817 (640x427)

IMG_8818 (640x427)

After our explorations, we had our mind made up.  We headed back to house #2 to take one more peek through, and then filled out the application for the lease to make it our new home!  We are still waiting on final approval from the landlord now, but I am crossing every finger and toe that this will be my new kitchen!

IMG_8766 (640x421)

Ultimately we decided that having a short commute for Casey (making it much easier for him to get home if needed!) was our top priority.  We are kind of obsessed with each other, and like to spend as much time together as humanly possible.  So a ten minute commute vs. an hour commute for house #1 made the decision easy for us.

After we left our new place (!!!), we were staaaarving, so thought we’d check out some of the restaurant spots in our new ‘hood.  Imagine my excitement when I discovered an all-vegetarian diner just a few blocks from our place – meant to be!

Casey ordered something called the “neat” loaf, which was vegan meatloaf with mashed potatoes and vegan gravy.  Looked insane.

IMG_8820 (640x427)

Tomato cabbage soup on the side…

IMG_8821 (640x427)

I have discovered that with my nausea and sickness, the best way for me to get any sort of nutrients and vegetables down is by eating SOUP.  I have always been a huge soup fan, but recently it’s pretty much all I eat.  My lunch was the vegan dal – a delicious blend of mild spices and lentils.  Nice to get some good protein in too!

IMG_8822 (640x427)

We had the rest of the day to kill in Seattle before taking the red-eye home, so we ended up heading to a Starbucks where Casey worked, and I sat with headphones and live-streamed the Butler vs. VCU final four game!

My little sister goes to Butler, so March Madness has become a BIG deal in our family.  Okay, actually just me and Sarah care about it, but that’s okay.  :)  She is crazy and actually drove 18 hours to Houston after she scored student tickets, and she texted me this picture right before the game started!

PART_1301790344399 (640x478)

I tried really hard to not do too much loud clapping and slamming my fists on the table, since I was watching in a Starbucks and not a sports bar.  Can’t wait for the finals tonight (Sarah has floor seats!).  We took the red eye home late night, which I realized I am way too old (and pregnant) to do anymore.  I spent all day yesterday sleeping and recovering, and I am just now feeling functional again!

Cross your fingers that we get the final lease signed for our new place today, and that we have a beautiful home to look forward to moving into in May.  Aaaaaand GO BULLDOGS!

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Brooke @ Bittersweetb     at 10:02 pm

I have my fingers crossed! I’ve always found that things seem to work out the way they are suppose to. Hopefully this one will work out for you!


Anna     at 1:22 am

You’ll be here in time for the Fremont Solstice Parade!


Elisabeth     at 1:28 am

The kitchen of the one you picked is gorgeous! I love the countertops and the gas range.

Good luck on the big move!


laura (starloz)     at 1:53 am

my fingers are crossed


emily     at 4:18 am

fremont is a great neighborhood! we are think about moving from belltown to fremont or cap hill sometime in the next year. i also have done many a training run on the burke gilman. good luck on the move!


Beth     at 8:59 am

You guys picked a great spot to live. Fremont is awesome! We go there often because me sister-in-law and husband live in a townhouse by the troll. Love all the restaurants around there! You will be very happy there.

We are total Eastsiders. Jeff works in Bellevue and I work in Issaquah. We have a condo we rent in Issaquah and have a house in Covington, which is near Maple Valley. There are so many great spots around the Seattle area.

Good luck on your move in May!


Jenny @ Fitness Health and Food     at 9:15 am

oh good luck with all of the moving business, it must be so tough when you’re also dealing with pregnancy! best wishes with everything :)


Leah     at 9:54 am

Drool-worthy post from the kitchen photo (!) to the tasty healthy food. :)


Suzanne @ continuing my education     at 10:31 am

I am so sad you are moving to Seattle, but it does sound like a great fit for you two! I have never been to Seattle, I guess it just means I will need to take a trip. It was so nice to see you on Sunday. Good luck with all the moving logistics!


Nelle @ Living Cliche     at 11:42 am

Good luck with the house! We just found a new apartment and the search was EXHAUSTING. In the end, we found our new home just a block or so from our old one! :-)

And a short commute makes all the difference in the world! My partner has a pretty nasty one from Hollywood to Santa Monica (notorious L.A. traffic) and it absolutely kills him.


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 3:38 pm

That kitchen is SO so gorgeous! Mine is teeny tiny so that one owuld be a big deal:) Veggie sushi is my favorite!!


Brittany     at 4:10 pm

I love that you started this blog entry with Good Morning, Friends. I like to think that we would be, if we lived anywhere near each other (I am in central IL) But my sister just moved to Seattle a few months ago, she is a runner, and knows NO ONE! Hmmm…I may have to tune her in to your blog…


Sarah K     at 4:21 pm

The place looks great, good luck with everything!


Alaina     at 12:19 am

I have heard such great things about Seattle! It is definitely on my list of must visits. Love that kitchen too! :-)


Hannah     at 3:01 am

I’ve never left a comment but I just got so excited to see that we’re going to be neighbors! I live in the U-District, about two miles away from Fremont. I absolutely adore Fremont and the Burke-Gilman trail. Can’t wait for the big move!


Courtney     at 11:58 am

Congrats on your pregnancy & the big move! If you have a chance to visit Macrina Bakery in Belltown do it! Their food is wonderful.



Susan     at 1:51 pm

I have been a long time reader, and have been catching up on your posts lately, and was so excited to find out you two are moving to Seattle – My lovely hometown. Fremont is such a cool, funky place! I currently live in San Diego, but will be moving back to Seattle this summer. I am more than familiar with all of the delicious vegetarian and vegan places you have eaten at. I grew up blocks away from Mighty O and Greenlake – such an amazing neighborhood! You also must try Carmelita – a delicious vegetarian place in Greenwood, and Jhanjay – an amazing vegetarian Thai place in Wallingford!

Best of luck during this exciting time!


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