Marathon Monday.

Happy Marathon Monday!  It is one of my favorite days of the whole year – the running of the Boston Marathon!  Funny, I’ve never actually even been to Boston, or seen the race in person, but I look forward to it all year long, and hope to be there myself some day. 

I was up early this morning as if it was my own race day – feeling all that race adrenaline and hope in the air.  I immediately got online to figure out where I could watch the race (either online or TV) and was thrilled to find out that Universal Sports (a channel I actually have!) was broadcasting the whole thing. 

I set up a camp in my living room, along with my laptop so I could tweet furiously through the race.  (Side note: aren’t my boobs gigantic?  Just saying.)

IMG_8998 (640x427)

I have always been IN LOVE with marathons – both running and spectating, and watching the elite fields makes me cry tears of pride and joy.  Funny story – two years ago when I still worked in an office, I can remember watching the live stream at my desk with the volume muted.  Any time someone would walk in I would pop another window up in front of it, and immediately start watching again as soon as they left.  I had to shut my door for the last five minutes because I was so anxious about the finish!

This morning I was lucky enough to be able to watch from home.  My nerves and adrenaline were racing for over two hours – from start to finish!

IMG_8999 (640x427)

My spectating team didn’t really understand why I was jumping around and yelling so much.  As runners themselves, you would think they would be a little more enthused!

IMG_9002 (640x427)

Of course I was rooting for ALL the runners out there today, but my favorite part of watching was cheering on Kara Goucher.  She is my running idol, and I will admit that I have a major girl-crush on her.  Especially now that she is a running mommy – I think she is a wonderful role model and a huge inspiration to all women athletes!

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Speaking of running mommies, I don’t usually talk about the other blogs I read (there are a LOT), but more and more I have noticed mom bloggers creeping into my Google Reader. 

My favorite blog I have discovered this year is written by Dorothy of MilePosts.  She is a mom of three, WON a marathon in 2010, had her 3rd baby just 5 months ago, and is running the Boston Marathon today too!  Even if you are not a mom, her posts about running are incredibly inspiring, and I find myself jumping to read them each time I see a new one has posted! 

Just to show you what a bad ass she is, check out this post she wrote about running and breastfeeding.  As both a committed mother and runner, she is literally taking a hand-pump to the starting line of the marathon, and meeting her baby at the finish line to nurse again right afterwards.  If that isn’t inspiring on so many levels, I don’t know what is.  Dorothy reminds me that it’s amazing what we can accomplish if we simply stop making excuses.

All this running talk makes me want to hit the pavement myself!  We have house showings tonight, so we’re taking the dogs for a looong two-hour walk, and hitting the weights afterwards.  What an inspiring morning! 

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