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    A Look Back.

My Favorite Marathon.

Greetings from Connecticut!  I spent my whole day getting ready for tomorrow’s baby shower.  My mom and I spent the morning shopping for decorations, food, flowers, and other supplies.  Tonight was all about baking!  I can’t wait to show you guys all the delicious things I baked – I hope they turn out well!

As excited as I am to be here celebrating with my family this weekend, it feels a little strange to not be in Cincinnati fast asleep preparing for the Flying Pig Marathon!  It is my absolute favorite race, and I have run it the past three years in a row.  While I’m off showering my sister with food and love tomorrow, runners will be racing 26.2 miles through my favorite city!  So in the spirit of the Pig, I thought I’d take a little trip down race memory lane.

Flying Pig 2008 (4:36:32)

My very first marathon!  My best friend Lindsey and I trained for and ran our first marathon together.  To date it is still my favorite running memory, and I really believe what they say about “only running your first marathon once.”  It was such a special experience, and I remember that despite the pain, I had so much FUN every step of the way!

Adding to the fun was the fact that Lindsey and I were “Flying Pig Bloggers” for the local newspaper throughout our training.  It’s actually how I got started blogging, and led me to start my very first blog right after the race!  I am hoping to get Lindsey to run it with me again next year.  For all the details, here is the full recap of my first Flying Pig!

Flying Pig 2009 (3:50:59)

Same race, different runner.  I was stronger, I was leaner, I was ready.  Everyone told us not to do it, but Casey and I did it anyways – we signed up and trained to run the marathon just six days before our wedding.  Looking back, it was such a good decision, and I would do it again in an instant!


My training for the Flying Pig ‘09 was completely different than for my first two marathons (I also ran Chicago in 2008).  I focused heavily on strength training, became a vegetarian, and gave up drinking – all of which resulted in a much leaner and healthier build.  I knew I was prepared to run fast, but I wasn’t quite sure how fast.  I ended up crushing my marathon PR by 46 minutes, finishing in 3:50:51.  It is still my fastest marathon to date, although I’m hoping to beat that time next year…


It was also Casey’s fastest marathon (3:11:03), and such a wonderful way to go into our wedding week!  Here is the full race recap.

Flying Pig 2010 (4:51:03)

Oooooh the Pig of ’10 – a very mixed race of major highs and lows. I went into the race less than prepared, after a spring lung infection sidelined me from training for over a month.  I had a bad feeling about the race from the minute I woke up, and as the skies POURED rain at the starting line, I knew I was in for a very tough day.

I reached one of my all-time race lows when I thought about quitting at mile ten.  Running through thunderstorms and torrential rain for miles and miles was so physically exhausting, and I knew finishing the race would be really tough.  But then I reached one of my running highs at mile 12, when I suddenly saw Casey on the sidelines – waiting for me so that we could finish the miserable race together.

6 (512x640)

Casey saved me from my own mental demons in that race, and forced me to finish strong and proud, even though it was very tough and slow.  What would have been miserable to do by myself, ended up being our first (and likely only) marathon run together – such a special memory that I will have forever!

13 (621x640)

I also learned the lesson that if I ever wake up race day morning again to rain, I won’t run.  It was miserable and one of the toughest physical challenges I’ve had to date.  We finished an hour slower than the year before, having walked almost the entire last 8 miles in a downpour!  To read the rest, here’s the full recap.

The 2011 Flying Pig Marathon is tomorrow, and while of course I am thrilled to be pregnant instead of running a marathon this year, it feels strange to not be there lacing up at the starting line of my favorite race.  I have big plans to be back next year for my 5-year marathoning anniversary.  With the baby slated to come in October, I feel confident that I’ll be ready to tackle another Pig by May.

Good luck to all the runners tomorrow!  The weather is showing rain, and I am saying an extra prayer to the weather gods that there is not a repeat of last year…

Back tomorrow with baby shower fun!

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Red Deception     at 10:27 pm

I agree with your experience with running in the rain. I ran 5K one rainy, windy, thundery day… I thought that a little wetness couldn’t slow me down. But it POURED. I was so miserable the entire run, and I am sure I cried by the end of it. I would never run in bad weather again, it ruins the experience.

Lucky for you, Casey was your support! What a great guy you have!


April @ Grits and Granola Bars     at 10:32 pm

Love this post!

Fret not, Emily. I’m sure you’ll be running the Flying Pig in 2012 like a rockstar :)


Gina     at 10:36 pm

Such a special moment that Casey ran with you:) Rain makes for such a different running experience. Although I have never run a race, I can imagine how metally and physically taxing that could be. Have fun with your family at your sister’s shower tomorrow:)


Ashley @ Nourishing the Soul     at 10:37 pm

It’s funny that despite being a runner and married to a marathoner and loving Cincinnati with all my heart, I still haven’t made it to the Flying Pig. Despite THAT, it’s probably my favorite too! Next year might be my first marathon and if so I want it to be Cincy ;-)


Lauren     at 10:45 pm

Have fun at the baby shower, they’re so much fun! It’s so awesome that you did that marathon so close to your wedding! Often things that everybody tells you NOT to do are ones that are the best decisions! ;)


hippierunner     at 10:48 pm

This post made me excited and I don’t even have a race to run! The picture of Casey with his hand on your back is so sweet! :) It’s interesting that you won’t ever race in the rain again. During all my marathon training, I never even left the house if it was drizzling and then on marathon day, Los Angeles was hit with the biggest storm it’s seen like, ever! I think I found that so hilarious that it made it extra fun for me. I doubt I would feel the same if it happened twice though.


laura     at 11:01 pm

Just tucking myself in (a little late, but I am nervous) in Cincinnati and saying a prayer to the rain gods as well…although I have a cute pink poncho with pigs all over it if necessary!


Amber K     at 11:02 pm

Have a great time at the baby shower! Sorry you’re not getting to run in your favorite race, but I bet that little one is a true blessing. :)


Sana     at 11:07 pm

What an amazing marathon story :) I can’t wait for you to be a mommy runner :)


Katie KS     at 11:08 pm

It was such a beautiful day for the shorter and kids’ races today … I hope the rain holds out for tomorrow. Good for you and your goal. Mine is just to push the 8 month old in the 5K :) Maybe the 8 month old AND the 3 year old at the same time … Motherhood + working is just exhausting for me!! However, I am already committed to doing another tri in May 2013 once my body is my own again! I did wish I was running when I was down there today, but it was SO fun to “do” the Piglet with my daughter. And we watched the start of the “26th mile” race for the school age kids and she said she wants to do that when she’s a big kid :)


Chase     at 11:08 pm

Have a great time with the shower tomorrow! You’ll be back there flyin’ next year! :)


Meagan     at 11:13 pm

It would be nice to run next May, but don’t underestimate how much time babies take :)


Emma (Namaste Everyday)     at 11:58 pm

loved all your recaps! It’ll be so exciting for you to run next year with your little one waiting at the finish!


Stephanie@MyThornsHaveRoses     at 12:21 am

You and Casey are such an impressive couple. That he would do that for you is such a testament to his real gentlemanly ways and his love for you. I love it.


Docia     at 12:29 am

Good luck on your new journey Emily! It has been fun reading all your recaps.


Brittany     at 1:45 am

I’m from Cincinnati and all my friends are running tomorrow. My goal is to lose enough weight and get in shape enough to run it next year. We shall see! :)


Ashley     at 1:59 am

Wow. So impressed. You are amazing!!! :) Have fun tomorrow!!


Cait @ Beyond Bananas     at 6:27 am

Thanks for sharing your journey through those marathons with us! I hope you have an awesome time at the shower today! :)


Monica @ Mom in Training     at 7:34 am

I have been reading your blog for awhile and never realized you were from Cinti! I went to Xavier. I never ran the Pig b/c I started marathoning after my move to Cleveland, but have fond memories of watching it from the bar I worked at in Mt. Lookout (MLTs.) Nice


Katlin Reply:

I went to Xavier too! I used to read Emily and Lindsay’s blog back in the day. :)


Monica @ Mom in Training Reply:

Really! Small world. What year did you graduate? I graduated in 2001. I don’t know Emily and Lindsay’s blogs, what are they called? I’ll check them out too.


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 8:00 am

You made it to your sisters! That must be a load off…one leg of the trip done! I think it’s great you two race together. That’s so sweet. I know it stinks you can’t do the Flying Pig this year, but there’s always next year and you are working on something way better in that belly of yours! Enjoy your family and I can’t wait to see what you made. It’s kind of funny, even though I went to culinary school, when I am responsible for food a t a family party like that, I always get nervous. I’m sure everything will be great that you make!


emily     at 10:51 am

Such a great post. When I got to the part about Casey waiting for you on the sidelines I started to cry (and I cried when I read the recap last year!)!!


Runners Waist Pack     at 1:04 pm

How nice!looking at your pictures makes me think you really love to run. :)Thats good for your heart and lungs! :)


Sarah (A Runner's Heart)     at 2:20 pm

Since I know you are pregnant, I wanted to share this video with you! I am due next month (I can’t believe I can say that now!) and it made me tear up! Of course…that could be from the hormones lol :)



Katy     at 4:57 pm

I totally understand you on the running a race in the rain. I ran my first half marathon last October in a complete downpour and it took me almost 3 hours because I was freezing and stiffened up around mile 7 and could barely run after that. It also put me off running for a very long time. I haven’t ran properly at all since October but I’m back out there again tomorrow because I’m really starting to miss it. I’ll have to start from the bottom but I’ll get back to half marathon quality by the time it comes round in September.


Stacey (The Home-Cooked Vegan)     at 7:08 pm

Wow. I’ve never run a race that I’ve wanted to do over and over again! I guess I’m still looking for that special one, haha ;) I’m running my first marathon in November, it’s the rock-n-roll series and will be in Savannah, GA. Maybe it’ll be so great that I’ll want to do it again next year!

I hope you are having some baby shower fun in Ohio! Can’t wait to see all of the yummy eats :)


Heather     at 7:12 pm

I ran the Flying Pig half-marathon this morning. It was raining and I had to talk myself into staying out there. Wasn’t my best finishing time (I need to do more hill training), but I did enjoy it. Thanks for your recaps.


Sara     at 8:11 pm

I ran this marathon today! It was my first. It was fun! (Now, that is… right at the finish I didn’t quite think so.)

I’m not gonna lie, I stalked your race recaps in the weeks leading up to the race to pump myself up. It was a great help!


Whitney     at 9:33 pm

I have no doubts you will be at that finish “swine” soon. I did the pig 5K yesterday as my first race ever and Now totally understand how addicting races can be.


Alissa @ Still Unwritten     at 9:35 pm

I just registered for my first half! Any suggestions on a training program? Thanks for always inspiring your readers. Good luck with the shower tomorrow!


chelsey @ clean eating chelsey     at 9:38 pm

Oh my gosh, that picture from behind of you and Casey made y heart melt!


Jessica Lee     at 10:23 pm

You look so cute in that pic with the im getting married in 6 days pics. you have the cutest smile ever! rock it out girl.


Ally (oatsandspice)     at 10:38 pm

Good luck with the baby shower tomorrow – I am sure you will all have a great time!


Madison     at 8:04 am

I’m not going to lie — I woke up yesterday morning, turned on the TV, and started tearing up because I wasn’t running the Pig. I ran it last year as my first full marathon and fell in love. There is just nothing like it — they really cater to runners. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to run the Louisville Derby Half the day before the Pig this year. Fail!


Elizabeth     at 9:01 am

I just ran my first half marathon on Sunday. It was the Winnipeg Police Services Half in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Friday, the kit pick up day was a lovely 20C day. Temperature began dropping on Saturday and Sunday morning it was -5C with windchills of -15C and snow and ice cover everywhere (not a typical May day). The race went on, thankfully I had trained throughout the winter so was prepare for everything except the winds of 50 km/h with gusts of 80 km/h which dominated about 5 miles of the course. It was still a great race!


sheila I     at 9:11 am

I ran the pig half yesterday! The rain was such a bummer, but seeing family & friends along the way was awesome.


Jennifer     at 10:44 am

I walked the FP Half Marathon yesterday and we were really nervous about the weather but ended up really lucky that it only really downpoured while waiting for the race to start. This was my first marathon and my boyfriend and I are already talking that maybe we can try to run it next year. :)


Jen     at 4:53 pm

Just found your blog today, and catching up on your journey. Flying Pig 2010 was my first 1/2 marathon! That rain was crazy!


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