Old Love.

It felt like summer in Old Town today…

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Shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, and 80 degrees.  At this time next week, the packers will be here putting our life into boxes.  I am doing everything in my power to savor every minute of the next seven days.

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I’m not sure what it is exactly about my love affair with Old Town, but I fell hard the minute I set foot here the very first time last summer.  I remember driving from Charlotte last August, full of nerves and anticipation, and making the final turn into Old Town and thinking “Oh my gosh, I forgot how much I love it here.”

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I will miss our quaint little rowhouse, where I learned to love small spaces and city life.  And I will miss the restaurants, coffee shops, and walking paths that have become somewhat of a second home to us.

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I joke that the best thing in Old Town is my gorgeous spa-like shower, but of all the things I will miss when we move, it is having this guy by my side all day long.  The hardest part of our decision to move to Seattle wasn’t the distance or the weather.  It was giving up what so many couples can only dream about – working together at home.  Some people joke and say they couldn’t handle spending that much time together.  We are the opposite – trying to be together as much as humanely possible.  You call it codependent, I call it love.

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But I know that those mid-day office hours will go by quickly, and then the time spent at home together will be relaxing and fun, and less focused on emails and laptops.  We are lucky enough to have packers and movers to help us next week, so we are able to enjoy a few extra days now before the real chaos begins…

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Part of that is visiting all our favorite spots here one last time.  One of my favorite treats is working in town at coffee shops, and breaking to eat at local restaurants.  Today I wanted soup, but didn’t like anyone’s specials.  So I opted for the next best thing – cheddar pesto bagel with light vegetable cream cheese. 

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The good news is that having lunch together is something we can still look forward to in Seattle.  By choosing the house with the shortest commute, I’ll be less than three miles from Casey’s office, and plan to go downtown and meet him for lunch as much as possible.

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It was a perfect Old Town day today – beautiful weather, flowering trees, and the smell of spring in the air.  I felt a little teary on our walk home, thinking about all that I love here.  But I immediately felt better when I got home and saw a surprise package on our doorstep.  From Mama Pea.  Containing dough balls.

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A generous thank you package for helping her get set up with Recipage, and to welcome us to the Pacific Northwest where we will only be a few short hours apart!  Check out our welcome gift – dough balls and a Mariners jersey for Baby Garnish…

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Old Town is one of my first true loves, but I can already feel that there is new love waiting for us in the west.