One More Goodbye.

Oh wow – what a ride!  Moving day was quite the adventure.  Casey and I were told to expect our movers at 8am, so after a night of almost –zero sleep (too nervous), I bounced out of bed at 5am to start prepping for their arrival.  There are always so many little details that have to wait until the very end before you move – one last load of laundry, disconnecting the internet/phones, cleaning out the fridge, etc. 

I finished up everything and got to work on cleaning as much as I could, but the wall to wall boxes made that nearly impossible.  Once 8am arrived, I was anxious for the movers, and also exhausted from already working hard for three hours.  I plopped myself onto the only sitting surface left usable in our house – our big comfy mattress.

IMG_9160 (640x427)

Casey had to work for the first half of the morning at a coffee shop, and without internet or company, I pretty much just stared out the window for a while.  By time 9:30 rolled around, I was starting to worry and called my moving representative to find out what was going on.

I won’t bore you with too many details, but the next few hours went something like this….

Phone call to moving company.  Told that they don’t know why my movers aren’t there yet, and will call me back.  Half hour passes, no phone call.  I call again.  Told I will be called back again.  An hour passes.  Exhaustion and anxiety are both running high.

IMG_9164 (640x427)

11am – the truck driver calls me!  Turns out they had TWO jobs yesterday, and he decided to do the other one first.  He will be at my house around 1pm, not 8am as promised.  Exhaustion and anxiety evolve into extreme hunger and rage.

IMG_9167 (640x427)

Casey comes home so that I can take a much needed break from sitting in the house (someone had to be there in case movers actually arrived).  1pm arrives, but the movers do not.  I continue to hang on by a thread, and realize that lack of food is not helping my situation.  Walk to gourmet grocery two blocks away for sandwich relief.

IMG_9161 (640x427)

2pm – arrive back at home with lunch.  Sit down on the floor, unwrap my sandwich, take the first bite.  Movers arrive.  Wrap sandwich back up, and put lunch on hold until later.  Lots of swearing under my breath.

IMG_9168 (640x427)

This is the only picture I got of our truck because I was so overcome with relief when they arrived that I didn’t want to do anything to disturb them.  This was taken out my third story window, and is probably only 1/3 of the actual truck.  It was a MASSIVE semi!  Definitely the biggest truck I’ve ever seen in Old Town.

IMG_9170 (640x411)

Once the move started, Casey and I didn’t really know what to do with ourselves.  We ended up just hanging out on the floor of whichever room they weren’t working in, or sitting on our neighbor’s front steps for most of the afternoon.

I felt bad for the movers who were clearly exhausted having already worked another job that morning, but I was also frustrated that their (VERY) late arrival + physical exhaustion meant that our move was painfully slooooooow.  Thank god we weren’t paying by the hour.

I had so hoped that (had they been on time) we would be moved out by mid-afternoon, spend a few hours cleaning up, and then be able to walk around and enjoy Old Town on our final night.  But by last night I didn’t really care anymore – I just wanted the move to be over so that we could clean and go to bed!

The movers finally finished up around 7pm, just as the sun was starting to fade.  Despite the fact that they were very late and not very efficient, I gave them nothing but cold water, lots of smiles, and a big tip.  Saying a prayer that my things arrive safely and on time in Seattle!

After they left, Casey and I attacked the cleaning projects.  There were a lot of scuffs and dings on the walls from moving everything out, so Casey ran around with touch up paint and made the place look brand new.

IMG_9172 (427x640)

I vacuumed and scrubbed every surface until it looked as bright as the day we moved in.  Because you all gave me so many great tips ahead of time, I had set aside a bag with paper towels, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, etc.  And I am forever grateful to friends Ashley and Jorge for letting us borrow their vacuum!  The only thing I didn’t have was something to clean the floors with, so this pregnant lady got down on her hands and feet and scrubbed our hardwoods by hand with a sponge and some Murphey’s soap.

IMG_9173 (640x427)

I cannot even possibly describe the level of emotion and exhaustion we were experiencing at this point, having been up and working for almost 16 hours straight.  The floor scrubbing was tough because I can’t actually get down on my hands and knees anymore.  As a result of my car accident last fall, my left knee has some pinched nerves and numb spots that make it very uncomfortable to put any pressure on.  So I crab-walked around our floors until they were clean!

IMG_9176 (640x427)

And finally, just before 10pm, it was over.  It was empty, it was clean, it was sad.  I celebrated, and then I cried.

IMG_9177 (640x427)

I left my pretty kitchen shelves behind in hopes that someone else will use them and love them as much as me.  (I also plan to buy another set in Seattle!)

IMG_9178 (402x640)

I will not lie and tell you that it was easy to walk out of the house.  After a long and exhausting day, Casey was very patient and just stood there and waited as long as I needed to stand there and take it all in.  I stood there looking at the empty rooms and remembering our move from Charlotte, and our excited arrival in Virginia.

We finally closed the door one last time, and headed back to Ashley’s to return the vacuum.  Seems fitting that she was the first person I met here, and also my last goodbye.  We actually met on our first DC house-hunting trip last July, when she so graciously decided to show us around the area.

IMG_8104 (479x640)

We became good friends instantly, and I feel so grateful to have had her friendship for all the ups and downs we’ve experienced in the past 8 months.  I will miss the beautiful town and house that I loved, but most of all I will miss people like Ashley that really brought life to our journey through Virginia.  I gave her a hug goodbye, kept my brave face on, and then sobbed the entire way back to the car.

There was only one thing that seemed fitting for our final night in Old Town, as well as the 10:30pm dinner time – Hard Times Chili.  Way back when we first found our house, we celebrated with our very first dinner out in our new neighborhood at Hard Times.  It seemed fitting that we would finish our Old Town experience there too.

IMG_9181 (427x640)

Delicious cornbread while we waited for our 11pm dinners… 

IMG_9179 (640x427)

The house draft special – home brewed caffeine-free root beer.  :)

IMG_9180 (427x640)

And finally, a massive plate of vegetarian chili mac.  If moving day does not earn a meal like this, I don’t know what does…

IMG_9183 (640x427)

We crashed hard at our hotel last night, and pulled out bright and early this morning so that Casey and the pups could head to Ohio, and I could board a plane to CT! 

Now that we are gone, I feel at peace with our decision to move to Seattle.  It has been a rocky and very emotional road for me (as you well know), and being pregnant has certainly added to that.  For the next week I am a vagabond landing in different spots all over the country. 

We drove out of Old Town this morning, and while I may have shed a few final tears, I know what we we’re doing is right.  I’m not leaving the memories or friends behind – I have packed them all deep inside of me, and plan to bring them out often and remember.  And I can smile knowing that a tiny piece of my heart will always be found back here…

IMG_9131 (427x640)

Goodbye Virginia!  For now, but not forever.