Planning a Move Across the Country.

Want to know what I’ve been doing all day?  Planning the world’s most complicated MOVE!  This is one of those times where it is actually good that I’m a type A control freak.  Without all these lists and itineraries I don’t know how we would keep all of this straight!

The next three weeks of our lives are going to be craaaaazaaay.  Here is the basic breakdown.  Next week…

  • packing, organizing, donating, cleaning
  • goodbye dinner with DC area friends
  • packers arrive and put our lives into boxes
  • moving truck arrives and takes all our worldly possessions
  • We say goodbye to Old Town, sniff.  Casey picks up dogs at kennel and drives to Ohio.  Emily gets on a plane to Connecticut.

IMG_8960 (427x640)

Did I mention I am also planning/hosting my sister’s baby shower while I am in between homes?

IMG_8509 (640x427)

As crazy as the timing is, I’m actually really excited about it.  I am so excited for my big sis, and I think a weekend away with family will be a nice distraction from leaving Virginia. 

So after we leave Virginia, I head to CT for the weekend, the dogs go to Ohio (favorite kennel), and Casey will head to Indianapolis.  The following week the craziness continues…

  • Emily flies from CT to Cincinnati
  • Emily in Cincinnati, Casey in Indianapolis
  • Emily rents car & drives dogs to Indianapolis 
  • Casey, dogs, and Tina (Casey’s mom) hit the road to Minnesota.  Meanwhile, I drive to the other side of Indy to help my little sister move out of her sorority house, and then drive her back to Cincinnati.

Are you still with me?

Then I get to relax in Cincinnati for the rest of the weekend, while Casey, Tina, and the pups embark on this little adventure…


I spent my afternoon planning their road trip and attempting to find pet-friendly hotels without size restrictions along the way.  NOT as easy as it may sound!  The crew will be stopping in Minneapolis, MN, Billings, MT, and Spokane, WA before they arrive in Seattle!  I am giving Casey my extra camera so that he can document the adventure.  I am reaaaaaally nervous about them driving through all those mountains!

And then finally, the next week…

  • Casey and I will finally reunite in Seattle on our second wedding anniversary.  What timing!
  • our moving truck arrives!
  • life in Seattle begins.  :)

Anyone still there?  Moving on now to the next set of lists – cancelling and setting up all our utilities!  Exciting stuff!

PS – can anyone share any fun baby shower games/ideas with me?  I am hosting my sister’s but have never actually been to one!  What do we do besides eat and open presents?  Help!