Taking it in.

I spent yesterday afternoon tying up loose ends before the big move tomorrow!  It is amazing how many little details there are to keep track of for a move this size – things like reserving parking signs for our moving truck on our crowded city street.  Would you believe these cost me $80?

IMG_9129 (427x640)

At one point I let the dogs out in the backyard to run around for a few minutes, and I decided to sit down myself, soak up a little sunshine, and rest for a minute.  I started thinking about the day we moved into our house, picturing the dogs hanging out in the yard with my mom while we moved in all our boxes and furniture in such similar weather and sunshine.  The next thing I knew I was sitting in my backyard crying big fat tears, and totally overcome with emotion.

When we first found out we were moving, I was really weepy and emotional, crying almost daily.  And then I decided to be an adult about it, and started getting excited about our next big adventure on the west coast.  But for some reason yesterday all those emotions and the nostalgia came flooding back, and I decided it was okay to simply get it out of my system and be sad for a little bit.

We had gorgeous weather yesterday evening, so before dinner I made time to take the pups for their last walk in Old Town, and stopped to sit in a bench for a while and take in all the beautiful views.



I think they will love walking on our new waterside trail in Seattle too!  They love the water almost as much as their mama. 


For dinner, we headed up to King Street for a goodbye dinner with blogging friends!  I feel so lucky to have met so many wonderful people here in just 8 short months – they all really enriched our experience here in Alexandria.

IMG_9141 (640x427)

Many many thanks to Lisa for organizing the dinner, and being such a great friend to me these past few months.  We have had so much fun being pregnant together, which I know will continue to from opposite coasts.

IMG_9144 (427x640)

And another huge thanks to Katie, who gave us a parting gift with a card for Baby Garnish.  I literally squealed out loud when I saw the cuteness waiting inside…

IMG_9145 (427x640)

Can you even handle this???

IMG_9147 (640x427)


IMG_9148 (640x427)

This morning came waaaay too early after very little sleep.  We were up early finalizing our “do not pack” pile before the packers arrived to put everything else into boxes.

IMG_9149 (640x427)

Casey took the boys to the kennel, and I kissed them goodbye until next week.  I am going to miss them so much!  I was a little nervous when the packers arrived and I saw that it was only a team of TWO people to pack our whole house in one day.  I definitely underestimated them though – I have never seen two people work so quickly and so efficiently!

IMG_9150 (427x640)

Before I knew it there were literally walls of boxes everywhere I looked.

IMG_9151 (640x427)

They were so organized and efficient – it was very impressive.  Every item was wrapped before boxing!

IMG_9152 (427x640)

We have such a small space here, and adding ten million extra boxes did not leave much room.  Check out the kitchen – literally wall to wall boxes!

IMG_9153 (427x640)

There is a very narrow path through the middle so that you can get to the back door.  The packers were done by 1:30, and our house was ready to go! 

IMG_9154 (640x405)

I took a mid-day break to go to Whole Foods for lunch since we have no food left.

IMG_9156 (640x427)

The pregnancy appetite continues to be strange.  Pineapple, apples, grapes, green beans, and macaroni and cheese.

IMG_9157 (640x427)

And a delicious half tea half lemonade. 

IMG_9158 (427x640)

Last but certainly not least, this move requires chocolate.

IMG_9159 (640x427)

And now I am sitting in my house for what is probably our very last night here (we will probably go to a hotel tomorrow).  There are boxes stacked to the ceilings in every direction, and memories of good times and great living everywhere I look.

When I think about leaving Old Town, I am sad because there is so much more that I wanted to do here.  But when I think about getting to Seattle, I can picture cooking family dinners in our big open kitchen, our dogs laying in the grass in the backyard, and bringing our baby home to his very first house.  And for that reason, I am ready.