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    A Look Back.

Week 12: My Pregnancy Journey

This week felt like such a big milestone to me!  Everything I have read has told me that by week 12, most of the risks of first trimester problems have passed.  This is the recommended point when many expectant moms now tell all their friends and family that they are pregnant.  Honestly, while I totally respect others decisions to wait, I cannot even imagine if I had waited this long – I had a hard enough time waiting until week eight to tell YOU guys!

How Big is the Baby?

The baby seems tired after last week’s growth spurt, and didn’t get too much bigger this week.  In fact one of my sources said he/she is still a lime this week!  But since it is no fun to repeat, we’ll go with the other source this week – a large plum!

IMG_8824 (640x427)

How I’m Changing

It’s funny how different I feel from day to day.  Some days I look in the mirror and think my boobs and stomach look HUGE, and then the next day I think I look completely normal.  I think a lot of this might have to do with water retention?  Last week my clothes felt tight and my stomach felt bigger, and yet this week I feel pretty normal. 

Unfortunately, I am down one more pound from my pre-pregnancy weight, bringing my total weight change to –5 so far.  Please note, I am keeping track of my weight because I think it is fascinating (and important to be well-informed), not for any sort of weight monitoring or any such thing.  I have no doubt that all this lost weight will be gained back as soon as my appetite returns!

IMG_8825 (416x640)

How I’m Feeling

Last week I told you guys I was feeling awesome and had turned a corner!  The pregnancy gods thought that was funny, and decided to give me a harsh reminder of how little control I have over my body right now.  I got slammed with sickness during our visit to Seattle, and the throwing up has continued this afternoon.

The biggest change I have noticed this week is that I have ZERO energy or motivation to do much of anything.  I think this is largely in part to taking in (and keeping down) so few calories each day.  Food = energy, and without food, I don’t seem to have much.  I am pretty sure I could sleep 22 hours a day if I would allow myself to do it.

I have also noticed recently that I have NO stamina, and find myself having to sit down and gasp for breath after climbing to the third floor of my house!  It’s hard to believe that I have run 5 marathons, and now suddenly carrying a big laundry basket feels like an athletic endeavor. 

I find all these body changes fascinating (albeit a bit frustrating at times too).  For so long I worked so hard to control my appearance through running, weight lifting, food choices, etc.  And while I certainly plan to get back to my best shape after the baby comes, for now it is sort of fun to sit back and let nature do its thing. 

IMG_8826 (427x640)

What I’m Eating

Not much.  This week I’m back to saltines, Ginger-O’s, and tomato soup.  Lots and lots of tomato soup.  I keep craving orange juice, but every time I drink it I feel sick.  And after an unfortunate sickness episode earlier today, I think bagels are now officially on the “not eating” list.  At least I still have pizza!  :)

Next week I have my second pre-natal appointment – I can’t wait!  And in case you missed any of the previous pregnancy posts, here you go…

Weekly Updates:

Pregnancy Posts:

Now I am off to enjoy some time with our lovely visitor for the evening!  Love that we are both wearing food shirts.  :)

IMG_8828 (640x428)

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Joyce @ Flowing to Fifty     at 8:47 am

You look a little weary. If you need to sleep, sleep. No guilt.


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 9:07 am

It looks like a little bump has started!


colleen     at 9:32 am

Hang in there. Your energy and appetite will pick up during the 2nd trimester.


Cindy Robinson     at 9:50 am

Emily, I’m really enjoying reading your posts. You have such a great attitude and outlook, it’s great! :)


Rachel Jacobs     at 10:25 am

You will be fine and how exciting to have Kath in town. Enjoy your visit!!!


Tina     at 11:03 am

I love the way you are documenting your pregnancy, with the fruit to show growth. It’s crazy to think that something as big as a plum even has room to grow inside someone, it’s amazing. :)

Hope you had a great time with Kath!


Ashley P. @ The Vegetable Life     at 11:03 am

I love these pregnancy posts, I am fascinated by the natural course of pregnancy and this is fascinating to watch along with you! Im so glad you and baby made it safely to week 12! Congrats on that milestone!


Katy (The Singing Runner)     at 11:29 am

These posts are so much fun! Every time I read them I get so excited for you! :)


LauraJayne     at 11:41 am

I love reading your updates! I hope you start feeling better – and maybe sleeping 22 hours would help!


Amber K     at 12:07 pm

Telling vs. not telling I think is one of those things that’s totally different for everyone. I am DEFINITELY waiting to tell next time. I didn’t wait and then I had to recall everyone when I miscarried. Unfortunately, the news didn’t travel as well as the pregnancy news so there were quite a few sad, awkward moments when I had to explain that no, I wasn’t pregnant anymore. :(

I’m so sorry that the nausea has come back! I hope you go back to feeling better soon :)


Nicole     at 12:13 pm

I’m sure I ‘ve said this already, but if not, I’m loving this pregnancy play-by-play. It’s very interesting to hear how your body is changing, symptom & weight-wise, and to see pictures of you. I think your weight loss is very noticable this week compared to pictures from the past few weeks. Which is so counter to what we all expect when someone is pregnant. Can’t remember if I told you, but a friend of mine lost like 15-20 pounds in her first trimester due to the same symptoms you’ve experienced (morning sickness & lack of appetite). I like that you are showing that pregnancy varies woman to woman, and what’s most important is listening to your unique bodily cues. PS: I can’t wait till you start having a baby bump!


Tricia B     at 12:25 pm

Gosh you look adorable. Absolutely adorable.


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life)     at 12:58 pm

Love, love the pregnancy updates! And as long as we’re being honest, my boobs have gotten SO much bigger, too! I actually kind of miss my smaller boobs that only required 1 sports bra. :)

I have my BIG ultrasound this Friday- when we get to measure all the parts of the baby and find out boy or girl! So excited! Good luck on your next appointment next week! :)


Bree     at 1:38 pm

Congrats on your pregnancy! (I clicked through from Kath’s blog). I can completely relate to everything you are going through, I am 16.5 weeks pregnant with my first. I ended up losing 4 pounds and at my last prenatal on Monday, I just gained my first pound back. I just started getting an appetite about 2 weeks ago. Things aren’t back to normal, but I can enjoy some food now! Hang in there, things will change soon!


Kat @ Big Apple Little Kitchen     at 1:38 pm

Looks like you’re doing great! Love your t-shirt!!


Chelsey     at 4:08 pm

Just wanted to say congrats! I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and have never commented..so I guess you can say I’m a newbie. Anywho, I love your posts and I can honestly say I’m so very happy for the two of you.
I think your going to be an awesome MOM!!
I’m looking forward to the week by week updates, keep’em coming!!


Rachel     at 6:31 pm

I used to read your blog daily and then I became pregnant myself. I have been too busy doing pregnancy research and baby blog reading that I haven’t stopped back to read in a long time. I decided to check it out again today only to find out you are pregnant too!! Congratulations! I am 17 weeks and totally understand your pregnancy anxiety and the tough road to pregnancy after “the pill.” I am excited to start reading you daily posts again.

It was hard to read my usual blogs about people running and hard core training when I felt like sleeping all the time and felt guilty about laying around and being lazy. I am now feeling like myself again so I don’t feel like a bum. :-)


Marissa     at 9:51 pm

I love your weekly updates with the fruit! So stinking cute! And I’m sorry you’re feeling sick again. It’s definitely not fun at all.


Monica     at 12:32 pm

Oh I my eye on week 12! I cannot wait to reach that milestone and hear that the second trimester brings such a turn in energy and an interest in food returns! :)

I love how much you are embracing all the changes your body is experiencing. It is still very much a work in progress for me.


Sam     at 1:16 am

I am 39 weeks pregnant today and just wanted to tell you that I had a similar experience earlier in pregnancy. Despite being very fit and strong and eating very healthfully prior to pregnancy, as soon as I got pg, I almost immediately found that I got fatigued when I did anything as little as carrying a laundry basket up the stairs. It is very strange because you know that the strength and endurance are there, but they’re not working for you. It is also frustrating when all you can stomach is soup and crackers or, for me, BLT’s, despite the fact that all you *wish* you wanted were healthy foods. Most fruits and all vegetables literally made me want to puke for about the first three months. I did the best I could with vegetable soup, V8, and vegetable pizza until I was able to stomach raw fruits & veggies and huge salads again.

Some of my strength and endurance did return during second trimester, which was lovely, but, overall, I have had to significantly reduce my workouts during this pregnancy simply because I don’t have the strength or energy.

It’s okay, though. :) Don’t stress it if you have to slow down a lot for most of your pregnancy. Your pregnancy will still benefit from the healthy lifestyle you had before pregnancy, and from what you are able to do during pg. I have gained about 26 lbs., which is exactly where I should be, and the weight has distributed very well. My biggest recommendation fitness-wise is to do what you can, don’t stress what you can’t, and continue to work out your arms. Having nice-looking arms during pregnancy will help you feel good about yourself later on when your boobs and stomach are ridiculously huge. :)

Plus, my pre-pg habits simply helped me to have a very healthy pregnancy in general. My little guy is measuring right on track and I have had minimal swelling and am still wearing my rings today, have had excellent blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, no pre-term labor, etc.

You have set yourself up well for a great pregnancy. I wish you the best and, again, just want to say not to stress it too much if you can’t live up perfectly to the vision you probably carried pre-pg about the pregnant woman you would be one day. I definitely carried a certain vision and have had to adjust it a bit, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t had a great pregnancy or that I haven’t done much better than I expected in other areas. Go with the flow, do your best, and, like you said, enjoy watching nature do its thing.



Monika @ Powered by Paprika     at 2:14 pm

Where’d you get that peanut butter + jelly shirt at??


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