Week 12: My Pregnancy Journey

This week felt like such a big milestone to me!  Everything I have read has told me that by week 12, most of the risks of first trimester problems have passed.  This is the recommended point when many expectant moms now tell all their friends and family that they are pregnant.  Honestly, while I totally respect others decisions to wait, I cannot even imagine if I had waited this long – I had a hard enough time waiting until week eight to tell YOU guys!

How Big is the Baby?

The baby seems tired after last week’s growth spurt, and didn’t get too much bigger this week.  In fact one of my sources said he/she is still a lime this week!  But since it is no fun to repeat, we’ll go with the other source this week – a large plum!

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How I’m Changing

It’s funny how different I feel from day to day.  Some days I look in the mirror and think my boobs and stomach look HUGE, and then the next day I think I look completely normal.  I think a lot of this might have to do with water retention?  Last week my clothes felt tight and my stomach felt bigger, and yet this week I feel pretty normal. 

Unfortunately, I am down one more pound from my pre-pregnancy weight, bringing my total weight change to –5 so far.  Please note, I am keeping track of my weight because I think it is fascinating (and important to be well-informed), not for any sort of weight monitoring or any such thing.  I have no doubt that all this lost weight will be gained back as soon as my appetite returns!

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How I’m Feeling

Last week I told you guys I was feeling awesome and had turned a corner!  The pregnancy gods thought that was funny, and decided to give me a harsh reminder of how little control I have over my body right now.  I got slammed with sickness during our visit to Seattle, and the throwing up has continued this afternoon.

The biggest change I have noticed this week is that I have ZERO energy or motivation to do much of anything.  I think this is largely in part to taking in (and keeping down) so few calories each day.  Food = energy, and without food, I don’t seem to have much.  I am pretty sure I could sleep 22 hours a day if I would allow myself to do it.

I have also noticed recently that I have NO stamina, and find myself having to sit down and gasp for breath after climbing to the third floor of my house!  It’s hard to believe that I have run 5 marathons, and now suddenly carrying a big laundry basket feels like an athletic endeavor. 

I find all these body changes fascinating (albeit a bit frustrating at times too).  For so long I worked so hard to control my appearance through running, weight lifting, food choices, etc.  And while I certainly plan to get back to my best shape after the baby comes, for now it is sort of fun to sit back and let nature do its thing. 

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What I’m Eating

Not much.  This week I’m back to saltines, Ginger-O’s, and tomato soup.  Lots and lots of tomato soup.  I keep craving orange juice, but every time I drink it I feel sick.  And after an unfortunate sickness episode earlier today, I think bagels are now officially on the “not eating” list.  At least I still have pizza!  :)

Next week I have my second pre-natal appointment – I can’t wait!  And in case you missed any of the previous pregnancy posts, here you go…

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Now I am off to enjoy some time with our lovely visitor for the evening!  Love that we are both wearing food shirts.  :)

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