Week 13: My Pregnancy Journey.

Baby G has had a big week!  After finding out yesterday that HE is most likely a BOY (!) we were in celebration mode all day long.  I would be lying if I told you I did anything other than shop for nursery furniture and crib bedding online all afternoon…

How Big is the Baby?

It’s funny to think of him as fruit now that we know there is a little guy in there, but as big and manly as he sounds, he’s still only the size of a peach!

IMG_8902 (640x426)

Busted – that’s a nectarine.  All of these out-of-season produce comparisons are testing my most savvy grocery shopping skills!

How I’m Changing

Saturday morning was the first time I woke up and felt like I really truly looked different.  Maybe it’s because I was making a poor choice of wearing horizontal stripes, but I felt like my belly was bulging out and looked gigantic. 

IMG_8905 (426x640)

There is definitely some bump-age happening.  Nothing so significant that I would expect anyone else to notice, but my pants (and underwear!) are becoming less and less comfortable.  Maternity clothes shopping happens this weekend!

IMG_8906 (427x640)

Other changes of note: zits.  Everywhere.  I might as well be on 16 and Pregnant because I am certainly looking the part.  Oh, and my nails are hard as ROCKS.  I already had really healthy solid nails pre-pregnancy, so now they are as hard as concrete.  I’m scared of them. 

What I’m Eating

I am happy to report that there have been no more puke-a-thons since last week’s update.  There has been nausea, but I can manage that.  I wouldn’t say my appetite is even close to being back, but I’m finding I can stomach a few new things here and there.  I’m eating a LOT of fruit – mostly strawberries and oranges – and downing ice cold cereal by the bowlful.

This week I was feeling so excited about dinner that I spent a full hour making a huge mess in my kitchen to make a delicious homemade meal!  It felt good to be whisking again.  :)

IMG_8890 (427x640)

Only one thing could be worth dirtying four pans and a stand mixer for dinner – homemade mashed potatoes with vegan gravy and green beans.  Oh my word.

IMG_8895 (640x427)

I could not have been more excited about this dinner, and I am feeling sad just looking at the pictures and knowing that I already ate all the leftovers.  I think I could eat that gravy by itself – it’s that good.  I want more.

IMG_8899 (640x427)

On the eating front, I have noticed that I get reaaaaally full much more quickly than I used to.  My pre-pregnant self could shovel in food by the plate full, and now I find myself taking tiny portions that I would have laughed at before.  I don’t seem to have the ROOM in my belly that I had before, which leaves me hungry again 30 minutes after dinner.

How I’m Feeling

Feeling good this week!  I have a little more energy and motivation than last week, which has allowed me to be much more productive recently.  I still find that I am out of breath VERY quickly, and have to stop and rest a lot more than usual.

The only other thing that happened at our visit yesterday, that I forgot to tell you about since I was so excited about hearing the BOY news, was one little blip of possibly worrisome information.  Apparently my placenta (I can’t believe I’m writing about placenta) is “low” – which can result in a condition called placenta previa if it doesn’t move up significantly in the next 27 or so weeks.   

At the time I was so happy about our ultrasound that this didn’t really phase me.  And then this morning I got on Google and started scaring myself to death – reading about the possibilities of bed rest, bleeding to death, and hysterectomies during delivery.  I might have done some panicking, and there may have been some crying.  I got it out of my system, and I’m going to try to not worry about it until the 20-week appointment, where I will hope and pray to hear that it has migrated north.

IMG_8907 (425x640)

The other exciting news is that I am back at the gym and exercising again!  I have been lifting weights and doing cardio all week, and have promised myself to take at least an hour long walk every day.  I think walking is great exercise anytime, but especially during pregnancy.

After this morning’s research on the placenta issue, I think I’ve decided to continue to hold off on running for now.  I might change my mind down the road, but for right now, it feels risky and unnecessary.  I love running, and I plan to do a LOT more of it once my body is ready again.  But for now, me and Baby G are going to stick to the low-impact cardio options while we safely journey to October.

Buying for Baby

This little man is so spoiled already!  I have actually not bought anything (besides his little cardigan!), but he is already very loved by friends and family, and got not one but TWO adorable gifts this week.  The first came from Florida from my friend Mary Ann – a handmade Baby Garnish logo onesie.  Seriously – could this be ANY cuter??  I can’t wait for him to wear it!

IMG_8908 (640x427)

Gift number two came from Lisa, and my jaw literally dropped when I saw it…

IMG_8911 (426x640)

“Star of Mommy’s Blog” – can you believe they MAKE this?  Indy wanted to make sure that we knew who the real star of the blog was…

IMG_8913 (428x640)

At least until October!  What a ham.  Rumor has it that my mother-in-law also has the entire baby boy lineup from Baby Gap en route to her house in Indiana.  He is very well loved, and we are so grateful!

IMG_8917 (640x427)

That’s all for this week!  I’m in the process of finding a new doctor and hospital in Seattle so I can get my next appointment scheduled quickly.  So much to do before we move!

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