Week 14: My Pregnancy Journey.

I have a few different favorite websites and phone apps that I use to track all my weekly baby updates.  Most of the time they are all right on the same page, but these last few weeks have been sort of a grey area.  Some have said the first trimester ended at 12 weeks, while others said I had to wait until fourteen.  I figured I’d err on the conservative side, but now the wait is most definitely over.  I am officially in my SECOND trimester!  How did that happen??

How Big is the Baby?

Hold onto your hats, friends.  We’ve got a large lemon this week!

IMG_9010 (640x426)

I kicked off the first morning of my second trimester with one final (I hope!) vomit episode.  I think the lemon-man just wanted to remind me who was in charge – regardless of what the calendar said.

How I’m Changing

The bump is definitely not a figment of my imagination anymore.  I doubt anyone else would still really notice, but I am certainly noticing it more and more each day.

IMG_9012 (426x640)

I went maternity shopping with Lisa this weekend and picked up these super comfy shorts at Old Navy.  They aren’t actually maternity – just regular shorts – but they have a stretchy waistband and I bought them a size up.  They are too big for me and look kind of gigantic now, but I don’t care – they are so comfortable!  Plus I am hoping they will have room to grow into all summer long.

More and more I can’t stand having anything tight around my waist, particularly when I’m sitting down.  I also bought one of those belly bands everyone recommended, but I’m not sure that I like it yet.  it seems bulky and cumbersome under my shirts, and I can’t get it to stay in one place.

Even though summertime is the warmest, I’m excited to be pregnant during the summer so I can wear dresses and not worry so much about waistbands!

How I’m Feeling

It’s funny how quickly my standards for feeling well have adjusted.  I keep telling everyone that “I feel so much better!” – which is true, but relative to my un-pregnant self, I still feel pretty different.  I still wake up every morning feeling nauseous as hell, but over the course of three long months I’ve learned to manage and get used to it.  It’s really not that bad anymore!

IMG_9013 (427x640)

I can also tell that my energy levels are increasing.  I am waking up earlier in the mornings, napping almost never, and staying up later at night (10pm – wild!).  I am feeling antsy to be active and go for lots of long walks outside, and I am loving being back in the gym lifting weights.  It feels good to have a bit more control over my body than I did a few weeks ago.

My sleeping is horrible, and on average I’d say I get up three times a night to either pee or drink water because I feel dehydrated.  I also toss and turn back and forth, and never really quite feel comfortable.  We are coming up with a plan for when we get to Seattle to NOT share the bed with our dogs, and I am hoping that improves my quality of sleep in a few weeks.

IMG_9014 (426x640)

What I’m Eating

I wouldn’t say my appetite is back, but it’s definitely increasing.  I found myself picking out foods this week that I haven’t eaten in months!  Just this afternoon I got lunch at Whole Foods (don’t judge) and even ate a hearty portion of Greek SALAD – can you believe it??  I am still on a big pasta kick, and eat mostly cereal for breakfasts and snacks, but sloooowly but surely the veggies are creeping back in.

Oh, and yesterday I ate a pound of strawberries.  The whole pound.  By myself.  Fruit is definitely my favorite now – apples, oranges, grapes, and strawberries.  I can’t get enough, and I am counting down until watermelon is in season!  I still don’t feel like I am more hungry than normal, although when I AM hungry, I find I need to satisfy it quickly or it turns to nausea.

Buying For Baby

I didn’t buy a single thing this week, although I was tempted by some cute onesies at Old Navy.  Now that we know (think) it’s a boy, and I’m feeling more and more pregnant, I am finally starting to dive into all the online research and shopping.  Last night I stayed up until 11pm reading every single Young House Love post that was tagged with baby, and this morning I sat and sobbed through the entire six-part birth story of Baby Bower.  I am in the “sponge” phase where I want to know any and everything!

I’m also getting really excited to get to Seattle and finally start working on picking things out for our nursery.  I have already spent waaay too much time browsing Land of Nod furniture and crib bedding, and am currently trying to justify an absurdly expensive crib.  Crate and Barrel deciding to make baby furniture could end up disastrous for me…

My hope is that for you guys, these pregnancy updates are a fun and REAL look at what it’s like to experience a first pregnancy.  For those of you who don’t have kids or haven’t been pregnant – I know about as much as you do right now!

I have mentioned before that I’ve been weighing myself throughout this pregnancy, not because I’m afraid to gain any (obviously I plan to gain the recommended amount), but because I find all of these body changes and growth spurts really fascinating – especially when broken down week to week.  So far I am still down 2 pounds from my starting weight, but I have gained back 3 of the 5 pounds I lost due to morning sickness.  Feels right on track to me!

Last but not least, a genuine belly shot, so you can see what I mean about it being a bit more round than it used to be…

IMG_9015 (427x640)

Next week I will remember to not block the picture with my arm.  :)  I can’t believe the second trimester is already here and our moving truck comes next Thursday – time is flying!

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