Week 15: My Pregnancy Journey.

Get ready for some serious bumpage this week – this little man has definitely gone through a growth spurt!  And you should probably just come to expect to hear me say every single week, “I can’t believe how big I am!”  But honestly, that’s how I feel.  I don’t know why I keep waking up expecting the opposite, but I am constantly surprised that this belly is actually growing.

How Big is the Baby?

Baby Garnish has worked his way up to a large apple this week!

IMG_9086 (640x435)

I know the growth has been slow and steady, but I feel like I woke up one morning and suddenly my waistline had doubled.  I wore a pair of regular Gap jeans on Saturday, and half-way through the day I ended up having to unbutton them under my cardigan.  I guess regular jeans aren’t really much of an option anymore (since I hate the belly band). 

The good news is that I got a cute pair of Gap maternity jeans this weekend, and I have another ridiculously awesome pair of Joe’s designer maternity jeans that Casey bought me for my birthday.  With two good pairs, I should be all set for summer.

IMG_9088 (413x640)

This is me laughing because Casey claimed the camera dots focused on my belly instead of my face.  That stomach bump looks like I have been gobbling down donuts all week.  I feel like I need a shirt that says “I’m pregnant, stop looking at me!”

IMG_9091 (426x640)

How I’m Changing

Besides the obvious growing stomach, I’m just feeling a little fuller in general.  I think my boobs are still growing, and it might finally be time to consider getting some new bras.  I’m starting to get those unflattering bra-is-too-tight lines under my shirts. Not good.

Despite what it looks like in these pictures, I assure you that my butt has not actually quadrupled in size.  I’m just wearing comfortable shorts that are still too big for me.

IMG_9093 (425x640)

How I’m Feeling

Most of the time, I’m feeling really good.  I seem to still be averaging one unfortunate puking per week.  I keep thinking the sickness is all gone, and then it will randomly come back, as it did this morning.  But it’s nothing like it used to be, and I’ve almost forgotten how horrific the first trimester was.  I’m equating it to running marathons – once it’s over you forget what you went through!

I have heard other pregnant people talk about ravenous hunger and needing food every two hours, and up until now I haven’t really experienced any of that.  I have noticed this week though that if I let myself go too long without food, I suddenly get VERY nauseous.  I’m not much of a snacker, but I’m trying to pay more attention to the timing of my meals so that doesn’t happen anymore.

IMG_9094 (427x640)

The other thing that is a recent development is some unfortunate headaches.  I had one last week that was really bad, since then I’ve had a few more that were a bit more mild.  A few of my Twitter friends suggested Tylenol or caffeine to relieve the aches.  I am a weenie and am too scared to take Tylenol unless absolutely necessary, so I opted for the caffeine route.  I drank half of a regular Coke for probably the first time in ten years.  It was insanely sweet, surprisingly tasted pretty darn good, and it did the trick.

I am drinking water like it’s a part-time job, making sure I am as hydrated as possible.  And now that I’m trying to time my meals a bit better, I’m hoping the headaches will go back to wherever they came from. 

What I’m Eating

Anything salty and lemony – I cannot get enough.  Citrus fruits, feta cheese (pasteurized), olives, lemony dressings, creamy soups.  You will be happy to hear that I ate a gigantic portion of Greek salad from Whole Foods the other day – mostly because it was smothered in feta and lemon dressing.  But hey – greens are greens, right? 

I’m on a big minestrone soup kick too.  I will order or make it at every opportunity.  Veggies, broth, noodles, beans – perfect on my stomach and my bland palate.  Last night I made a giant pot of it out of our remaining frozen veggies, and beans and noodles from our dwindling pantry.  Poor Casey keeps suggesting things like Japanese or Indian food, and I keep gagging like an eight year old.  Spices are not my friend. 

This morning’s snack felt slightly cannibalistic…

IMG_9098 (640x427)

We ate the photo prop.  I think the real Baby G would approve!

IMG_9099 (427x640)  IMG_9100 (427x640)

Odds and Ends

The other fun thing we got recently is a new app (from Pampers!) for Casey’s iPad.  It’s a baby growth tracker that has info about the baby for each week, along with really good photos of what he might look like at this stage!

IMG_9106 (640x427)

My favorite feature is the “real size” image – you click and the picture expands to show an approximation of the baby’s actual size for the week!  That’s a BIG baby – no wonder my belly is finally popping out!

IMG_9104 (427x640)

Here are a few more random pregnancy thoughts for the week…

  • Things I can’t wait to eat again:  blue cheese and drippy eggs
  • # of times I get up to pee each night:  usually three
  • Weight I can still squat at the gym:  95 pounds
  • Days until my next appointment: 17
  • Weight gained this week: ~1 pound
  • Total weight gained: –1 pound
  • # of days until we move:  three

And with that, I am off to re-heat a bowl of minestrone soup…

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