Our last weekend here in Virginia sure has been full of life and love.  The rain stopped just in time for us to enjoy my favorite King Street farmers market one last time…

IMG_2834 (640x480)

We didn’t buy any produce since we are moving this week, but I still had fun walking around looking at it all and seeing what is in season.

IMG_2835 (640x480)

IMG_2836 (640x480)

GIANT beautiful beets!

IMG_2837 (640x480)

IMG_2841 (480x640)

IMG_2842 (640x474)

IMG_2843 (480x640)

Breakfast to go – a cranberry chocolate chip muffin.  YUM!  And another passion iced tea/lemonade – so delicious.

IMG_2846 (479x640)

Early Saturday morning we took the dogs to doggie day camp so they could play while our landlord showed our house to more prospective renters.  We took advantage of being dog-less for the day and headed to Georgetown to have lunch and do some work.

IMG_2847 (640x480)

Once the sun came out and the temperatures warmed up, Georgetown was PACKED.  Seriously – WHY would anyone ever wait in a line around the block for a cupcake?  I will never understand this phenomenon.

IMG_2855 (479x640)

After working for a bit at Starbucks, we were starving, but found our lunch options to be somewhat limited to mostly greasy pub food.  As a last resort, we ended up at Uno’s and figured we’d just have a heavy lunch and opt for a light dinner.

I was amazed to find that the Uno’s menu was not only very vegetarian friendly, they also had a huge assortment of “lighter fare” options that were healthy and delicious!  This giant bowl of vegetable minestrone was EXACTLY what I have been wanting for my soup cravings.

IMG_2849 (640x480)

Followed by the “lighter fare” vegetable pizza with roasted eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, and feta on a thin five-grain crust.

IMG_2851 (640x480)

Casey got a veggie burger topped with guacamole…

IMG_2854 (640x480)

And a vegetable farro salad on the side!  Seriously – Uno’s – who would have guessed?

IMG_2853 (640x480)

After our afternoon in Georgetown we swung past the mall to do a little Gap Maternity shopping and picked up the doggies.  I ended my day with a nice long walk along the Mt. Vernon trail soaking in the beautiful scenery.

IMG_20110423_184333 (640x482)

I have loved living so close to this trail, and I will definitely miss it.  Prior to my car accident, I had some great runs here!

IMG_20110423_190011 (640x478)

I am glad that we’ll be living so close to the Burke-Gilman trail in Seattle, and plan to cover a lot of miles there as well.

IMG_20110423_190128 (640x478)

Finished my walk just as it was starting to get dark – perfect timing!

IMG_20110423_191945 (640x478)

Today has been a HOT and beautiful Easter Sunday.  I’ve taken the pups for two long walks so that I could get some exercise and enjoy the sunshine.  The rest of my day was spent taking Casey to get emergency dental treatment (not fun) and cleaning out my house to prepare for the movers!

And I have now officially reached new levels of pregnant lady exhaustion.  Time to put my feet up and hope that someone else makes dinner.

Happy Easter to you all.  And Happy 30th Birthday to my bestie Lindsey!!  So much to celebrate today.