Beautiful Seattle.

Friday was my mother-in-law’s last day in Seattle, so instead of forcing her to stay inside with me and tackle boxes, we decided to give ourselves a break and take advantage of the goooorgeous weather!!

I braved the Seattle bus system for the first time, and discovered that it was not at all complicated or intimidating.  Although I did find it to be really jerky since I am used to the smooth ride of the DC Metro!  We bused downtown and headed to Casey’s new office so that we could see his space and meet him for lunch.  We got to the 38th floor and were greeted by this…

IMG_9497 (640x427)

These pictures are all taken from his office window, and do NO justice to what the view actually looked like.  How could you ever get any work done with those mountains in the distance?

IMG_9498 (640x417)

Down below, he can see Pike Place Market!

IMG_9500 (640x427)

His office is awesome and the people he works with are all so nice and friendly.  I think this is going to be a great change for him, even though we liked working together at home.  I wish I could work here every day!

IMG_9502 (640x427)

Tina and I could not stop taking pictures.  I’m sure his co-workers were scared.

IMG_9503 (427x640)

I finally put my camera away so that we could head off to lunch.  We went to a place that Casey and I actually visited back in 2008 – Purple Café and Wine Bar.  Even though the main draw is their huge tower of wines, the food does not disappoint!  I opted for a lunch trio…

IMG_9504 (640x427)

Do you see what I see?  I ordered a SALAD!  Even more exciting, I ate every bite.  Thank you Baby Garnish for allowing me to eat leafy greens again – this was sooo delicious!

IMG_9505 (640x427)

San Marzano tomato soup…

IMG_9506 (640x427)

And shoestring potato french fries.  I couldn’t help myself.  The potato cravings are serious.

IMG_9507 (640x427)

Casey opted for the veggie sandwich, which also looked delicious.  There were sooo many tasty menu items that I wanted to try, but they all had variations of blue cheese (a pregnancy no-no because of the mold).  Can’t wait to try them all after October!

IMG_9508 (640x427)

After lunch, Casey headed back to work while Tina and I hit the streets to explore.  The sun was shining, the mountains were out, and it was jeans and t-shirt weather – what a wonderful greeting into Seattle!

IMG_9510 (640x427)

Our destination:  Pike Place Market!

IMG_9511 (640x407)

My favorite thing about Pike Place is the abundance of gorgeous FLOWERS as far as the eye can see.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  Even better – they are all insanely cheap!  Huge gorgeous bundles of flowers for $5 and $10.  I told Casey that if he is going to be working downtown, he needs to bring me fresh flowers once a week.  :)

IMG_9514 (640x422)

Lots of beautiful produce and yummy samples…

IMG_9516 (640x427)

IMG_9518 (640x427)

Amazing chocolate covered cherries – I sampled two!

IMG_9519 (640x427)

IMG_9520 (640x427)

Tulips seemed to be the current flower in bloom.  The tulips I bought my mom in Ohio for Mother’s Day were about 1/4 of the size of these – Seattle tulips are massive!

IMG_9522 (640x427)

I can’t wait for the market to be full of peonies.  They were my wedding flowers, and have always been my favorites.  Our house will be overflowing with peonies once they are in bloom here!

IMG_9523 (640x426)

The people of Seattle were all relishing the sunshine and mountain views.  The parks were literally filled with people laying in the grass and soaking it in.  It’s true what they say about Seattle – yes, it can be grey and rainy, but when the sun comes out there is nothing quite like it!

IMG_9524 (640x427)

Tina and I walked down to Alaskan Way and the waterfront to get a better glimpse.

IMG_9528 (640x427)

Exploring these mountains and all this gorgeous scenery is high on my must-do-in-Seattle list!

IMG_9529 (640x427)

IMG_9531 (640x423)

Ten million thanks to Tina for driving all the way across the country with Casey and the dogs, and then spending an extra week with us to help us get settled!  We could never have done it all without her.  I miss her already!

IMG_9534 (640x427)

I feel so lucky to have a mother-in-law that truly feels like family to me.  The two of us walked and talked all day long.  We are both huge foodies, and we couldn’t help but pop into all the local shops and pick up a few goodies.

Having just been in Seattle for a week, I have already seen Beecher’s Cheese pop up in numerous restaurants and at the grocery store.  We stopped in the Beecher’s store to pick up a few of our own – flagship white cheddar, smoked white cheddar, and a variety with black and green crushed peppercorns.  YUM!

IMG_9535 (640x427)

Chocolate covered cherries!  Tina actually took these home to share with her husband, but that didn’t stop us from opening them and having a few for ourselves first. 

IMG_9538 (427x640)

Even our spoiled rotten dogs got something local and fun.

IMG_9539 (640x427)

Handmade dog treats!  Peanut butter, fruit, veggie, and breath nuggets – all made from all-natural vegetarian ingredients.  They are LOVING them!

IMG_9540 (640x427)

Tina caught the red-eye home Friday night and we were sad to see her go.  Luckily we had another gorgeous and sunny day on Saturday, so we were able to spend the day tackling a lot of house and yard projects.  Today is grey and gloomy, and I am gearing up to tackle more boxes!  Progress photos coming up soon – it’s starting to look and feel like home.