Getting Closer…

Happy FRIDAY, friends!  We were up late last night hammering, drilling, and hanging – I’m sure the neighbors love us.  But we have an exciting day today, and I wanted the house to be as finished as humanely possible given the fact that we have lived here a week. 

Time for more progress photos!  The living room is still serving as my office right now, until I get our actual office in order.   (It is currently a DISASTER zone.)

IMG_9697 (640x427)

We took the big mirror off of the fireplace and added some decorative items instead.  I think it opens the room up a lot more!  Still a few more things to do in this room, but overall I am loving the way it has turned out.

IMG_9699 (640x427)

As of last night, we also finally have CURTAINS!  I love these big balcony doors, but they were screaming for some breezy window treatments.  I can leave the doors open and still get the wonderful cool mountain breeze, but also still get plenty of light and privacy.

IMG_9700 (427x640)

From the living area, looking into the rest of the space – so much clutter has finally been removed!  I really like the flow of this space, and I’m so happy we played with the furniture arrangement until it worked.

IMG_9701 (640x427)

The dining room table has been a landing zone for all our crap so far, and now that it’s cleared off I’m determined to keep it that way.  I’m hoping to get some better matching placemats at some point too.

IMG_9702 (640x423)

The kitchen is my favorite spot to hang out.  Do you notice anything new??

IMG_9703 (640x424)

What about now…?

IMG_9704 (640x427)

Our kitchen shelves!  We left our old set behind in Old Town, but bought them new as soon as we got here to Seattle.  I’m planning to do a whole “house tour” post once we are really finished, and since so many of you ask, I’ll make sure to link to where we got most of our things.  I am so happy to have the ball jar shelves back in my life!

IMG_9705 (640x426)

The main floor bathroom actually has things hung up, and fresh towels on the towel bars…

IMG_9706 (427x640)

And other than hanging something behind the bed, the master bedroom is nearly finished!  Here’s a better shot of those “beach house” curtains I was telling you about earlier…

IMG_9707 (640x427)

This is definitely my favorite room, and I love waking up in the mornings with so much light pouring in the windows.

IMG_9708 (427x640)

The hallway continues to struggle, and is my project for this upcoming weekend.  Scary.

IMG_9709 (427x640)

The other main thing I needed to do last night was put the finishing touches on our guest room (future nursery)!  Last week this room was a landing zone for crap and empty boxes, so I had my work cut out to make it habitable.

IMG_9710 (640x427)

Huey has found a sunny spot, and gives this room his official lazy dog seal of approval.

IMG_9712 (640x427)

This room needed to be done by today, because MY SISTER arrives this afternoon!  As soon as I hit publish I am off to the airport to welcome her to Seattle!  I really hope she likes spending the summer here with us. 

So that’s the house so far, after week two!  Give us one or two more weekends, and I think we will be done…

IMG_9714 (640x427)

It’s 70 degrees and sunny in Seattle, and as much as I am loving my house, I’m hoping to spend as much of my day OUTSIDE as possible!  Happy Friday to you all!