More Moving.

Thank you guys for being so supportive and awesome, and for bearing with me through this crazy move!  The end is in sight, and it’s starting to feel VERY real that I will officially be in Seattle tomorrow – eeeeek. 

The last few days have involved – what else? – more moving!  Friday started out with loading up our SUV to prepare for Casey’s cross-country move.  We tried really hard to be very selective about what went in the car so that they had plenty of room on the road trip.

IMG_9349 (427x640)

Before we left, Casey vacuumed and prepared the dog’s area for the trip.  These two are so spoiled!

IMG_9352 (640x427)

Check out their road-trip setup in the back of the car.  Plushy blanket and two layers of cushy dog beds – not a bad way to travel.  We have discovered that they are MUCH better travelers now that we have the gate.  With less space to roam, they are less stressed out (and our car stays clean!), and they just curl up and sleep the whole time.  They are excellent road-trippers.

IMG_9353 (640x427)

I gave Casey a giant hug and kiss goodbye, and nervously left him for the next four days.  Then I embarked on another trip of my own – driving across Indianapolis to the Butler Delta Gamma house!

IMG_9354 (640x427)

The timing worked out really well that I could be in Indiana to say goodbye to Casey and spend time with family, and then turn around and go help my little sister move out from college!  Since I didn’t have a car to drive back to Cincinnati, I had to rent one for the day.  Unfortunately all they could give me was a Nissan Altima to load an entire year’s worth of dorm living…

IMG_9355 (427x640)

Shoving, pushing, laughing, collapsing.

IMG_9357 (640x427)

Not a single space unused.  I honestly couldn’t believe we got it all into the car.  Luckily Sarah packed a lot into garbage bags, so we were able to just squish and shove it all in and slam the doors!

IMG_9358 (640x427)

Two hours later, back in Ohio.  Then began the UN-loading process onto my mom’s front porch.  Can you guess Sarah’s favorite color?

IMG_9359 (640x427)

Can you believe we fit all of this into the car?  The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

IMG_9361 (640x427)

I was really excited to have Sarah home with me for the second half of my trip.  Have I told you guys our exciting news yet?  Sarah is actually coming to live with us in SEATTLE this summer!!  She’ll be getting a summer job out there, helping us explore our new city, and I cannot WAIT for her to get there and join our West Coast fun.

IMG_9363 (427x640)

Saturday the moving and hauling continued.  One of our Mother’s Day gifts to Mama Holcombe was to help her clear her house out of things she had been wanting to get rid of – it was long overdue!  Two car loads to Goodwill, and a million trips with garbage bags to the curb later…

IMG_9364 (640x427)

I am a huge minimalist, and my mom loves to keep EVERYTHING.  I was so excited when she told me she was ready to get rid of stuff, and jumped to help her make it happen while I was in town and could help!

IMG_9365 (640x428)

Sarah and my mom were champs and carried out all this furniture too.  It has just been sitting unused in the basement for way too long.  So much nicer to have more space now!

IMG_9366 (640x427)

In between moving and carting belongings all around Indiana and Ohio, I’ve been snuggling with this little Cincinnati Reds fan.

IMG_9367 (426x640)

And after a long day’s move, we felt we were deserving of massive amounts of PF Changs.  Yum.

IMG_9369 (640x427)

Today is my last day in Cincinnati, and we are doing our best to spoil our mom on her special day.  Tomorrow I’ll be reunited with the road-trippers in SEATTLE!  So weird!  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  :)