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    A Look Back.

More Moving.

Thank you guys for being so supportive and awesome, and for bearing with me through this crazy move!  The end is in sight, and it’s starting to feel VERY real that I will officially be in Seattle tomorrow – eeeeek. 

The last few days have involved – what else? – more moving!  Friday started out with loading up our SUV to prepare for Casey’s cross-country move.  We tried really hard to be very selective about what went in the car so that they had plenty of room on the road trip.

IMG_9349 (427x640)

Before we left, Casey vacuumed and prepared the dog’s area for the trip.  These two are so spoiled!

IMG_9352 (640x427)

Check out their road-trip setup in the back of the car.  Plushy blanket and two layers of cushy dog beds – not a bad way to travel.  We have discovered that they are MUCH better travelers now that we have the gate.  With less space to roam, they are less stressed out (and our car stays clean!), and they just curl up and sleep the whole time.  They are excellent road-trippers.

IMG_9353 (640x427)

I gave Casey a giant hug and kiss goodbye, and nervously left him for the next four days.  Then I embarked on another trip of my own – driving across Indianapolis to the Butler Delta Gamma house!

IMG_9354 (640x427)

The timing worked out really well that I could be in Indiana to say goodbye to Casey and spend time with family, and then turn around and go help my little sister move out from college!  Since I didn’t have a car to drive back to Cincinnati, I had to rent one for the day.  Unfortunately all they could give me was a Nissan Altima to load an entire year’s worth of dorm living…

IMG_9355 (427x640)

Shoving, pushing, laughing, collapsing.

IMG_9357 (640x427)

Not a single space unused.  I honestly couldn’t believe we got it all into the car.  Luckily Sarah packed a lot into garbage bags, so we were able to just squish and shove it all in and slam the doors!

IMG_9358 (640x427)

Two hours later, back in Ohio.  Then began the UN-loading process onto my mom’s front porch.  Can you guess Sarah’s favorite color?

IMG_9359 (640x427)

Can you believe we fit all of this into the car?  The picture doesn’t even do it justice.

IMG_9361 (640x427)

I was really excited to have Sarah home with me for the second half of my trip.  Have I told you guys our exciting news yet?  Sarah is actually coming to live with us in SEATTLE this summer!!  She’ll be getting a summer job out there, helping us explore our new city, and I cannot WAIT for her to get there and join our West Coast fun.

IMG_9363 (427x640)

Saturday the moving and hauling continued.  One of our Mother’s Day gifts to Mama Holcombe was to help her clear her house out of things she had been wanting to get rid of – it was long overdue!  Two car loads to Goodwill, and a million trips with garbage bags to the curb later…

IMG_9364 (640x427)

I am a huge minimalist, and my mom loves to keep EVERYTHING.  I was so excited when she told me she was ready to get rid of stuff, and jumped to help her make it happen while I was in town and could help!

IMG_9365 (640x428)

Sarah and my mom were champs and carried out all this furniture too.  It has just been sitting unused in the basement for way too long.  So much nicer to have more space now!

IMG_9366 (640x427)

In between moving and carting belongings all around Indiana and Ohio, I’ve been snuggling with this little Cincinnati Reds fan.

IMG_9367 (426x640)

And after a long day’s move, we felt we were deserving of massive amounts of PF Changs.  Yum.

IMG_9369 (640x427)

Today is my last day in Cincinnati, and we are doing our best to spoil our mom on her special day.  Tomorrow I’ll be reunited with the road-trippers in SEATTLE!  So weird!  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  :)

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Shannon @ My Place In The Race     at 10:42 am

Oh wow! You have been busy! That is an impressive load you got into that car :) It’s amazing want strategic cramming can do. LOL! Have a great day!


Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet     at 10:45 am

Happy mother’s day to a mother-to-be!!

Aw go Reds! I love corgis :)


Fran@ Broken Cookies Don't Count     at 10:48 am

Amazing what you’ve accomplished in such a short time. You’ll need a really long nap when you get to Seattle!! Happy Mother’s Day!


Radha     at 10:50 am

It has been years since I have seen the DG house at Butler. (I went to school there and am a DG)
Have a good trip <3


Krissy (Make It Naked)     at 11:00 am

I am impressed by so much in this post…the traveling, the cramming and packing, but most of all, Sarah’s matching of her outfit to luggage. I see a market for pink trash bags. Happy Mother’s Day!


Susan @ Real Life Travels     at 11:02 am

Yeah! I’d say you definitely been busy! That’s so funny. I do the same thing with our pups, well now we only have one but I make them a bed in the back seat and sometimes I honestly would rather sit back there then up front =) Looks so comfy. Best of luck with your travels to Seattle!


Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN.     at 11:02 am

Good luck finishing the move! The end is usually the most tedius and frustrating part and I’m sure you’re so ready to be done!!!


Kristen     at 11:04 am

Happy 1st Mother’s Day, Emily! Have a very safe trip to Seattle. Can’t wait to hear about all your new + exciting adventures in a new city!


Maria     at 11:14 am

I can’t believe you fit all that stuff in that little car! You rock. Happy Mother’s Day! That will be fun to have your sister with you this summer.


Megan     at 11:15 am

happy mothers day emily!!!!


grace b     at 11:16 am

WOAH you got a lot of stuff into the car!! I’m impressed. My friends at college always made fun of me for how little I’d bring with me. I could unload my car and unpack my room in 30 minutes! :)

Can’t wait to see the new house in Seattle!


Liz     at 11:25 am

Where did you get the gate from for the car? That is totally what we need to travel with our two labs. They are all over the place in our Durango.


jen @ taste life     at 11:27 am

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Emily! Your first one! Good luck with the rest of the move.


sarah     at 11:34 am

Happy mother’s day to Judes, and to YOU!!! You are already a mother! Oh my god! Hee hee! I’m psyched Sarah will be with you guys this summer. That’s awesome. Yay! Have a safe trip!


Sara@BakingandWine     at 11:44 am

Oh my goodness. That reminds me so much of my move to college 7 years ago. Everything I owned crammed into my ’87 Ford Escort…… I still have NO idea how I did it. I think there was some sort of Harry Potter-esque lengthening charm on my trunk. Haha.


Alaina     at 11:45 am

You must be an expert packer to get all of that in the car! :-)

That is so cool that you’ll have your sister around for the summer. I’ll bet you two will have a lot of fun!


Ally     at 11:48 am

glad to see you’re eating chinese food!!! happy mama’s day emily!


Kamaile     at 11:54 am

So cool to have time with your sister in Seattle, I love my sister and am glad she lives only 15 minutes away! Love the dogs traveling hotel…spoiled!:)


Christine     at 12:08 pm

Happy Mother’s Day to you- your first one!

I cannot believe you fit all that in an Altima. Those pictures made me thankful that part of college is done- packing and unpacking twice a year? No thanks!


stacey (the home-cooked vegan)     at 12:15 pm

Wow you have been busy! Lots of moving going on :) Yay! That’s so exciting that your sister is going to be spending the summer in Seattle with you! It should be nice to have a familiar face to explore the city with while Casey is at work :) Happy Mothers Day TO YOU!

Hope you have a safe trip home :D


Amber K     at 12:32 pm

Wow you have been one busy girl! You deserve a nice long rest :)


Adam Deane     at 1:00 pm

Can’t wait to read about all of your adventures in Seattle as I am currently looking for a place there right now as well :D You guys will have so much fun, it is a great city!


Cait @ Beyond Bananas     at 1:21 pm

Holy crap! I can’t BELIEVE you fit all of that stuff into your car! That is true talent right there!


Megan     at 1:32 pm

Oh my gosh, you are making this move seem so easy. :) We were lucky enough to have movers last time we moved (from NYC to Detroit) as well and that took so much stress out of the move. I’m not sure we will have them again when we move to Boston… kinda dreading that.

My last move was filled with stops in Cincinnati and Columbus to see friends and family along the way! It’s always much better when you include loved ones during stressful times. :)

Anyways Hope you are having a Great first Mothers Day!!!


Sarah @ The Pajama Chef     at 1:35 pm

way to go on loading up all your sister’s stuff! i totally had crazy amounts of things in college too…so i can relate :)


Sheena     at 1:52 pm

That setup looks so cozy and comfortable – the pups are definitely traveling in first class style! Happy Mother’s Day :)


Christin@purplebirdblog     at 1:56 pm

Happy mother’s day to YOU! :D


SaraRM     at 2:08 pm

Aww thats awesome youll have your sister there with you this summer! That will definitely help for an easier transition! What a nice mothers day with your family!


hippierunner     at 2:09 pm

LOL- I can’t believe you fit all that into that tiny car! You guys must be good at Tetris. Have a safe trip!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 2:15 pm

I can’t wait to live in sorority housing next year!!! I am all about pink, and black and white travel gear. So cute.


Elena @ GagaForGrapefruit     at 2:31 pm

glad things have been going rather smoothly for you during this crazy time!


Anna Crouch     at 3:03 pm

I’m excited for you to get to Seattle and start your new “life” there! I live about 40 minutes from the city. You will love the area. It’s beautiful! And there are so many outdoor adventures to take. Also, it doesn’t rain as much as people say it does :) It does rain a lot in the winter, but once summer hits, it’s gorgeous!


Michelle (your girlfriend for fitness)     at 3:31 pm

That is very exciting news, I am glad you will have your sister with you especially during this special time. I am soo jealous of you PF Changs… crispy honey shrimp is one of my absolute favorite… and the veggie dumplings/lettuce wraps!


bitt     at 3:38 pm

All the sudden since you are pregnant I feel so protective of you!! Be careful not to lift too much! I know how hard it is not to get involved but let others do it if you can. Oh protective speech over.

Your packing up your sister reminds me of when I packed up my brother from college one summer. He had about that much stuff although not pink. So much stuff that we got a flat tire and, well it was night to try to forget.

Save travels to Seattle!


Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen     at 4:27 pm

Your sis is a DG?!?!?!? I was a DG at Virginia Tech :-)


Emily Malone Reply:

I was a DG at Denison!


Kristen @ Chocolate Covered Kristen Reply:

Really?! to top it all off, I saw your onesies the other day and saw a Dayton onsie; my dad went there and I moved to the west coast fron Alexandria, too (I lived on King closer to 395 for about 2.5 years)! What a small world :-)


katie     at 4:32 pm

ITB to your sis from a DG sister!! I’m an alumna from the JMU chapter!

How fun to have her out in Seattle with you guys! That’ll make getting settled much easier for you too, with Casey working away from home all day.

Safe travels to all!


LauraJayne     at 5:02 pm

It looks like you are being super productive – and getting a ton of family time in! I bet it will feel really good to be settled in Seattle!

I am the worst and fitting things into cars and trunks and especially moving vans! My dad is a master – I hope I never have to move without him!


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com     at 5:08 pm

Wow!?! How y’all could fit all that in the car, is beyond me :D


R @ Learning As I Chop     at 5:46 pm

I really can’t you believe all of this while pregnant. I am so impressed.


Lu @ A Mix of it All     at 9:25 pm

Have a very safe trip. Seattle is wonderful!


Marissa     at 10:03 pm

Happy Mother’s Day to you too!!!


Emma (Namaste Everyday)     at 12:41 am

I am obsessed with that dessert at PF chang’s. you know, the one with banana spring rolls and coconut pineapple ice cream! I go there just for that!


Laura     at 4:36 am

You are going to love having your sister live with you. My younger sister moved in with my husband and I for the summer, which then turned into her not moving out until December! We all had so much fun together, it did not put a damper on my husband and my time at all, in fact it was much more exciting to have the 3 of us hanging out together than just he and I. I’m glad you’re going to get to experience it!


Alyson     at 9:25 am

I recognized those take-out containers instantly. PF Chang’s is my favorite restaurant, and really vegetarian- and vegan-friendly. The Ma Po Tofu and Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps are too delicious!


Cindy Robinson     at 2:21 pm

Oh how wonderful that your sister is going with you to Seattle. I bet you are so thrilled to have her with you on your new journey :) !!


Michelle (The Runner's Plate)     at 3:46 pm

That will be so much fun to have your sister live with you this summer! I tried to get my sister to come and live with us this summer, but she took a different job. :( I was bummed!


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