Moving Meltdown.

Don’t worry – we DID survive the move and are still alive.  But I’m not gonna lie, it was a rocky road.  The movers arrived almost on time, which was very exciting.  The minute the lead guy came in, the first thing he said was “oh boy, this staircase is going to give us trouble.” 

The boxes started coming in and lining the walls…

IMG_9445 (427x640)

And as kitchen boxes appeared, Tina opened them one by one to try to get some things unpacked so we could send the empty boxes back with the movers.  I had to be outside with the movers the whole time directing traffic for the moving crew.

IMG_9446 (640x427)

After about two hours, they started bringing in furniture.  There was a LOT of talk about the height of the staircase and size of a few of our furniture pieces.  I started to get very nervous and anxious for our things to get upstairs.  My favorite piece – the dining room table, just barely made it through at 7.5 feet long (monster table).

IMG_9447 (640x427)

And then they tried the couch.  There was NO way to get it up the steps.  This floorplan is not traditional, and our living space is actually on the second floor, so aaaall the furniture needed to get up the steps.  The size of the stairwell and corners wasn’t the problem – it was actually the height of the first floor hallway (8 feet) vs. our couch (9 feet).  It just wasn’t going to happen.

The move itself was already so stressful, and realizing that our main piece of living room furniture was not coming into our house sent me into an emotional tailspin.  Even with four large movers there, I couldn’t help but start sobbing.  I know it’s just a couch, but it was too much to handle at the time.

The movers jumped into crisis mode when they saw my tears.  There was talk of attempting to hoist it over the second floor balcony and bring it in that way, but the balcony appeared to be a little too high.  Then there was talk of calling a hoisting company to bring it in, but I was afraid that would be expensive and lead to even more issues taking the couch out down the road.  Eventually, I got over it and conceded that the couch was not coming in.  I was cranky, and very emotionally drained.

IMG_9448 (640x427)

The cushions made it in.  What a tease!

IMG_9449 (427x640)

The movers continued to get everything else in, and filled the house to the brim with walls and walls of boxes.

IMG_9454 (640x427)

IMG_9455 (640x427)

Even the stairwells are full of boxes!

IMG_9456 (427x640)

And the bathroom…

IMG_9458 (427x640)

IMG_9459 (640x427)

The mini-sectional pull out couch made it into the guest room/nursery.  That was good news!

IMG_9460 (640x427)

Once the movers left, we started rallying and trying to come up with a game plan.  We used three chairs in a row to simulate a love seat, and tried to figure out what floor plan would work with all our giant furniture in what turns out to be a TINY space!

IMG_9461 (640x427)

Huey was not happy about all the changes, and hid in the closet all evening.  The dogs actually got spoiled and were sent to a fun new daycare for the day, so that they didn’t have to be stressed out by the movers.  I think he was a little overwhelmed by the mess when he got home.

IMG_9467 (427x640)

Indy doesn’t care what happens, as long as he is in the same room as us.  And look – our bed is set up and we have pretty new bedding!

IMG_9468 (640x427)

Casey spent about an hour putting together the IKEA sectional in the guest room / nursery, while we continued to talk about options for the living room and what we should do next.

IMG_9469 (640x427)

Once the couch was all set up on the 3rd floor, we all decided (after careful measuring) that the most practical solution was to use the couch we already had on the 3rd floor and move it down to the living room.  So at almost 9pm, Casey took the couch apart, brought it down piece by piece, and reassembled it in the living room.

IMG_9474 (640x427)

We are still working on finalizing a good floor plan, and hoping to eliminate some boxes and clutter today so that we can get a better sense of how things will fit.  For now, our old couch is wrapped in shrink wrap and propped up in a corner of our very tiny garage.  In the next few days and weeks we’ll figure out how to get everything else set up, and if we want to sell the couch or keep it (leaning towards keep). 

Moving is SO STRESSFUL, and I am itching to be settled and out of boxes quickly.  Hoping to get a lot unpacked today!