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    A Look Back.

Seattle’s Chaco Canyon Organic Café.

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  We have lucked out with gorgeous weather and sunny skies here in Seattle.  While some days are indeed grey and gloomy, on a sunny day nothing can compare with the sights and surroundings of Seattle.

IMG_9874 (640x422)

We spent most of Saturday out of the house running errands, shopping for various things, and taking in the mountains with every bridge and turn.  I love being so close to water everywhere we go.  Hopefully someday we can explore this water by BOAT!

IMG_9875 (640x427)

After a morning trip to Babies R Us to shop for nursery furniture (more on that to come), we worked up an appetite and headed over to the University area for lunch and more shopping.  Chaco Canyon has been recommended to me by several Seattle readers, so it was high time we get there ourselves to try it out.

IMG_9888 (640x427)

The signs on the windows advertise that they are “Washington’s First Certified Organic Vegetarian Café and Restaurant” – although the menu seemed entirely vegan to me!  There were also many raw and juice options, which you don’t see very often. 

I kicked off my lunch by treating myself to my very favorite of all pregnancy indulgences – root beer in an ice cold bottle.  Nothing better!

IMG_9879 (427x640)

When the food arrived, we knew we were in for something special.  Casey ordered the Raw Enchilada Plate – raw tomato tortillas filled with cashew cheese, spiced vegetables, avocado and cilantro, and topped with mango pico de gallo.

IMG_9881 (640x427)

His enchiladas reminded me of the delicious raw tacos I ate at Café Gratitude in San Francisco back in November.  Hands down one of my most memorable meals of all time!

Sarah’s meal did not disappoint either.  She ordered the Field Dog – Field Roast sausage on a rustic roll with vegenaise, sauerkraut, & cucumbers.  She opted to sub out the cucumbers for bread & butter pickles – a no brainer if you ask me. 

IMG_9883 (640x427)

Only in Seattle have I found that even street carts offer veggie dogs along with traditional meat options, and they are almost always Seattle’s own delicious Field Roast.  Field Roast is the only “fake meat” type of product that I ever buy, since I love the short and totally natural ingredient list. 

My lunch also hit the spot.  The Mighty Mofo – our take on a reuben sandwich with housemade seitan, sauerkraut, mustard, cucumbers, sprouts.  I got mine without the sprouts since they are generally not recommended during pregnancy, but it didn’t take anything away from the sandwich.  It was AMAZING!

IMG_9884 (640x427)

Definitely one of the best sandwiches I’ve had to date, and one I plan to order again in the future. 

IMG_9885 (640x427)

And can I just add how nice and refreshing it is to be able to eat greens and salads again?  I feel so much better!

Casey and Sarah both also got sides of the delicious quinoa tabouli. 

IMG_9887 (640x427)

While we ate, we talked about – what else? – food, and how much we have enjoyed living here in Seattle these past few weeks.  There are many things I have loved about all of the places I’ve lived, but local food has never really been a highlight.

Of the top ten meals I’ve had in my life, I’d have to say over half of them have occurred here in Seattle.  I have never seen a city so vegetarian-friendly, and also so focused on local and natural ingredients – it is so refreshing!  San Francisco’s Millennium still holds the title of “best meal of my life,” but Seattle is definitely giving San Fran some strong competition.

Even though Sarah is not a vegetarian herself, she has agreed that all of the food here is amazing!  There is definitely something for everyone to be found wherever you go.

IMG_9889 (427x640)

Today’s holiday involves a trip to IKEA (scary) and to the new gym I just joined so I can get back into my weight lifting routine!  Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend. 

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Gina @ Running to the Kitchen     at 12:36 pm

That food looks great! I love visiting Seattle and Portland for work because the food never disapoints. enjoy your day!


olivewineandfood     at 12:39 pm

ohhh i haven’t had a reuben since i became a veg and now i am really craving one!


Melissa @ HerGreenLife Reply:

They’re pretty easy to do veg. If you eat cheese, you can really make a great reuben sandwich with just eliminating the meat.

We have recently started using tempeh as a meat sub in ours, which is quite delicious. The recipe is on my blog!


olivewineandfood Reply:

great, thanks…i’ll have to check it out!


Sara @BakingandWine     at 12:45 pm

Looks gorgeous. Seattle sounds incredible!


Tori (Fresh Fruition)     at 12:46 pm

Wow that stuff looks amazing! Especially that raw tortilla.


Emily     at 12:48 pm

I didn’t know sprouts weren’t recommended during pregnancy…do you know why?
That meal looks amazing! I am super-impressed with how veg-friendly Seattle is!


Katie KS Reply:

I think it is that they can easily be contaminated with bacteria.


Jessica     at 12:54 pm

Just started reading this blog a few days ago and I really like it!

I live in the SF Bay Area and my best meals are always at Millennium, Cafe Gratitude, and Gracias Madre. Gracias Madre is a vegan mexican restuarabnt and is run by the same people as Cafe Gratitude. I highly recommend it!

Now I’m interested in all the veggie Seattle eats.


Kamaile Reply:

These are all on my list for my trip in October!


Lori Lynn     at 12:58 pm

The scenery looks gorgeous, and like you had a fun time! :-)


Michelle     at 1:00 pm

I’m so glad you liked Chaco Canyon! It’s one of my favorite restaurants. Their lentil burger is the best veggie burger I’ve ever had, and I got a juicer just to be able to replicate their Belly Rub juice (with apple, fennel, ginger, and mint) at home.


Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet     at 1:03 pm

Everything at your meal looks so delicious and creative! I can’t wait to move to a more food-friendly city :)

Have a great Memorial Day and I hope Ikea doesn’t stress you out too much!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun     at 1:12 pm

Looks so good! I love places like that. How nice that Seattle seems like a city that caters well to that style of eating. I’m slightly jealous. :)


allison     at 1:25 pm

thats awesome that all of the food carts have field roast dogs! I am designing the logo and brand art for a guy that making an organic hot dog cart that will only have kosher organic dogs and veggie dogs!

Casey’s food looked amazing and i wish i could eat it right now!!


Katie G.     at 1:32 pm

Love Chaco Canyon! I’d also recommend St. Dames, a new vegetarian/vegan restaurant in South Seattle (on MLK Way). http://stdames.com It opened in the last year, and we’ve been going there once every couple weeks for some really yummy comfort food. The owners are really nice, too!


Kiran @ KiranTarun.com     at 1:34 pm

The foods looks so delicious and fresh. Holy yum!!! I wonder if I can find such raw foods here in Orlando :)


Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats     at 1:40 pm

Thanks for sharing your vegetarian experiences in Seattle! I am moving there at the start of next year and am really looking forward to the vegetarian fair. It’s going to be a whole different story from looking for veggie options in Montana!!


Amber K     at 1:55 pm

Wow, that food looks awesome! I especially love the raw enchiladas. Yummm


Lee     at 2:00 pm

We’re also lucky here in Atlanta to have a lot of restaurants with vegetarian options. Pretty much all the bars here even serve veggie burgers!

Is the field roast expensive? My husband has started adopting a more plant-based diet (after seeing Forks Over Knives) and I wonder if he’d like it.


Katherine     at 2:04 pm

That enchilada looks amazing!
Gah, I hate living in Georgia!


Clare     at 2:18 pm

I can’t wait to see the nursery furniture you pick! I’ve been researching childrens’ design for my internship lately and I never knew how much cool design there is for infants and children.


Adam Deane     at 2:18 pm

I told Mama Pea that you guys need to have a meet up at Thrive Cafe… Not only because it is a raw, completely vegan establishment, but because I start there on the 18th! :D Thanks for awesome recap, can’t wait to read all about your other adventures in Seattle!


Katy @ MonsterProof     at 2:23 pm

So jealous of all your options! Can’t say suburban Philly is the same.


Sarah @ The Pajama Chef     at 2:39 pm

looks delicious! i love all the fun restaurants you guys find.


Lauren     at 2:48 pm

i highly recommend going to japonessa (www.japonessa.com) for their happy hour. incredible prices, brown rice sushi, and they have veggie and tofu rolls!


Dee     at 2:53 pm

wow, this sounds like an awesome place! seattle sounds like such a fun place! :)


Alaina     at 3:43 pm

Seattle looks like such an amazing city!! I would go crazy with all those great restaurants. And broke. :-)


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen)     at 4:17 pm

I made quinoa tabouli yesterday for a BBQ! It was perfect! Looks like a great lunch and I’m glad you’re having a beautiful day today!


Sana     at 4:27 pm

Wow, all your means looked so bright and amazing!


fittingbackin     at 4:43 pm

I love all of the photos of the eats- so pretty and colorful!

IKEA – YAY! have fun :)


Kerry Cloud-Pitt     at 5:26 pm

So happy that you are enjoying beautiful Seattle. I have loved your blog for the past year, but love it even more now that you live in Seattle and I get to hear such praises of my hometown! And yes, the veg/local food scene there is beyond amazing. So happy you get to partake. It’s so fun to get a little bit of my home (from waaaaay down here in S. Florida) from your wonderful blog! We cannot wait to move back!


Rianne     at 5:30 pm

Woohoo, I’m so glad you made it to Chaco Canyon Cafe!! Seriously tasty eats! I loved your 20 week pregnancy post and I think it’s great that you’re keeping your boy’s name a secret. That’s a great surprise for your readers to look forward to. :-)


Ida     at 6:39 pm

Looks like an amazing meal. I’m not vegetarian either, but I love places like that. I’m glad you’re loving Seattle!


Babs     at 6:57 pm

SF Millennium was definitely a good meal. I love seeing more veggie places :) I’ve been happy to find some good options in Melbourne, especially this place called The Lord of the Fries. Best. “Chicken.” Nuggets. EVER!


Miranda @ Working Mom Works Out     at 9:15 pm

That’s great. I really wish my town had more organic and vegetarian options. Looks like a beautiful day in Seattle!


afarmerinthedell.com     at 9:48 pm

You will continue to find AMAZING food around Seattle. The Northwest is the best place for awesome local food. If you ever get the chance, take a weekend trip down to Portland. Best foodie city in the nation if you ask me!!!


Jumanah @ Healthy Living in the Middle East     at 4:54 am

I am not vegetarian but all the food you have eaten in Seattle looks amazing! Would definately not mind having some vegetarian options like this!


Leah     at 9:52 am

Love that you had a Maine root beer! Whoo hoo!!


jen @ taste life     at 10:47 am

I keep reading about Field Roast Sausages but I haven’t tried them yet! I’m thinking that I better get on that; they look so good!

I live outside of Asheville, NC, and it’s a great little city for vegetarian eating, but I would love to visit Seattle and try out the food there. It looks amazing!


Rachel C     at 11:40 am

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By the way, the food looks amazing!!


LauraJayne     at 1:06 pm

I wonder how long Sarah will hold out NOT being a vegetarian after living with you and your excellent eats (and restaurant adventures)! Glad you are enjoying Seattle!


Gina     at 1:09 pm

All 3 meals look amazing, yum!!!


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn     at 1:12 pm

Wow! That wrap of his looks soooo good. I am a huge fan of raw food, it is so incredibly filling!


katie     at 1:26 pm

Casey’s meal looks insanely good. Thinking I should start making a list of all the restaurants I want to try when we visit…


Alexa @ Simple Eats     at 1:54 pm

I’m seriously drooling over the food right now, it looks SO amazing!


Louise     at 2:21 pm

Looking forward to seeing what you are picking out for baby. My husband and I went to Babies-r-Us on Saturday. I had never been to one and after about twenty minutes we had to leave. I was totally overwhelmed. One of my friends with kids has promised to write me a list of things I need.


Sarah@The Flying ONION     at 4:16 pm

I am so curious as to how they made the raw tortilla! It looks wonderful. :D


Jen     at 4:50 pm

Wow! Your meal looks the best, hands down!
P.S. Just read your post about the 20 week ultrasound, how exciting!!! Congrats on baby boy :)


Jenna     at 6:10 pm

I love Chaco!! So glad you got to go & enjoyed it. I went last night and got the enchiladas! Next time you go I’d highly recommend their lentil burger..yuuum.


Amanda     at 6:24 pm

Ahh! Maine Root! Hands down, THE best root beer EVER (I know, I’m awfully biased, being from Maine) – they also do an amazing Ginger Brew, which has the most lovely REAL ginger tang to it. I highly recommend it.


Isabel     at 10:55 pm

I’m not a vegetarian but chaco is one of my fave places! I’ve never had better quinoa tabouleh and i can’t figure out what their secret is! I’ve tried recreating dozens of times and it never comes out like theirs. Any suggestions?


Emily Malone Reply:

Hmmm I’ll have to make another trip to Chaco and try it to see. Usually it’s heavy on the parsley and lemon!


Seattle Eats: Chaco Canyon Cafe | b a k e a h o l i c     at 4:01 pm

[...] looking through this post I chose Chaco Canyon Cafe. Chaco Canyon is Washington’s first Certified Organic and [...]

Amanda @ Slimplify Life     at 1:59 pm

Love reading all of your Seattle posts! I am moving there this summer for grad school and when I went to visit last month, this is where I ate! It was SO amazing, I can’t wait to make this a regular spot :).


Emily Malone Reply:

How awesome — welcome to Seattle!!


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